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Vinyl cutting

A vinyl cutter is a computer-controlled cutting device which is usually used to create labels, decals and paint mask by partially cutting through a two-layered self-adhesive material (e.g. vinyl sticker, paper sticker). The cutter is set up to cut through only the upper layer (the adhesive layer) but not the lower layer (the backing layer) of the material (i.e. kiss cutting). In this way, the backing layer can hold the separated cutouts on the adhesive layer together before they are applied on the desired surface.

When the two-layered material is supported by an adhesive cutting mat in the cutter, the cutter can then be set up to cut through both layers of the material, resulting in separated pieces of cutouts (i.e. die cutting). Die cutting with a vinyl cutter is also possible for flexible sheet material such as paper and plastic film.

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