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Title: 中国社会的人际信任 : 概念、影响因素和形成机制 = Interpersonal trust in Chinese society : fabric, factors and mechanism
Authors: Ge, Zhongming (葛忠明)
Keywords: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Interpersonal relations -- China
Trust -- China
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Abstract: 本报告的主题是描述并解释中国社会中的人际信任。本报告的第一章介绍了人际 信任这一研究主题的缘起、研究的具体内容、理论与现实意义;与人际信任这一 主题相关的一些概念,在这一章中做出了详细的界定和说明。第二章主要的工作 是在文献回顾的基础上,形成和发展本研究的解释框架。在对信任研究的理性主 义、文化/制度取向及 "权当" 取向的研究文献进行了充分的梳理和对话之后, 本报告建立了基于 "实践感" 的信任研究解释框架。第三章主要介绍了 "长度访谈" 作为本研究的方法,就为什么选择质性研究、为什么选择长度访谈的质性研 究方法、长度访谈的步骤和内容,以及该研究方法可能存在的局限等问题,进行 了充分的论证。第四章是一个描述性章节,该章呈现了我的受访人对理想的人际 信任的感知,及其对当下中国现实生活中人际信任现状的解读有限的人际信 任及其 "犬儒主义" 的极端化发展在第四章中有整体的呈现。第五、六、七章是 解释性章节;其中第五章呈现了中国社会特有的 "默会二元的行动体制" 如何影 响了人际信任;第六章呈现了 "运动会",尤其是 "反右" 和 "文革" 如何强化 了 "默会二元的行动体制",并影响了人际信任;第七章呈现了 "改革开放" 如 何透过 "默会二元的行动体制" 形成了消极的社会后果,并对人际信任产生了负 面的影响。第八章是结论和讨论部分;本章主要总结了本研究的主要发现,检讨 了本研究存在的限制,讨论了本研究对个人、群体和国家可能产生的影响,并就 未来信任研究、理论的发展,提出了一些粗浅的建议。
The main topic of this thesis is to describe and analyse the interpersonal trust in the Chinese society. In the first chapter of the thesis, the background of the research, more detailed research questions, the theoretical and practical significance of the research are discussed, and relevant concepts are clarified. In the second chapter of the thesis, a thorough literature review is conducted, on which an analytical framework of the research is developed. That is to say, the Rational Approach, the Cultural and Institutional Approach and the As-if Approach are all critically reviewed, and the analytical framework of this research, i.e., a Practice-sense based theoretical frame is well developed in this section. In the third chapter of the thesis, the Long Interview as the Methodology of the research is discussed in detail, and questions such as why pick up qualitative research methodology and why choose the Long Interview as the method of the research are answered, and the technical skills of the methodology are introduced. The Fourth chapter of the thesis is a descriptive one, and the perceptions of my interviewees on the ideal interpersonal trust in China are represented, and their understandings of the reality of the interpersonal trust in the Chinese society are described, too. According to my interviewees, the interpersonal trust in China today is highly limited, and its extreme outcome, i.e., a cynical version of the interpersonal trust is witnessed in China. Chapters 5, 6 and 7 are explanatory ones, and in Chapter 5, a Tacit but Dualist Mechanism of everyday practice in the Chinese society is introduced and it is indicated that this mechanism has a highly negative influence on the interpersonal trust; and in Chapter 6, the political games, that is, the Anti-right Movement and the Great Culture Revolution in particular, are re-examined and the ways how these political games reinforced a Tacit but Dualist Mechanism are discussed, and causal relationship between the political games and the limited, or even the cynical version of, interpersonal trust is represented; and in Chapter 7, the Reform and Open-door Policy, and especially the Tacit but Dualist Mechanism by which the Reform and Open-door Policy was carried out, are historically re-examined, and its negative social effect, namely a so called malfunctioning society and its impact on the interpersonal trust are analyzed and represented. Chapter 8 is the final section of the thesis, and the main findings and the possible limitations of the research are introduced, and the significance of the research to individuals, group and the community as a whole is discussed, and shallow suggestions of what and how to do further studies in the trust field are provided.
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