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Title: Breast prosthesis and bra filling body
Other Titles: 乳房假体及胸罩填充体
Authors: Han, F 
Downing, KJ 
Han, F 
Issue Date:  19
Source: 中国专利 ZL 201410225016.2 How to cite?
Abstract: The invention relates to a breast prosthesis and a bra filling body. The breast prosthesis comprises a first surface and a second surface. When the breast prosthesis is worn, the first surface draws close to one side of a human body and the second surface is away from one side of the human body. The first surface is a wavy curved surface and the second surface is an arc surface. The breast prosthesis further comprises multiple heat-radiating air vents penetrating through the first surface and the second surface. By applying the invention, heat generated by the human body dissipates in an accelerated mode by means of the heat-radiating air vents such that heat accumulation is avoided. A user is kept dry, cool and comfortable when wearing the breast prosthesis.
Rights: Assignee: 香港理工大学
Assignee: 香港城市大学
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