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Title: Two-mode photonic crystal fibre and applications thereof
Other Titles: 双模光子晶体光纤及其应用
Authors: Jin, W
Ju, J
Wang, Z
Issue Date: 17-Dec-2008
Publisher: 中华人民共和国国家知识产权局
Source: 中国专利 ZL 200510118576.9 How to cite?
Abstract: A two-mode photonic crystal fiber includes a core of a substantially transparent core material. The core material has a core refractive index and a length, and has a core diameter. The fiber also includes a cladding region surrounding the length of core material. The cladding region has a first substantially transparent cladding material, having a first refractive index. The first substantially transparent cladding material has embedded along its length a substantially periodic array of holes, having a diameter, d, and being spaced apart by a pitch, Lambda. The holes have a second refractive index, which is less than the first refractive index. The dimensions of the hole diameter, d, and the pitch, Lambda, co-operate to give two modes propagation within the photonic crystal fiber independent of input radiation wavelength for any value of the pitch, Lambda, for a substantially fixed d/Lambda ratio within a range of approximately 0.45-0.65.
双模光子晶体光纤包括基本透明的核心材料的核心。所述核心材料具有核心折射率和长度,并且具有核心直径。所述光纤还包括包围所述核心材料的长度的覆层区域。所述覆层区域具有第一基本透明的覆层材料,其具有第一折射率。所述第一基本透明的覆层材料沿着其长度嵌入基本周期排列的孔,其具有直径d,并且由节距Λ隔开。所述孔具有第二折射率,其小于所述第一折射率。对于大约0.45-0.65 的范围之内的基本固定的d/Λ比率,对于所述节距Λ的任何值,所述孔直径d和所述节距Λ的尺寸配合,以给出独立于输入辐射波长的所述光子晶体光纤之内的双模传播。
Rights: 专利权人: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
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