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Title: Resonant type Fabry-Perot optical fiber sensor, manufacturing method and air pressure detecting method
Other Title: 谐振式法布里‑珀罗光纤传感器及制造和气压检测方法
Authors: Jin, W 
Ma, J 
He, H 
Issue Date: 8-Feb-2017
Source: 中国专利 ZL 201410206090.X
Abstract: The invention provides a resonant type Fabry-Perot optical fiber sensor which comprises a sensor body and a through hole penetrating through the sensor body. One end of the through hole is provided with a graphene thin film for sensing the to-be-detected air pressure in an attached mode, and the other end of the through hole is provided with transmission optical fibers which penetrate through the through hole and are matched with the through hole. According to the resonant type Fabry-Perot optical fiber sensor, the air pressure of gas is calculated in the mode that graphene thin film resonant frequency changes are caused by damp of the gas to the graphene thin film, so that a closed Fabry-Perot cavity is not needed, and the manufacturing difficulty is reduced; the the original measurement thin film deformation quantity is replaced by resonance to further conduct air pressure measurement, and thin film material creeping caused by repeated film deformation is effectively reduced; digital frequency signals after probe laser detection are output after the sensor conducts detection, and result analysis can be conveniently carried out compared with light wave signals of an interferometric sensor. Stimulation and detection are carried out through the single transmission optical fibers, and long-distance air pressure measurement can be achieved, and the applicability of the sensor is greatly improved.
Rights: Assignee: Shenzhen Res Inst The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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