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Title: Polishing grinding head
Other Titles: 抛光磨头
Authors: Cheung, CF 
Lai, JT 
He, LT 
To, S 
Lee, WB 
Kong, LB 
Issue Date: 22-Jul-2015
Publisher: 中华人民共和国国家知识产权局
Source: 中国专利 ZL 201010150477.X How to cite?
Abstract: 一种用于测量主体结构的应变的温度补偿光纤应变仪(10),所述应变仪(10)包括:支座(20),其操作地连接到所述主体结构,所述支座(20)具有使得支座(20)的第一部分(17)与支座(20)的第二部分(18)分隔开的空隙(19);第一光纤布拉格光栅(FBG)(30),其记录在光纤(11)的芯部内,用于测量应变和温度,所述第一FBG(30)横过所述空隙(19)定位,所述第一FBG(30)的第一端部操作地连接到所述支座(20)的第一部分(17),所述第一FBG(30)的第二端部操作地连接到所述支座(20)的第二部分(18),所述第一FBG(30)的这两个端部被预加载应变的量大于所述第一FBG(30)的预定操作范围;第二光纤布拉格光栅(FBG)(40),其记录在光纤(11)的芯部内,用于测量温度,所述第二FBG(40)的温度测量用来消除温度对第一FBG(30)的应变测量的影响,所述第二FBG(40)的第一端部操作地连接到所述第一FBG(30),所述第二FBG(40)的第二端部操作地连接到所述支座(20),使得所述第二FBG(40)没有应变;以及能被移除的桥接部分(24),其与所述空隙(19)相邻,以将所述支座(20)的第一部分(17)连接到所述支座(20)的第二部分(18),所述桥接部分(24)可在所述支座(20)操作地连接到所述主体结构之后移除,其中,通过检测反射波长是否恢复到第一FBG(40)的原始布拉格波长来提供右侧故障验证特征,从而指示第一FBG(40)是否断裂。A temperature-compensated fibre optic strain gauge (10) for measuring strain of a host structure, the strain gauge (10) comprising: a mount (20) to be operatively attached to the host structure, the mount (20) having a void (19) separating a first section (17) of the mount (20) from a second section (18) of the mount (20); a first fiber Bragg grating (FBG) (30) recorded within a core of an optical fiber (11) to measure strain and temperature, the first FBG (30) being located transverse to the void (19) and a first end portion of the first FBG (30) is operatively attached to the first section (17) of the mount (20) and a second end portion of the first FBG (30) is operatively attached to the second section (18) of the mount (20), the end portions of the first FBG (30) being pre-strained by an amount larger than a predetermined operational range of the first FBG (30); a second fiber Bragg grating (FBG) (40) recorded within the core of the optical fiber (11) to measure temperature, the temperature measurement of the second FBG (40) being used to eliminate temperature as an influence on the strain measurement of the first FBG (30), a first end portion of the second FBG (40) is operatively attached to the first FBG (30) and a second end portion of the second FBG (40) is operatively attached to the mount (20) so that the second FBG (40) is free from strain; and removable bridging portions (24) adjacent to the void (19) to connect the first section (17) to the second section (18) of the mount (20), the bridging portions (24) being removed after the mount (20) is operatively attached to the host structure; wherein a safe-side failure proof feature is provided by detecting whether a reflection wavelength reverts to an original Bragg wavelength of the first FBG (40) to indicate whether the first FBG (40) has broken.本发明公开了一种形状记忆中空纤维的制备方法,通过湿法纺丝、干法纺丝、熔体纺丝、反应纺丝、凝胶纺丝和复合纺丝技术,将形状记忆聚合物合成所述形状记忆中空纤维。所述形状记忆聚合物为形状记忆聚氨酯。所述形状记忆聚氨酯由三种起始原料合成:长链的多羟基化合物、二异氰酸酯和链增长剂,其中,所述二异氰酸酯和链增长剂作为硬片段,所述长链的多羟基化合物作为软片段。实施本发明提供的形状记忆中空纤维的制备方法,能够获得具有热刺激敏感性形状记忆聚合物,可用在热管理的智能纺织品、枕头填料、感觉舒适的床垫中。Abstract:The invention discloses a preparation method of shape memory hollow fiber. A shape memory polymer is synthesized into the shape memory hollow fiber through the wet spinning, dry spinning, melt spinning, reaction spinning, gel spinning and composite spinning technology. The shape memory polymer is shape memory polyurethane. The shape memory polyurethane is synthesized from three starting raw materials: long-chain polyhydroxy compound, diisocyanate and chain extender, wherein the diisocyanate and chain extender are used as a hard fragment, and the long-chain polyhydroxy compound is used as a soft fragment. The preparation method of the shape memory hollow fiber disclosed by the invention can obtain the shape memory polymer with thermal stimulus sensitivity, and can be applied to thermal management smart textiles, pillow stuffing and comfortable mattress.本实用新型涉及一种舌像采集设备,属计算机舌像诊断仪技术领域,为解决舌像照片的质量、确保计算机诊断结果的可靠性、获得舌体的真实颜色和舌面纹理、舌体形状不失真、本着“以人为本”的原则而设计的封闭式、暗室结构的舌像采集设备,本实用新型由摄像机固定架、暗室架、光源、摄像机、摄像机座、遮盖物组成,摄像机固定架安装在用遮盖物封闭的暗室架的两根四分之一圆弧形滑轨上,光源和摄像机安装在摄像机座上,摄像机座安装在摄像机固定架上,本实用新型是计算机舌像诊断系统中的关键组成部分,其结构设计可确保舌像照片的质量、计算机诊断结果的可靠性、获得舌体的真实颜色和舌面纹理、舌体形状不失真、舌像采集的准确性、舒适性,还具有结构简单、便于制造、成本低廉和携带使用方便的优点。This utility model relates to a tongue image collecting device, belongs to computer's tongue image diagnostic equipment technical field, the tongue image collecting device of, closed, the darkroom structure that in line with the principle of " people-oriented " design undistorted for the quality of solving the tongue image photo, the reliability of guaranteeing the computer diagnosis result, the true colour that obtains the tongue body and lingual surface texture, tongue body shape, and this utility model comprises camera mount, darkroom frame, light source, camera, the frame of making a video recording, overcover, and the camera mount is installed on two quadrant arc slide rails with overcover confined darkroom frame, and light source and camera are installed on the frame of making a video recording, and the frame of making a video recording is installed on the camera mount, and this utility model is the key components in computer's tongue image diagnostic system, and its structural design can guarantee that true colour and the lingual surface texture of reliability, the acquisition tongue body of quality, the computer diagnosis result of tongue image photo, tongue body shape are undistorted, accuracy, the travelling comfort of tongue image collection, also has the structureA rehabilitation system for training hand movement of a user, the system comprising: a platform to be attached to the hand of the user; a plurality of finger assemblies operatively connected to the platform, each finger assembly having: a motor, a proximal follower assembly for a metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint having a proximal rail guide operatively connected to the motor, and an intermediate follower assembly for a proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint having