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Title: Cotton fabric non-aqueous dyeing process and reverse micelle encapsulated reactive dye liquid
Other Titles: 一种棉织物非水染色工艺方法及反胶束包封的活性染料液
Authors: Kan, CW 
Wang, Y
Issue Date:  5
Source: 中国专利 ZL 201410439861.X How to cite?
Abstract: The invention relates to a cotton fabric non-aqueous dyeing process and a reverse micelle encapsulated reactive dye liquid, and concretely relates to a method for carrying out non-aqueous dyeing on a cotton fabric by using the nonionic surfactant reverse micelle encapsulated reactive dye liquid. The dyeing method has the advantages of low cost, good dyeing quality, and simple and safe operation; a good dyeing effect can be reached in the dyeing process without strict process conditions, so the energy consumption is saved; the non-aqueous dyeing process of the cotton fabric by the reactive dye is basically completed at normal temperature to a medium temperature, and the reactive dye is difficult to degrade, so the reactive dye can be recovered, and the color of the dyed cotton fabric obtained after the non-aqueous dyeing process is completed difficultly fades; and use an organic solvent as a medium reduces the water in order to reduce treatment of colored wastewater, and the colored wastewater and the organic solvent can be effectively recovered, so environment pollution is reduced.
Rights: Assignee: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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