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1-Apr-2018Music, morality, and genre in Tang poetryQian, Z; Schoenberger, C 
1-Jun-2020Staging sincerity in renaissance Italy and Early Modern China; or, why real lovers quarrelSchoenberger, C 
2021Biophysical properties of corneal cells reflect high myopia progressionXin, Y ; Kang, BS ; Zheng, YP ; Shan, SW ; Kee, CS ; Tan, Y 
Jul-2020A new cross-fusion method to automatically determine the optimal input image pairs for NDVI spatiotemporal data fusionChen, Y; Cao, R; Chen, J; Zhu, X ; Zhou, J; Wang, G; Shen, M; Chen, X; Yang, W
Sep-2020Does any phenological event defined by remote sensing deserve particular attention? An examination of spring phenology of winter wheat in Northern ChinaChen, X; Wang, W; Chen, J; Zhu, X ; Shen, M; Gan, L; Cao, X
2021Promoting service leadership qualities and well-being among university students : evaluation findings in Hong KongZhu, X ; Shek, DTL 
Oct-2020Cloud detection for Landsat imagery by combining the random forest and superpixels extracted via energy-driven sampling segmentation approachesWei, J; Huang, W; Li, Z; Sun, L; Zhu, X ; Yuan, Q; Liu, L; Cribb, M
Sep-2020The effects of border control and quarantine measures on the spread of COVID-19Hossain, MP; Junus, A; Zhu, X ; Jia, P; Wen, TH; Pfeiffer, D; Yuan, HY
15-Sep-2020Can changes in autumn phenology facilitate earlier green-up date of northern vegetation?SHEN, M; JIANG, N; PENG, D; RAO, Y; HUANG, Y; FU, YH; YANG, W; Zhu, X ; CAO, R; CHEN, X; CHEN, J; MIAO, C; WU, C; WANG, T; LIANG, E; TANG, Y
2020Monitoring interannual dynamics of desertification in Minqin County, China, using dense Landsat time seriesZhu, X ; Leung, KH ; Li, WS ; Cheung, LK 
Oct-2020FSDAF 2.0 : improving the performance of retrieving land cover changes and preserving spatial detailsGuo, D; Shi, W ; Hao, M; Zhu, X 
Jan-2020Coarse-resolution satellite images overestimate urbanization effects on vegetation spring phenologyTian, J ; Zhu, X ; Wu, J; Shen, M; Chen, J
Jan-2021Sensitivity of six typical spatiotemporal fusion methods to different influential factors : a comparative study for a normalized difference vegetation index time series reconstructionZhou, J; Chen, J; Chen, X; Zhu, X ; Qiu, Y; Song, H; Rao, Y; Zhang, C; Cao, X; Cui, X
15-Nov-2020Investigating the urban-induced microclimate effects on winter wheat spring phenology using Sentinel-2 time seriesTian, J ; Zhu, X ; Shen, Z ; Wu, J; Xu, S ; Liang, Z ; Wang, J 
2021iSEAM : improving the blooming effect adjustment for DMSP-OLS nighttime light images by considering spatial heterogeneity of blooming distanceZhuo, L; Zhang, C; Zhu, X ; Huang, T; Hu, Y; Tao, H
2021A parcel-based deep-learning classification to map local cimate zones from sentinel-2 imagesZhou, Y ; Wei, T; Zhu, X ; Collin, M
15-Feb-2021Evaluation of four image fusion NDVI products against in-situ spectral-measurements over a heterogeneous rice paddy landscapeKong, J; Ryu, Y; Huang, Y; Dechant, B; Houborg, R; Guan, K; Zhu, X 
20-Jul-2020Investigation on early-age hydration, mechanical properties and microstructure of seawater sea sand cement mortarLi, P; Li, W; Yu, T ; Qu, F; Tam, VWY
Jul-2020Design-oriented model for circular F-STC stub columns subjected to axial compressionXu, T; Liu, J; Yu, T ; Guo, Y
15-Feb-2021Behavior and modelling of FRP-concrete-steel hybrid double-skin tubular columns under repeated unloading/reloading cyclesZhang, B ; Yu, T ; Teng, JG 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 44258