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dc.contributorDepartment of Applied Physicsen_US
dc.creatorQian, Jen_US
dc.creatorLau, Sen_US
dc.rightsAssignee: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.en_US
dc.titleMnO.sub.2 anode for Li-ion and Na-ion batteriesen_US
dc.description.otherinformationUS10622618; US10622618 B2; US10622618B2; US10,622,618; US10,622,618 B2; 10622618; Appl. No. 15/603,136en_US
dcterms.abstractIn the present invention there is provided an MnO.sub.2 electrode with improved electrochemical properties, and a method of preparation of an electrode, wherein there anode comprises a substrate at least partially coated with MnO.sub.2 nanosheets (MnNSs) forming additive free MnO.sub.2 thin films. The method includes providing MnO.sub.2 nanosheets (MnNSs) suspension with diameters less than 50 nm; printing the MnNSs suspension on substrates to form MnO.sub.2 thin films (MnTFs); and annealing the MnTFs at C. for at least 100 minutes. Energy storage device comprising the MnO.sub.2 electrode such as a Na-ion cell, and a Li-ion cell are also described.en_US
dc.description.validate202010 bcrcen_US
dc.description.oaVersion of Recorden_US
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