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Title: Chinese heritage language education in Canada current issues, challenges, and proposed teaching approaches
Authors: Lau, Hoi Yin Debby
Advisors: SZAKOS, Jozsef 
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Abstract: In Canada, the number of Chinese heritage language (CHL) learners has increased rapidly due to more and more immigrant families moved to the country from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong in the past few decades. Language loss become a major issue to Chinese heritage communities in generations 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0. Thus, the development of CHL education becomes a crucial subject matter for retaining Chinese language. In order to overcome the impediments of CHL education development, Chinese teachers of teaching Chinese as foreign/second language (TCFL/TCSL) need to get deeper understanding of the current issues of CHL learning and teaching in Canada at first; and then, try to find solutions of the issues by applying appropriate teaching approaches, designing proper curricula and preparing relevant course materials. CHL learning experiences can be fun, interesting, interactive and relevant for students to be interested in and willing to keep on learning.
This dissertation aims to (1) find out Chinese parents and teachers’ opinions of CHL learning and teaching in Ottawa via survey; (2) understand current issues of Canadian language policies and school system to HL education development, problems of CHL teaching materials, and obstacles to teachers and CHL learners; (3) identify challenges to CHL learners, Chinese teachers, and educators who are responsible to choose or prepare teaching materials; (4) clearly define the objectives of CHL education and appropriate teaching approaches according to CHL students’ needs; finally, (5) provide CHL sample curricula and teaching plans of elementary, middle and high schools.
在過去的幾十年中,由於越來越多的中國、香港及台灣的家庭移民去加加拿大,學習中文的年輕華裔學生的數目在不斷地上升。可是,語言遺失的情況於第一點五、第二及第三代的華裔學生當中卻十分普遍及嚴重。因此,漢語承傳語言 (Chinese Heritage Language, CHL) 教育的發展成為華人群體保留漢語的關鍵課題。為了克服漢語承傳語言教學上的困難,對外漢語 (Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language, TCFL) 或漢語作為第二語言(Teaching Chinese as Second Language, TCSL) 的中文教師們首先要對目前加拿大漢語承傳語言的學習和教學問題有深入的瞭解,再根據這些問題嘗試以恰當的教學方法、合適的課程編排及與學生生活環境相關教材去一一解決。漢語承傳語言的學習經驗可以是愉快的、有趣的、互動的及有意義的,從而使華裔學生對學習漢語產生興趣並且願意持續地學習。
本篇論文將首先(一)藉著問卷調查,瞭解目前渥太華的華人父母及中文老師對漢語承傳語言的學習及教學的意見;(二)詳細瞭解加拿大政府對傳承語言 (Heritage Language, HL) 教育發展的語言政策及學校制度上的問題、漢語傳承語言的教材以及教師與學生們所要面對的困難;然後,(三)找出華裔學生、漢語教師及編輯教材的老師或編輯者所要面對的挑戰;(四)就華裔學生的需要訂立教學目標,並提出適合的教學法,並且(五)為小學、初中及高中課程提供課程內容編排的樣本。
Rights: All rights reserved.
Programme: Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
Subject Code: CBS576
Subject Title: MATCFL Dissertation
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