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Title: Sheet-type micro refrigerator applying lead-free ferroelectric material
Other Titles: 一种应用无铅铁电材料的片式微制冷器
Authors: Bai, Y 
Zheng, GP 
Shi, SQ 
Issue Date: 7-Nov-2012
Publisher: 中华人民共和国国家知识产权局
Source: 中国专利 ZL 201010146958.3 How to cite?
Abstract: The invention relates to a sheet-type micro refrigerator applying a lead-free ferroelectric material. The micro refrigerator comprises a multi-layer structure which is composed of a ferroelectric dialectric layer and a metal electrode layer alternatively; the ferroelectric dielectric layer is made of the lead-free ferroelectric material; periodic square wave signals with alternative changes of working electric fields for controlling the ferroelectric dialectric layer are applied on the metal electrode layer, thus the changes of the working electric fields of the ferroelectric dialectric layerare higher than 100kv/cm. A curtain coating technology is adopted to manufacture the multi-layer thick film structure for the sheet-type micro refrigerator provided by the invention, the high electrocaloric effect is realized through a superelevation electric field condition, and the sheet-type micro refrigerator has the following beneficial effects: 1) environmental protection: a lead-free ferroelectric ceramic is adopted as a working medium, which correponds to the environment protection requirement; 2) high efficiency: the actual refrigerating amount can reach more than 2J/g; and 3) the structure is simple, the production technology is mature, and the cost is low.
Rights: 专利权人: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
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