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Title: Voltage balancing circuit
Authors: Cheng, KWE 
Ye, Y 
Xue, X 
Issue Date: 2019
Source: US Patent US10,418,825 B2. Washington, DC: US Patent and Trademark Office, 2019.
Abstract: A voltage balancing circuit is applied to a power supply system. The power supply system comprises N power storage devices. The voltage balancing circuit comprises: N switches, N capacitors and a controller; the N switches are respectively connected to the N serial power storage devices; the N switches are respectively connected to the first terminals of the N capacitors; the second terminals of the N capacitors are connected to a common neutral line; the controller is connected to the N switches through a control line to control the switching of the N switches. The voltage balancing circuit avoids power loss when balancing the voltage of a plurality of serial power storage devices, and is small in size and low-cost, and balances voltage quickly.
Rights: Assignee: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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