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Title: Design principle and manufacturing method of porous material having dynamic adsorption and transfer functions
Other Titles: 一种具有动态吸附及转移功能的多孔材料的设计原理及制作方法
Authors: Li, Y 
Zhou, J 
Cao, X 
Hu, J 
Yao, L
Issue Date: 22-Mar-2017
Source: 中国专利 ZL 201210378024.1 How to cite?
Abstract: The invention relates to a design principle and a manufacturing method of a porous material having dynamic adsorption and transfer functions, and relates to the porous material which has the functions of dynamically adsorbing and transferring a certain medium according to a certain direction through the fabric structure changes formed in a fabric dimension changing process. According to the technical scheme, the porous fabric is weaved by at least a media-philic material and a media-phobic material so that a stereoscopic layering effect of at least two layers is produced. When the fabric is in a static state, the inner media-phobic material conducts to the surface-layer media-philic material. When the fabric is in a dynamic tensile deformation state, the layer effect converts until the media-philic material converts from the surface layer to the inner layer to directly adsorb a medium. During dynamic deformation recovery, the structure gradually recovers until the media-philic material adsorbing the medium returns from the inner layer back to the surface layer. By repeating the process, the medium is conducted from the inner media-phobic material to the surface-layer media-philic material when the fabric is in the static state, and a large amount of adsorption transfer of the medium is achieved during dynamic deformation.
Rights: Assignee: 理大产学研基地(深圳)有限公司
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