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Title: Development of an intelligent building integration platform based on Web services middleware technologies
Authors: Xu, Zhengyuan
Degree: Ph.D.
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: The intelligent building integration platform presented in this thesis (named as IBmanager) employs standard communication protocol and distributed computing technologies, including object-oriented programming, data-subscription & event-driven technology, Web Services, XML driver technology, and value-added services plug-ins technology, to realize data and services integration and interoperation among distributed BASs on the Intranet/Internet. The designed integration platform - IBmanager acts as an autonomous, self-contained unified integration unit (UIU). The IBmanager can work standalone as a full-function BMS, or just as a part of large-scale BMS applications. The distributed IBmanager installations can be deployed at chain-type architecture. The IBmanager is designed consisting of a batch of function objects, allowing the systems to have good extensibility. The Data Point Objects are the core components of the overall platform, they drive the high-level functions running. Data-subscription & event-driven method is greatly used for the communication between function objects. Only the subscribed objects can trigger the events specified in the subscription process, and only the subscribers will handle the events they subscribe. The bi-directional communication method is designed based on Web Service, this makes the transportation of COV (change of value) and A/E (alarm/event) messages based on Web Service feasible. The Web Service technology is used for the communication between the IBmanager and the driver, the communication between the IBmanager and its client, and access process to the remote database. Hence Web Service communication becomes the sole communication interface among IBmanager installations, remote database, drivers and their clients. The IBmanager can integrate other Web Services, meanwhile provides Web Services interfaces which can be invoked by other IBmanager installations, or other client applications. Various sub-systems/devices can be integrated into the IBmanager with the designed XML Driver technology. Based on this technology, data from different protocols can be converted to common XML-encoded messages. The sub-systems/devices can be anywhere on the Internet since the XML-encoded message can be transported by Internet standard protocol - HTTP. This expands the distributed driver communication beyond the LAN. The remote heterogeneous databases can be integrated by Web Service. Every remote database is wrapped as a Web Services provider. Based on the design of Database Agent Object, a unified database access interface for the remote heterogeneous databases is presented. With the help of the powerful communication capability of Web Services on heterogeneous platform and on the Internet, the middleware technology becomes a seamless integration platform on the Internet. With the support of the XML Driver and the Web Services interfaces presented, the middleware platform might be used to integrate other services, for example, weather report service. HVAC systems can optimize their control according to the data obtained from Web Services of the (government) Weather Bureau. Maintenance application can read specification data and manual of devices from manufacturers. Meanwhile the IBmanager middleware platform might be integrated by other applications on the Internet. For example, FDD (Fault Diagnosis & Detection) applications can read real time data and historical data from the IBmanager. By the same way, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application can obtain the energy consumption of the entire enterprise from the IBmanager. It ensures integration and interoperability among diverse facility systems/devices by connecting them to each other, to enterprise systems, and to the Internet in real time mode. This allows personnel using a standard web browser to measure, manage, and control a wide variety of energy, building, and security applications from anywhere in the world. The system performance has been discussed and measured primarily. The communication latency resulted from drivers and client communication has been discussed, the roundtrip time of the IBmanager and the client has been measured. As a common integration platform, users can develop their own applications based on the IBmanager. A practical HVAC optimization application is on-going on a big-scale project - the International Commercial Center (ICC) project. The IBmanager provides integration and value-added services platform support for this project.
Subjects: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations.
Intelligent buildings.
Web services.
Pages: xiv, 214 leaves : ill. ; 30 cm.
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