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Title: Preparation method of carbon nanotube reinforced foamed aluminum matrix composite
Other Title: 一种碳纳米管增强泡沫铝基复合材料的制备方法
Authors: Tang, CY 
Chen, L 
Chan, KC 
Yue TM 
Law, YH 
Issue Date: 9-Oct-2018
Source: 中国专利 ZL 201610058351.7
Abstract: The invention discloses a preparation method of a carbon nanotube reinforced foamed aluminum matrix composite. The method comprises the following steps: pretreating a carbon nanotube through mixed acid; chemically plating copper on the carbon nanotube so as to warp the surface of the carbon nanotube with a metallic copper layer; then uniformly mixing the carbon nanotube with the metal copper plating layer, aluminum powder and urea particles, performing cold press forming on the mixture, and drying after soaking in warm water; and finally adopting a microwave sintering technology without atmosphere protection through powder metallurgy for a few minutes to obtain the carbon nanotube reinforced foamed aluminum matrix composite. The method has the advantages that the interface bonding strength of the carbon nanotube and a base body can be improved; the dispersing performance of the carbon nanotube is improved, and the damage to the structure is reduced; the bore diameter and the porosity of the foamed aluminum matrix composite can be effectively controlled; and the microwave sintering technology is combined, so that the carbon nanotube reinforced foamed aluminum matrix composite with outstanding performances can be quickly prepared in an energy-saving manner.
Publisher: 中华人民共和国国家知识产权局
Rights: 专利权人: 香港理工大学
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