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2015Analysis of “Facilitation of transference of monosyllabic words” in Hong Kong Cantonese : a new perspective of language contactLi, DCS; Leung, WM ; Wong, CSP ; Wong, TS
2017Sedentary Behavior Research Network (SBRN) – terminology consensus project process and outcomeTremblay, MS; Aubert, S; Barnes, JD; Saunders, TJ; Carson, V; Latimer-Cheung, AE; Chastin, SFM; Altenburg, TM; Chinapaw, MJM; Aminian, S; Arundel, L; Atkin, AJ; Barone Gibbs, B; Bassett-Gunter, R; Belanger, K; Biddle, S; Biswas, A; Carson, V; Chaput, JP; Chau, J; Colley, R; Coppinger, T; Craven, C; Cristi-Montero, C; De Assis Teles Santos, D; Del Pozo Cruz, B; Del Pozo-Cruz, J; Dempsey, P; Do Carmo Santos Gonçalves, RF; Ekelund, U; Ellingson, L; Ezeugwu, V; Fitzsimons, C; Florez-Pregonero, A; Friel, C; Fröberg, A; Giangregorio, L; Godin, L; Gunnell, K; Halloway, S; Hinkley, T; Hnatiuk, J; Husu, P; Kadir, M; Karagounis, LG; Koster, A; Lakerveld, J; Lamb, M; Larouche, R; Leblanc, A; Lee, EY; Lee, PH ; Lopes, L; Manns, T; Manyanga, T; Martin Ginis, K; Mcveigh, J; Meneguci, J; Moreira, C; Murtagh, E; Patterson, F; Pereira Da Silva, D; Pesola, AJ; Peterson, N; Pettitt, C; Pilutti, L; Pinto Pereira, S; Poitras, V; Prince, S; Rathod, A; Rivière, F; Rosenkranz, S; Routhier, F; Routhier, R; Smith, B; Theou, O; Tomasone, J; Tucker, P; Umstattd Meyer, R; Van Der Ploeg, H; Villalobos, T; Viren, T; Wallmann-Sperlich, B; Wijndaele, K; Wondergem, R
2017Polarization-dependent intermodal four-wave mixing in a birefringent multimode photonic crystal fiberYuan, J; Kang, Z; Li, F; Zhou, G; Sang, X; Wu, Q; Yan, B; Zhou, X; Zhong, K; Wang, L; Wang, K; Yu, C; Lu, C ; Tam, HY; Wai, PKA 
2016Photochemical smog in China : scientific challenges and implications for air-quality policiesHallquist, M; Munthe, J; Hu, M; Wang, T ; Chan, CK; Gao, J; Boman, J; Guo, S; Hallquist, AM; Mellqvist, J; Moldanova, J; Pathak, RK; Pettersson, JBC; Pleijel, H; Simpson, D; Thynell, M
2017Pathological role and diagnostic value of endogenous host defense peptides in adult and neonatal sepsis : a systematic reviewHo, J; Zhang, L; Liu, X; Wong, SH; Wang, MHT; Lau, WM ; Ngai, SPC ; Chan, H; Choi, G; Leung, CCH; Wong, WT; Tsang, S; Gin, T; Yu, J; Chan, MTV; Wu, WKK
28-Mar-2018Photoacoustic imaging of synovial tissue hypoxia in experimental post-traumatic osteoarthritisLiu, Z ; Au, M ; Wang, X ; Chan, PMB ; Lai, P ; Sun, L ; Zheng, Y ; Rong, L; Wen, C 
7-May-2018Multispectral photoacoustic imaging of tumor protease activity with a gold nanocage-based activatable probeLiu, C ; Li, S ; Gu, Y ; Xiong, H; Wong, WK ; Sun, L 
2018Ankle positions potentially facilitating greater maximal contraction of pelvic floor muscles : a systematic review and meta-analysisKannan, P ; Winser, S ; Goonetilleke, R; Cheing, G 
2018Clinical assessment of balance using BBS and SARAbal in cerebellar ataxia : synthesis of findings of a psychometric property analysisWinser, SJ ; Smith, CM; Hale, LA; Claydon, LS; Whitney, SL
2018Does Tai Chi improve balance and reduce falls incidence in neurological disorders? A systematic review and meta-analysisWinser, SJ ; Tsang, WWN ; Krishnamurthy, K ; Kannan, P 
2018Highly flexible, large-area, and facile textile-based hybrid nanogenerator with cascaded piezoelectric and triboelectric units for mechanical energy harvestingSong, J ; Yang, B ; Zeng, W ; Peng, ZH ; Lin, SP ; Li, J ; Tao, XM 
2018Mindfulness-based intervention for stress reduction of family caregivers of people with dementia : a systematic review and meta-analysisKor, PPK ; Chien, WT ; Liu, JYW ; Lai, CKY 
Apr-2017Illuminography : a survey of the pictorial language of Hong Kong' s neon signsKwok, BSH ; Coppoolse, A 
2018Authorship trends, collaboration patterns, and co-authorship networks in lodging studies (1990–2016)Köseoglu, MA ; Okumus, F; Putra, ED ; Yildiz, M; Dogan, IC
1999Measuring maintenance performance : a holistic approachTsang, AHC; Jardine, AKS; Kolodny, H
Mar-2018CraftTech : hybrid frameworks for textile-based practiceTan, J ; Toomey, A; Warburton, A
2013Innovative design of polymeric optical fiber fabric for interior textilesBai, Z ; Tan, J 
Apr-2018Adventurous upcrafting venturesWernli, M 
Apr-2018Serious games as social innovation : case Hong Kong 2003-2017Wirman, H 
Apr-2018Activating design socialHasdell, P 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 37265