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Title: How We See the World: Visual Function and Eye Health
Authors: Ting, Patrick
Neuville, Jessica
Degree: Introductory
Abstract: How do we see the world? How do we see details at different viewing distances? How do we see in three dimensions? How do we see colour? How can we avoid getting cataracts or prevent short-sightedness? This course will help you develop your understanding of vision, how visual functions relate to your daily life, and how you can better take care of your eyes. Spanning six modules and with content aimed at both optometry specialists and the general public, the course begins with a detailed look at the structures and functions of the eye. It then moves on to explore critical issues such as the limits of the eye’s resolution, depth perception and colour vision, before examining the impact of common eye problems on daily life and outlining strategies for improving eye health. Engage with content and fellow learners through videos, animations, hands-on experiments and forum discussions, and check your understanding through quizzes and peer-assessed tasks at the end of each module. Learners who pursue the verified track gain access to a complete 3D eye model, virtual labs, live sessions and detailed instructor feedback on assessment.
Keywords: Vision
Journal: PolyU Open Educational Resources Portal
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