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Title: A phytoestrogen-rich DBT formula modulated hypothalamic-pituitary-ovary axis in mature ovariectomized rats
Authors: Zhou, L
Wong, MS 
Poon, CWC
Tsim, KWK
Issue Date: 2016
Source: ENDO 2016 : The Endocrine Society's 98th Annual Meeting and Expo, Boston, USA, 1-4 April 2016, SUN-170 How to cite?
Abstract: Danggui Buxue Tang (DBT) decoction, a traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formula composed of Radix Astragali and Radix Angelicae Sinensis, is commonly prescribed to postmenopausal women to alleviate menopausal symptoms and improve their well beings. We hypothesize that DBT exerts its effects to improve menopausal symptoms via its actions on hypothalamic-pituitary-ovary axis. The present study is designed to determine the effects of DBT on circulating reproductive hormones in ovariectomized (OVX) rats. Six-month-old Sprague Dawley rats were randomly divided into one of following treatment groups for 3 months: vehicle treated sham-operated control group (Sham, n=8), vehicle treated OVX group (OVX, n=8), 17ß-estradiol treated OVX group (E2, n=9, 2mg/ and DBT treated OVX group (DBT, n=8, 3g/ Upon sacrifice, blood, uterus and subcutaneous abdominal adipose tissue were collected. Uterus were weighed and expressed as uterus index. Commercial EIA and ELISA kits were used to measure serum level of estradiol, FSH and LH. Real-time PCR was performed to determine the gene expression level of CYP19A1 (aromatase-encoding gene) in adipose tissue. Ovariectomy significantly decreased serum estradiol level (p<0.01) and uterus index (p<0.001) while increased serum levels of FSH (p<0.001) and LH (p<0.001) in OVX rats (vs. Sham rats). DBT significantly increased serum estradiol level (p<0.001) without significant change in uterus index in OVX rats (vs. OVX rats). DBT significantly suppressed the increase in serum levels of both FSH (p<0.001) and LH (p<0.001) in OVX rats. DBT significantly increased aromatase mRNA expression in subcutaneous abdominal adipose tissue in OVX rats (p<0.05, vs. OVX rats), suggesting that adipose tissue might be the alternative source of estradiol in DBT-treated rats. In conclusion, DBT significantly increased serum estradiol levels and reduced serum levels of FSH and LH without causing uterotropic effect in ovariectomized rats.
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