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Title: Supersonic cure instrument for promoting healing of fracture and supersonic wave generating method thereof
Other Titles: 一种促进骨折愈合的超声波治疗仪及其超声波产生方法
Authors: Chen, S 
Guo, X 
Wu, X 
Issue Date:  22
Source: 中国专利 ZL 200510067149.2 How to cite?
Abstract: The supersonic cure instrument for promoting healing of fracture. It includes instrument body and work head. The instrument body includes coded sequence wave generator for generating coded sequence modulated emitted wave, and power amplifier to amplify the modulated emitted wave; and the work head emits out the supersonic wave. The supersonic wave generating process includes: A. generating one HF sinusoidal wave with one HF sinusoidal wave generator and generating one LF sequence with one LF sequence generator; B. generating one sync signal with one sync signal source to synchronize the HF sinusoidal wave and the LF sequence and make them in phase; C. performing coding modulation with one multiplier to obtain continuous coded sequence modulated emitted wave. The coded sequence modulated emitted wave has low waveform peak, powerful penetrating capacity and no heat effect produced, and may be used in speeding the healing of fracture.
Rights: Assignee: 陈思平
Assignee: 香港理工大学
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