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Title: 中國社會工作實習督導模式的發展 : 以山東濟南為例 = Development of a supervision model of social work practicum in Mainland China : with Jinan Shandong as an example
Authors: Zhang, Hongying ( 張洪英)
Keywords: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Social work education -- China -- Jinan (Shandong Sheng)
Social workers -- Training of -- China -- Jinan (Shandong Sheng)
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Abstract: 本研究根據中國社會工作實習督導中存在的問題以及中國社會工作人才隊伍建設的需要、根據中國社會工作實習督導模式的研究對中國社會工作實習督導理論知識體系的建構以及社會工作實習督導實踐的意義、根據過往研究缺失的狀況等背景,提出了中國社會工作實習督導模式發展的研究主題。本研究運用建構主義的概念作為研究的視角,採用質性研究中長度訪談的方法作為研究方法,以中國山東省濟南市8所高校社會工作專業的9位實習督導教師、8位實習機構的機構督導者以及9位實習學生作為訪談對象,對中國社會工作實習督導的價值、目標、過程、內容、方式、角色、關係、權威和矛盾以及影響中國社會工作實習督導的脈絡因素進行了探討,最終發展了多元動態脈絡取向的中國社會工作實習督導的模式。另外,本研究也發現,影響中國社會工作實習督導的脈絡是一個"多重多元的富有生命的脈絡體系。該體系包括個體脈絡、機構脈絡、社會大環境和國家政策制度脈絡、國際專業話語脈絡等多重脈絡;包括物理場域脈絡、人文場域脈絡、文化脈絡及知識體系脈絡等多元脈絡。本研究的貢獻在於填補了中國社會工作實習督導研究的空白,並為未來中國社會工作的實習督導研究奠定了基礎;同時,期望這個研究能為中國當下和未來的社會工作實習督導提供一定的啟發。未來的研究應該著重應然面的社會工作實習督導研究、比較研究和更深入的對於社會工作實習督導模式各個構成元素的研究。
A myriad of problems has surfaced in supervision on social work practicum in Mainland China, from which a greater need of building teams of social work talents derives. This dissertation seeks to address the development of a supervision model of social work practicum in Mainland China. Although various developments have been made and theories have come up, collectively speaking, there is still a dearth of research on the significance of supervision on social work practicum. With the concept of social constructionism as the cornerstone, the researcher model as proposed adopts the long interview method, falling under the umbrella of qualitative research. The researcher carried out interviews with nine college supervisors, eight agency supervisors on social work practicum and nine supervisees who were undergraduate students in social work programmes from eight universities in Jinan, Shandong. This research probes into the values, goals, process, roles, relationship, authority, contradictions and the influencing contextual factors of social work practicum supervision in Mainland China. Based on the findings, the researcher develops a dynamically and contextually-oriented supervision model of social work practicum in Mainland China.
This research discovers that the context influencing the social work practicum supervision in Mainland China is a “multi-layered, multi-faceted and a vigorous contextual system”. The model is relational and contextual, various contexts to which the model relates include: the individual context, the institutional context, the context of society at large and national policies, and the context of international professional discourse, the physical field context, human field context and the context of knowledge. The contribution of this research lies in the fact that it fills one of the growing gaps in the study of social work practicum supervision and lays a foundation for future studies. Meanwhile, it is hoped that the proposed localized model will provide certain inspiration for present and future social work practice supervisors in Mainland China. According to this research, future studies should focus more on the “ought-to-be” aspects of social work practicum supervision, comparative studies and in-depth study of each of the factors explored in this model.
Description: xix, 339 p. : ill. ; 30 cm.
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