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Title: Novel vibration measuring platform and testing arrangement based on zero accurate rigidity is theoretical
Other Titles: 基于准零刚度理论的新型振动测量平台及测试装置
Authors: Jing, X 
Wang, Y 
Sun, X 
Issue Date:  23
Source: 中国专利 ZL 201520196314.3 How to cite?
Abstract: The utility model provides a novel vibration measuring platform and testing arrangement based on zero accurate rigidity is theoretical, its upper portion regulating part, load transducer, upper portion extension spring, quality piece, lower part extension spring and lower part regulating part that includes base, longeron, crossbeam and set gradually is formed with the support combination of horizontal support quality piece respectively between four sides of four longerons and quality piece, and it satisfies including card internal connection spare, external connection spare, linear bearing, two adjusting bolt, carbon fiber slide bar and compression spring on the side, compression spring's precommpression volume lambda 0: (Imgfile='DDA0000693254230000011. TIF'wi='578'he='128' /) wherein, an is the equivalent length of internal connection spare, and b is the equivalent length of external connection spare, and L0 is compression spring's former length, and kv does upper portion extension spring's rigidity, kh is compression spring's rigidity. This novel practicality has measures accurately, with low costs and measure timely advantage, has solved the delay that traditional acceleration sensor measuring vibrations faces, accumulated error and installation environment shortcoming such as expect much.
Rights: Assignee: Shenzhen Res Inst The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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