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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 41708
2019Improving truncated newton method for the logit-based stochastic user equilibrium problemXu, M ; Zhou, BJ; He, J
2019Redefining chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy through symptom cluster analysis and patient-reported outcome data over timeWang, M ; Cheng, HL ; Lopez, V; Sundar, R; Yorke, J; Molassiotis, A 
2019Experimental study on geosynthetic-reinforced sand fill over marine clay with or without deep cement mixed soil columns under different loadingsWu, PC ; Yin, JH ; Feng, WQ ; Chen, WB 
2019Photoluminescence of PdS2 and PdSe2 quantum dotsWang, XY ; Qarony, W ; Cheng, PK ; Ismail, M ; Tsang, YH 
2019Observer-based control for active suspension system with time-varying delay and uncertaintyWang, KY; He, R; Li, H ; Tang, JH; Liu, RC; Li, YM ; He, P
2020Metastasis-on-a-chip mimicking the progression of kidney cancer in the liver for predicting treatment efficacyWang, YM; Wu, D; Wu, GH; Wu, JG; Lu, SM; Lo, J; He, Y; Zhao, C; Zhao, X ; Zhang, HB
2019Molecular and microbial insights towards understanding the anaerobic digestion of the wastewater from hydrothermal liquefaction of sewage sludge facilitated by granular activated carbon (GAC)Usman, M; Hao, SL; Chen, HH; Ren, S; Tsang, DCW ; O-Thong, S; Luo, G; Zhang, SC
2019Mechanistic insights into red mud, blast furnace slag, or metakaolin-assisted stabilization/solidification of arsenic-contaminated sedimentWang, L ; Chen, L ; Tsang, DCW ; Zhou, YY ; Rinklebe, J; Song, H; Kwon, EE; Baek, K; Ok, YS
2019Amorphization activated ruthenium-tellurium nanorods for efficient water splittingWang, J; Han, LL; Huang, BL ; Shao, Q; Xin, HLL; Huang, XQ
2019Immune complexes impaired glomerular endothelial cell functions in lupus nephritisWang, LL ; Law, HKW 
2019The effectiveness, suitability, and sustainability of non-pharmacological methods of managing pain in community-dwelling older adults : a systematic reviewTang, SK ; Tse, MMY ; Leung, SF ; Fotis, T
2019Leclercia adecarboxylata from human gut flora carries mcr-4.3 and bla(IMP-4)-bearing plasmidsSun, QL; Wang, HY; Shu, LB; Dong, N ; Yang, F; Zhou, HW; Chen, S ; Zhang, R
2019Point set registration with a hybrid structure constraintSun, J; Chen, X; Sun, ZL; Lam, KM ; Zeng, ZG
2019Non-invasive human vital signs monitoring based on twin-core optical fiber sensorsTan, FZ ; Chen, SY ; Lyu, WM ; Liu, ZY ; Yu, CY ; Lu, C ; Tam, WY 
2019Numerical analysis of high aspect ratio flexible wings in flapping motionShahzad, A; Qadri, MNM; Ahmad, S 
2019Schoolteachers' experiences of implementing school-based vaccination programs against human papillomavirus in a Chinese community : a qualitative studySiu, JY ; Lee, A; Chan, PKS
2019The neurophysiological and psychological mechanisms of qigong as a treatment for depression : a systematic review and meta-AnalysisSo, WWY ; Cai, SH; Yau, SY ; Tsang, HWH 
2019Plasma and renal cortex meropenem concentrations in patients undergoing percutaneous renal biopsySepulveda, RA; Downey, P; Soto, D; Wong, KY ; Leung, YC ; So, LY ; Andresen, M
2019The mechanosensitive ion channel piezo1 significantly mediates in vitro ultrasonic stimulation of neuronsQiu, ZH ; Guo, JH ; Kala, S ; Zhu, JJ ; Xian, QX ; Qiu, WB; Li, GF; Zhu, T ; Meng, L; Zhang, R ; Chan, HC; Zheng, HR; Sun, L 
2019Relationship between segmental trunk control and gross motor development in typically developing infants aged from 4 to 12 months : a pilot studyPin, TW ; Butler, PB; Cheung, HM; Shum, SLF
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 41708