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Multimedia Production Studio

The Multimedia Production Studio is a self-service studio in support of multimedia contents creation such as 360 virtual tour and animated video.

The studio is equipped with a Live Animation System and a 17-point full body-motion tracker suit to puppet the motion of virtual character. The system can preview the motion of animated virtual character in real-time. The exported animated video can be embedded with Chormakey background which can be keyed with different elements.

Application Software includes:

- 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro

- 3DVista Stitcher

- Agisoft Metashape

- Vroid Studio

- VSeeFace

- ThreeDPoseTracker

- Live Animation System

- Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) Studio

Owned by:
  • Library
  • Studio
  • Multimedia Production
  • Multimedia systems

  • Available for PolyU staff and students
Eligible User:
  • PolyU students and staff, except students leading to no award.
Online Booking:
  • No

L303e, 3/F North Wing

  • Technical Support Desk
  • Library
  • 2766 6909

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