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Title: Identification of a functional variant in CHST3 associated with the susceptibility for lumbar disc degeneration
Authors: Song, Y
Karasugi, T
Cheung, KMC
Chiba, K
Miyake, A
Kao, PYP
Sze, KL
Yee, FYA
Takahashi, A
Kawaguchi, Y
Mikami, Y
Matsumoto, M
Togawa, D
Kanayama, M
Shi, D
Dai, J
Jiang, Q
Wu, C
Tian, WEI
Wang, NA
Leong, JCY
Luk, KDK
Yip, SP 
Cherny, SS
Wang, JJ
Mundlos, S
Kelempisioti, A
Eskola, PJ
Mannikko, M
Makela, P
Karppinen, J
Jarvelin, MR
O’Reilly, PF
Kubo, M
Kimura, T
Kubo, T
Toyama, Y
Mizuta, H
Cheah, KSE
Tsunoda, T
Sham, PC
Ikegawa, S
Chan, D
Issue Date: 2012
Source: Hong Kong Society for Developmental Biology Symposium : From Embryology to Disease Mechanism, Hong Kong, 26-27 November 2012 How to cite?
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