an intermediate rail guide operatively connected to the proximal follower assembly; wherein a knuckle joint indicator of the proximal rail guide corresponds to a first virtual center and knuckle joint indicator of the intermediate rail guide corresponds to a second virtual center, the alignment of the knuckle joint indicators to the virtual centers enable motion of the finger to be controlled and maintain rotational axes of the finger about each virtual center when the proximal and intermediate follower assemblies are actuated by the motor. Using the invention, the user can initiatively participate in the rehabilitation training.The invention discloses an interactive searching processing method, which comprises the steps of: searching inquiry input by engine retrieval; generating a top document through link information of inquiry results; selecting main information with the highest occurrence frequency in the top document relevant to the inquiry as sub information; using the sub information as interface input data; displaying searching results corresponding to vocabulary entries through an interface according to the vocabulary entries input by users in different modes; tidying documents corresponding to the vocabulary entries input by the users after a searching engine receives the confirmation indication of the users; and then, sending feedback information to the users. According to the scheme of the interactive searching processing method, the searching process is more flexible, the accuracy is high, the efficiency is high, the users can intuitively and fast see searching results, the operation process is convenient, the efficiency is high, in addition, the retrieval is more accurate, the interactive searching processing method approaches to the user requirement, and the experience effect of the users is good.A method for making a multilayer filter and the multilayer filter made by the method. The method includes steps of: coating a layer of nanofibers on a single side or both sides of a substrate medium to obtain a composite filter medium; and folding the composite filter medium in a serpentine arrangement to form the multilayer filter. Alternatively, the method includes steps of: coating a layer of nanofibers on both sides of a substrate medium to obtain a composite filter medium; and stacking up a plurality of sheets of the composite filter medium to form a multilayer filter. The multilayer filter comprises a top layer, a bottom layer and at least one unit between the top layer and the bottom layer. Each unit comprises two layers of nanofibers sandwiched between two layers of the substrate medium.The invention relates to an intelligent production decision support system, which is used for making production decision according to real-time production data acquired by a data acquisition system. The intelligent production decision support system comprises a data exchange platform, a decision support database and a staff efficiency forecasting subsystem, wherein the data exchange platform is used for receiving real-time production data from the data acquisition system, separating necessary data needed by the production decision and storing the necessary data to the decision support database, and the staff efficiency forecasting subsystem is used for reading the necessary data in the decision support database and outputting staff efficiency forecasting data according to internal factors and external factors affecting staff efficiency. The intelligent production decision support system further comprises a staff efficiency forecasting subsystem, an intelligent production line balancing subsystem and a schedule forecasting subsystem, wherein the staff efficiency forecasting subsystem is used for generating an optimal production procedure distribution scheme, the intelligent production line balancing subsystem is used for adjusting procedure distribution according to real-time production conditions and then ensuring balance of a production line, and the schedule forecasting subsystem is used for accurately forecasting the production schedule and the completion time of each production order.The invention relates to a method for realizing positioning by mobile communication signals, wherein base stations transmit a plurality of electromagnetic beams by a plurality of antennas; and each electromagnetic beam is transmitted in different directions and contains specific direction information. The method comprises the following steps: S1, detecting the electromagnetic beams received by a mobile terminal and judging the strongest electromagnetic beam which is transmitted by each base station and has the strongest capability of receiving energy; S2, respectively acquiring the direction information contained by each strongest electromagnetic beam; and S3, obtaining position information of the mobile terminal according to direction information intersection contained by the plurality of strongest electromagnetic beams. The invention also relates to a system for realizing position by the mobile communication signals. In the invention, the positioning accuracy is higher, the error can be controlled in 100m, and the need of a user can be met better.The invention relates to a polishing grinding head which comprises a handle part (100) and a head part (200) connected to the top end of the handle part (100), wherein the head part (200) is made of an elastic deformed material. By adopting the polishing grinding head in the invention, structure and size are designed flexibly, and polishing of different surfaces and free curved surfaces with large curvature change, sharp corner and the like can be realized. The invention has the advantages of reliable performance, stable rigidity, difficulty in breaking, abrasion resistance, convenience for replacement, material saving and environment friendliness.
Rights: 专利权人: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
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