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Title: Effects of optical defocus on signal transportation of ganglion cells in mouse retina
Authors: Luk, Ka Shing
Advisors: PAN, Feng 
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Abstract: Aims: To investigate whether optical defocus have effects on mouse retinal ganglion cells signal transportation.
Methods: A total of 3 cells, were targeted and recorded their electrophysiological activities. There were 1 ON cell and 2 OFF cells. These cells were recorded under the condition of changing focus of light stimulus to mimic myopic defocus. Moreover, an OFF cell was recorded under the condition of inserting different power of lens (±10 D & ±20 D) to mimic hyperopic defocus and myopic defocus.Immunohistochemistry of targeted retinal ganglion cell was conducted after the electrophysiological experiment. Images of the ganglion cell were taken under Zeiss 800 confocal microscope Imager.
Results: There was no obvious trend of changes in the latency and amplitude under the condition of optical defocus. However, the signal to noise ratio has a tendency to decrease under the condition of optical defocus.
Conclusion: The optical defocus tends to alter the electrophysiological response of mouse retinal ganglion especially in signal to noise ratio. This hypothesis can be further tested and investigated with the aids of multielectrode arrays and immunohistochemical imaging.
Description: Team Member: Tang, Chi Keung and Yiu, Siu Fan
Rights: All rights reserved.
Programme: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Optometry
Subject Code: 52444
Subject Title: Project (1-3)
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