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Title: Zoom lens system
Other Title: 变焦透镜系统
Authors: To, S 
Cheung, CFB 
Lee, WB 
Jiang, J
Wang, W
Issue Date: 13-Jun-2012
Source: 中国专利 ZL 200810134895.2
Abstract: 本发明提供了一种变焦透镜系统,包括依次安装在同一光轴上的变焦单元、补偿单元和成像单元以及驱动传动机构和微处理控制单元。其中驱动传动机构包括变焦步进电机和补偿步进电机。变焦单元通过传动件安装在变焦步进电机的输出轴上,补偿单元通过传动件安装在补偿步进电机的输出轴上,微处理控制单元根据由变焦步进电机驱动的变焦单元和成像单元之间的距离变化调节由补偿步进电机驱动的补偿单元和成像单元之间的距离。本发明结构紧凑,体积小,制造简单、成本低、经济,方便携带。
The invention provides a zoom lens system, which comprises a zooming unit, a compensating unit and an imaging unit arranged on a same optical axis in turn, a driving transmission mechanism and a micro-processing control unit, wherein the driving transmission mechanism comprises a zooming stepping motor and a compensating stepping motor. The zooming unit is arranged on an output shaft of the zooming stepping motor through a driving piece; the compensating unit is arranged on an output shaft of the compensating stepping motor through the driving piece; and the micro-processing control unit adjusts the distance between the compensating unit driven by the compensating stepping motor and the imaging unit according to the distance changes between the zooming unit driven by the zooming stepping motor and the imaging unit. The zoom lens system has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, simple manufacturing, low cost, economization and portability
Publisher: 中华人民共和国国家知识产权局
Rights: 专利权人: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
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