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2021Business model adaptation as a strategic response to crises : navigating the COVID-19 pandemicChanyasak, T; Koseoglu, MA ; King, B ; Aladag, OF
2021Exploring the critical success determinants for supply chain management in modular integrated construction projectsWuni, IY ; Shen, GQ 
Sep-2021Personnel protection strategy for healthcare workers in Wuhan during the COVID-19 epidemicHou, FF; Zhou, FL; Xu, X; Wang, DW; Xu, G; Jiang, T; Nie, S; Wu, XY; Ren, CJ; Wang, GY; Lau, JYN ; Wang, XH; Zhang, K
Jul-2021Attitudes toward COVID-19 vaccines in Chinese adolescentsCai, H; Bai, W; Liu, S; Liu, HZ; Chen, X; Qi, H; Liu, R; Cheung, T ; Su, ZH; Ng, CH; Xiang, YT
Jul-2021Prevalence of fatigue and its association with quality of life among frontline clinicians in ophthalmology and otolaryngology departments during the COVID-19 pandemicJin, Y; Li, Y; Li, XY; Zhao, YJ; Cheung, T ; Ungvari, GS; Li, MC; An, FR; Xiang, YT
Jun-2021Transcriptome profiling of mouse corpus callosum after cerebral hypoperfusionTakase, H; Hamanaka, G; Ohtomo, R; Ishikawa, H; Chung, KK; Mandeville, ET; Lok, J; Fornage, M; Herrup, K; Tse, KH ; Lo, EH; Arai, K
2021Optimal power regulation for wind integration in the balancing market environmentLyu, X; Gross, D; Xu, Z ; Dong, ZY; Jia, YW
Mar-2021Significant reduction of humoral response to SARS-CoV-2 4 months after the diagnosis of COVID-19Zhang, K; Ma, ZG; Yang, L; Kang, W; Yin, Y; Lau, JYN 
Dec-2020SARS-CoV-2 reinfection in two patients who have recovered from COVID-19Zhang, K; Lau, JYN ; Yang, L; Ma, ZG
Jul-2021Fano resonance between stokes and anti-stokes brillouin scatteringLai, K ; Finkelstein-Shapiro, D; Lehmann, S; Devos, A; Mante, PA 
2021Peripheral blood T cell gene expression responses to exercise and HMB in sarcopeniaMa, SL; Wu, JY; Zhu, LY; Chan, RSM ; Wang, XY; Huang, D; Tang, NOLS; Woo, J
2021Extended JSSL for multi-feature face recognition via intra-class variant dictionaryLin, GJ; Zhang, QR; Zhou, SY; Jiang, XG; Wu, H; You, HR; Li, ZX; He, P; Li, H 
2021Identifying and prioritizing the selection criteria of appropriate repair and maintenance methods for commercial buildingsTamosaitiene, J; Sarvari, H; Cristofaro, M; Chan, DWM 
Aug-2021miR-320a in serum exosomes promotes myocardial fibroblast proliferation via regulating the PIK3CA/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway in HEH2 cellsWang, QG; Cheng, BCY ; He, YZ; Li, LJ; Ling, Y; Luo, G; Wang, L; Liang, S; Zhang, Y
Jun-2021Successful aging : a neuroscientist explores the power and potential of our lives [Book review]Chan, ASW ; Ho, JMC ; Tam, HL; Tang, PMK
Jun-2021The relationship between decisional regret and well-being in patients with and without depressive disorders : mediating role of shared decision-makingXu, RH ; Zhou, LM; Wang, D
2021A fluorescent probe for the discrimination of oxidation states of palladiumJiang, LJ ; Mak, HN ; Walter, ERH; Wong, WT ; Wong, KL; Long, NJ
Sep-2020Direct growth of ordered N-doped carbon nanotube arrays on carbon fiber cloth as a free-standing and binder-free air electrode for flexible quasi-solid-state rechargeable Zn-Air batteriesLu, Q; Zou, XH; Liao, KM; Ran, R; Zhou, W; Ni, M ; Shao, ZP
Dec-2020Estimated prevalence and viral transmissibility in subjects with asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infections in Wuhan, ChinaZhang, K; Tong, WW; Wang, XH; Lau, JYN 
2021The sea-level changes in Hong Kong from tide-gauge records and remote sensing observations over the last seven decadesZou, F ; Tenzer, R ; Fok, HS; Meng, GJ; Zhao, Q
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 45129