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Title: Splayed track flapping-wing mechanism and miniature flapping-wing air vehicle
Other Titles: 一种八字轨迹扑翼机构及微型扑翼飞行器
Authors: Sun, X 
Wen, Z 
Huang, J 
Sun, J 
Issue Date:  13
Source: 中国专利 ZL 201420776776.8 How to cite?
Abstract: The utility model discloses a splayed track flapping-wing mechanism and a miniature flapping-wing air vehicle. The splayed track flapping-wing mechanism comprises a rack, wings, a tail fin and a drive motor, wherein the wings are arranged above the rack; the tail fin is arranged at the rear part of the rack; the drive motor is fixedly arranged on the rack; each wing is composed of two rockers and two flapping wings; the rockers are symmetrically arranged; the two flapping wings are respectively arranged on the outer ends of the two rockers; and a gear drive assembly, a connecting rod assembly drive, a universal joint drive device and a ball pair sleeve are arranged between the wings and the drive motor. According to the splayed track flapping-wing mechanism, the rockers are driven to carry out two-dimensional splayed track flapping and wing surface torsion by virtue of a connecting rod assembly; three-dimensional splayed track flapping of the rockers is achieved by the ball pair sleeve and the universal joint drive device; and the splayed track flapping-wing mechanism is higher in speed and higher in flight efficiency than a traditional flapping-wing mechanism.
Rights: Assignee: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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