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Title: The double-edged nature of technostress on work performance : a theoretical model and empirical analysis
Authors: Lei, Chun Fong
Degree: Ph.D.
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: This study is the first step toward adapting cognitive stress appraisal into the technostress context to explain the contradictory findings and fill the research gaps in the current technostress literature. To improve understanding regarding the role of cognitive technostress appraisal in work performance, a theoretical model is proposed and examined using data from 400 full-time employees in China who utilize information and communication technologies (ICT) in their work. In the research model, technostress is assumed to be neutral in nature, and its effect on workplace outcomes and personal well-being of an individual depends on the appraisal to technostress. A positive appraisal on technostress, that is, technostress challenge appraisal, will generally lead to positive outcomes, whereas a negative appraisal on technostress, that is, technostress threat appraisal, will generally lead to negative outcomes. This study also proposes that different types of technostress are appraised differently even though technostress is neutral in nature from a holistic perspective. Results of this study suggest that invasion of privacy and job insecurity caused by work-related ICT use lead to technostress challenge appraisal; whereas job insecurity, work-home conflict, and role ambiguity caused by similar ICT use lead to technostress threat appraisal. Furthermore, technostress challenge appraisal and technostress threat appraisal are found to positively and negatively affect work performance respectively. Theoretical and practical implications for both researchers and practitioners are discussed based on the findings.
Subjects: Technology -- Social aspects.
Technology -- Psychological aspects.
Stress (Psychology)
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Pages: xi, 137 pages : illustrations
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