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Title: Site-directed pegylation of arginases and the use thereof as anti-cancer and anti-viral agents
Authors: Leung, YC 
Lo, WH 
Issue Date: 5-Jul-2016
Source: US Patent 9,382,525 B2. Washington, DC: US Patent and Trademark Office, 2016.
Abstract: The present invention provides a site-specific pegylated arginase conjugate and method for producing thereof. The site-specific pegylated arginase is homogeneous in molecular weight and shows therapeutic effect for treating cancers and viral infections. The method for producing the arginase conjugate comprises genetically modifying the gene encoding an arginase so that the PEG moiety can be attached to the enzyme at a predetermined, specific intended sites. This is achieved by removing the PEG-attaching amino acid residue(s) at undesirable site(s) while keeping or adding cysteine(s) at the desirable site(s) of the enzyme. Two exemplary embodiments of the pegylated arginase conjugate are directed to human arginase I (HAI) where a polyethylene glycol (PEG) moiety is site-specific covalently bonded to Cys.sup.45 of the enzyme and Bacillus caldovelox arginase (BCA) where a polyethylene glycol (PEG) moiety is site-specific covalently bonded to Cys.sup.161 of the enzyme.
Rights: Assignee: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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