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Title: Innovative photonic textiles : the design, investigation and development of polymeric photonic fiber integrated textiles for interior furnishings
Authors: Bai, Ziqian
Degree: Ph.D.
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: With the emerging development of smart textiles, photonic textiles and clothing are attracting attention from research academics and the commercial market. Polymeric Optical Fiber (POF) integrated textiles have huge potential in the future light-emitting products in interior design, as they possess both the tactility of familiar textiles and the functional purpose of a light source. A review of current research indicates two neglected areas. Firstly, current research has mainly focused on the technological development of POF textiles thus neglecting the design process and the interdisciplinary approaches taken when developing POF textiles. Secondly, the investigation of interactivity is limited as most current products place emphasis on the practical light function of the POF textile. This research will aim to address these research gaps. This project proposes to investigate the integration and utilization of POFs to create textiles for interior furnishings which can be interactive with the user in terms of change in color, luminescence and surface pattern. The aims of this project are to explore how POF fabric can be utilized as a new media to change the way people interact with textiles and other users, and to design innovative interior soft furnishings which are no longer irresponsive to us, but can react to us, adapt to our behaviors, change color according to our preferences, and therefore merge into our daily life. In this interdisciplinary research, conventional textile techniques are used in combination with modern technologies throughout the entire process of the development of photonic creations. Weaving, dyeing, printing and embroideries are applied to enhance the surface design of POF textiles. Laser engraving is utilized to obtain the desirable illuminating patterns on POF textiles. The dual roles of design and technology work closely to create products with both aesthetic appeal and technological functionality with innovation. The process of development POF textile product is optimized. Finally, a design process model is built up to systematically guide the design of photonic product. By combining the cutting-edge technologies in sensors, communication, electronics, etc., the real-time interactive systems are realized in the developed prototypes. Several innovative photonic interior soft furnishings, textile installations and fashion garments are designed and showcased in exhibitions. Users can control the color, intensity and duration of light by remote control. Under interactive modes, the photonic prototype can sense the stimuli from users, and respond with changing illuminations. Both objective and subjective evaluations are carried out to assess the performance of the prototypes. The results indicate that the engineered prototypes can enhance the interior environment, and the prototypes have the potential to be commercialized. The interactive photonic artworks offer a different perspective on the relationship between user and interior furnishings. Users can gain co-experience with other users via using interactive textiles as a media. This research provides an insight into the design of interactive interior textiles, and contributes new knowledge and recognition to textile design for interiors and smart fashion.
Subjects: Textile fabrics -- Technological innovations.
Polymeric composites.
Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Pages: leaves : illustrations ; 30 cm
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