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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 41330
2019Special issue : New trends in recycled aggregate concretede Brito, J; Poon, CS ; Zhan, B
2019Sealing performance analysis of an end fitting for marine unbonded flexible pipes based on hydraulic-thermal finite element modelingTang, L; He, W; Zhu, X; Zhou, Y 
2019Psychological interventions for Dementia caregivers : what we have achieved, what we have learnedCheng, ST; Au, A ; Losada, A; Thompson, LW; Gallagher-Thompson, D
2019Validation of the brief international classification of functioning, disability, and health core set for obstructive pulmonary disease in the Chinese contextHuang, J; Reinhardt, JD ; Dai, R; Wang, P; Zhou, M
2016Assessing smart infrastructure for sustainable urban development in the Lagos metropolisSoyinka, O ; Siu, KWM ; Lawanson, T; Adeniji, O
2019Investigation into offshore wind farm repowering optimization in Hong KongSun H ; Gao X; Yang H 
2019Physical layer key generation in 5G and beyond wireless communications : challenges and opportunitiesLi, G; Sun, C; Zhang, J; Jorswieck, E; Xiao, B ; Hu, A
2019A multi-primitive-based hierarchical optimal approach for semantic labeling of ALS point cloudsGe, X ; Wu, B ; Li, Y ; Hu, H 
2019The effects of additions of two-dimensional graphitic-C3N4 on the negative electro-caloric effects in P(VDF-TrFE) copolymersUllah, S ; Wang, H; Liu, B; Cheng, J; Shan, G; Zheng, GP 
2019Measurement of blooming effect of DMSP-OLS nighttime light data based on NPP-VIIRS dataShen, Z ; Zhu, X ; Cao, X; Chen, J
2019Changes in intraarticular pressure on the blood supply in the retinaculum of the femoral neckMei, J; Yan, F ; Ni, M ; Wang, H; Zhang, F; Wang, Z
2019Catalytic asymmetric oxo-Diels-Alder reactions with chiral atropisomeric biphenyl diolsYeung, CT ; Chan, WTK ; Lo, WS ; Law, GL ; Wong, WT 
2019Hierarchical task network approach for time and budget constrained construction project planningLiu, D; Wang, HW; Li, H ; Wang, J; Khallaf, M
2019In situ surface modification of paper-based relics with atmospheric pressure plasma treatment for preservation purposesYan, X ; Liu, GS; Yang, J ; Pu, Y; Chen, S; He, HW; Wang, C; Long, YZ; Jiang, S 
2019pH-Universal water splitting catalyst : Ru-Ni nanosheet assembliesYang, J; Shao, Q; Huang, B ; Sun, M ; Huang, X
2019Theoretical evaluation of different factors affecting the HO 2 uptake coefficient driven by aqueous-phase first-order loss reactionGuo, J; Wang, Z; Wang, T ; Zhang, X
2019Holistic review and conceptual framework for the drivers of offsite construction : a total interpretive structural modelling approachWuni, IY ; Shen, GQP 
2019Developing Shuffled Frog-Leaping Algorithm (SFLA) method to solve power load-constrained TCRTO problems in civil engineeringTao, X; Li, H ; Mao, C; Wang, C; Hui Yap, JB; Sepasgozar, S; Shirowzhan S; Rose T
2019Full-scale impact test and numerical simulation of a new-type resilient rock-shed flexible buffer structureYu, ZX; Zhao, L ; Guo, LP; Liu, YP ; Yang, C; Zhao, SC
2019In 2 S 3 Quantum Dots : preparation, properties and optoelectronic applicationLi, R; Tang, L; Zhao, Q; Ly, TH; Teng, KS; Li, Y; Hu, Y; Shu, C; Lau, SP 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 41330