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Title: Chemical method for manufacturing barium strontium titanate dielectric thin film on GaAs substrate
Other Titles: 一种在砷化镓基片上制备钛酸锶钡介电薄膜的化学方法
Authors: Wei, X 
Huang, W 
Hao, J 
Issue Date:  26
Source: 中国专利 ZL 201310377507.4 How to cite?
Abstract: The invention discloses a chemical method for manufacturing a barium strontium titanate dielectric thin film on a GaAs substrate, which comprises the following steps: S1, surface treatment is carried out on the GaAs substrate so as to form As atoms with a flat atomic level as a cleaning surface of an end surface; S2, a barium strontium titanate sol is prepared; S3, the barium strontium titanate sol solution prepared in the second step is dripped on the GaAs substrate obtained in the first step, and spinning is carried out; S4, drying is carried out; S5, baking pre-treatment is carried out; S6, the GaAs substrate after baking pre-treatment in the fifth step is placed in a quartz tube and in a protection atmosphere of a certain proportion, annealing treatment is carried out at a specific temperature, and the barium strontium titanate dielectric thin film is manufactured. According to the barium strontium titanate dielectric thin film manufactured by adopting the chemical method of the invention, the crystallization quality is good, the surface is flat, the dielectric performance keeps stable along with the frequency, the dielectric constant is higher than 250 in 100KHz to 1MHz range, and the manufacturing demands for metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors can be met in the structure.
Rights: Assignee: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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