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dc.contributorDepartment of Applied Physics-
dc.creatorDai, Jen_US
dc.creatorFang, Hen_US
dc.creatorHuang, ZWen_US
dc.creatorChen, Yen_US
dc.rights专利权人: 香港理工大学深圳研究院en_US
dc.titleTwo-dimensional array ultrasonic transducer based on three-dimensional ultrasonic imaging and preparation method for sameen_US
dc.description.otherinformationInventor name used in this publication: 戴吉岩en_US
dc.description.otherinformationInventor name used in this publication: 方华靖en_US
dc.description.otherinformationInventor name used in this publication: 黄智文en_US
dc.description.otherinformationInventor name used in this publication: 陈燕en_US
dc.description.otherinformationTitle in Traditional Chinese: 基於三維超聲成像的二維陣列超聲換能器及其製備方法en_US
dcterms.abstractThe invention relates to the technical field of three-dimensional ultrasonic imaging and discloses a two-dimensional array ultrasonic transducer based on the three-dimensional ultrasonic imaging and a preparation method for the same. The two-dimensional array ultrasonic transducer comprises an insulated resin frame, an electric-conduction backer board, a piezoelectric plate and a printing circuit board, wherein N*N hollow channels filled with an electric-conduction adhesive are formed in the insulated resin frame; the electric-conduction backer board is disposed on the insulated resin frame; the piezoelectric plate is located on the electric-conduction backer board and comprises N*N piezoelectric array elements; and N*N array row pins which are correspondingly disposed in the N*N hollow channels respectively are disposed on the printing circuit board. By the electric-conduction adhesive, the piezoelectric array elements are electrically connected to the array row pins, so that the problem in complex wiring technologies of the array elements of the two-dimensional ultrasonic transducer is solved, and preparation cost is reduced. Meanwhile, the short-circuited problem happening when an interval between every two piezoelectric array elements is too small during wiring is avoided. In addition, the electric-conduction backer board can absorb useless sound waves on the back face of the piezoelectric plate, so that quality of the two-dimensional array ultrasonic transducer can be improved greatly.-
dcterms.bibliographicCitation中国专利 ZL 201410617359.3en_US
dc.description.ros2018-2019 > Other Outputs > Patents granted-
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