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Title: 篇章連接成分與漢語語文讀本的可讀性研究 = Discourse conjunctions and readability studies of Chinese texts
Authors: Ding, Hong (丁虹)
Advisors: Chen Ruiduan (CBS)
Keywords: Chinese language -- Discourse analysis
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Abstract: 目前國內關於漢語語篇易讀性的研究大多集中在對外漢語教學領域,研究範圍以詞彙和句子層面為主。本研究立足于語篇層面,以篇章連接成分為切入點,探討其與初中語文課外讀本易讀性之間的規律。本次研究的被試對象為以漢語為母語的中國內地初一和初三學生各200人。初中語文閱讀教學不同于小學語文和對外漢語教學。生字量、生詞量、句長等這些指標不再是判斷文本難易程度的主要標準。相應地,篇章層面的語言因素佔據了主導地位。筆者研讀並借鑒了系統功能語言學、篇章語言學與認知語言學三個領域的相關理論,並運用WordSmith5.0軟件對20篇待測的議論文文本進行了搜索和統計。最終選定以連接為切入點,對初中語文讀本的易讀性標準進行了語篇層面上的探索式研究。我們綜合比較了系統功能語言學和篇章語言學的理論,將漢語語篇中的連接成分分為廣義因果、加合、轉折三類。之所以採用這一分類方法,是因為我們覺得這一分類結果比較容易被非語言學專業的人士所理解。我們希望是次提出的分類框架能夠更直觀地指導中學師生去判斷文本的易讀程度。本次研究采用的主要研究方法為測試法和問卷調查法。我們參考了張德祿等對銜接力的研究結論和假設,將20篇待測漢語語篇的連接成分按照一定規則挖空。然后運用集庫型完形填空的方式命題。測試分10次完成。每三天測試一次,每次測試兩篇文章。我們用SPSS14.0統計軟件對數据進行了分析。得出了兩個結論: (1)不論初一還是初三年級,在議論文體中三種連接成分對文本理解產生的難度梯級依次為轉折〉加合〉因果; (2)對于同一種連接手段 ,尤其是轉折,初三學生在宏觀連接紐帶上的得分率〉微觀連接紐帶;初一學生則相反。結論一與邢福義等提出的漢語複句分類的邏輯基礎相吻合;結論二表明初三學生的閱讀策略趨向于自上而下式;相對來說,初一學生在閱讀時對文本的宏觀理解能力要弱一點。我們統計了學生回饋的閱讀時產生理解障礙的原因。主要是無法理清挖空項前後即上下文之間的邏輯關係。為此,我們以心理語言學和篇章語言學理論為指導,以篇章連接成分為切入點,提出了提高學生的概括和推理能力的一些方案。我們期望這些方案能夠為華文閱讀教學提供一定的貢獻。
Previous studies on readability in Chinese texts have mostly been conducted in the field of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, focusing on lexical and sentential aspects.The study reported in this dissertation is carried out at textual level, taking the notion of conjunction as the starting point to explore the laws of readability in junior middle school Chinese reading texts. The subject of our research are junior 1 and 3 students from mainland China (200 from each grade). The teaching of reading in junior middle schools is different from the ones in the primary schools. The quantity of new characters and vocabulary are no longer the main criteria of readability, nor is sentence length. In contrast, textual factors become the main criterion. We first explored theoretical claims of textual notions in systemic functional linguistics, text linguistics and cognitive linguistics. Then we conducted a pilot corpus search and calculation on 20 sample texts using Wordsmith5.0. Based on these initial works, we choose the notion of conjunction as the starting point to explore readability of the Chinese texts at textual level. Having examined treatments of conjunction in systemic functional linguistics and text linguistics, we classified conjunctions into three types which are broad causal relations, addition, and turn of thoughts. The reason for this classification method is that we feel the result of this classification is relatively understandable by people with no expertise in linguistics. We hope that the proposed classificational framework can provide more intuitive guidance for the secondary school teachers and students when judging the readability of the texts.
Our main methodologies are test and questionnaire. Based on the notion of bridging force, we systematically took away conjunctions in 20 Chinese texts. Then we compiled the test papers using the banked cloze method. The tests were carried out in ten times, within the span of 30 days with one test being conducted every three days. Each time two articles were tested. The data was analyzed using SPSS14.0 statistical software and two conclusions were drawn: (1) For either grade one or grade three students, in argumentative essays, the difficulty cascade caused by the conjunction is turn of thoughts > addition> broad causal relation; (2) For the same kind of conjunctions, in particular, for turn of thoughts, the scoring rate of junior 3 students in the macro link is higher than the one of microscopic connecting link. The result of junior 1 student, however, is the exactly opposite. Conclusion one is consistent with the logical basis of Chinese compound sentences proposed by Xingfu Yi. Conclusion II shows the reading strategies of junior 3 students tend to be topic-down. Relatively speaking, the macro ability of textual comprehension of junior 1 students is a little weaker. We further explored the reasons leading to the comprehension difficulties as reflected by the feedback of the subjects. The main reason is identified to be an inability to sort out the logical relationship in contexts. We therefore proposed a number of programs to improve students' generalization and inference abilities. We expect these programs to contribute to the teaching of Chinese reading.
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