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26-Apr-2019Impaired processing speed in categorical perception : speech perception of children who stutterBakhtiar, M ; Zhang, C ; So, SK 
May-2019Smoking and influenza-associated morbidity and mortality : a systematic review and meta-analysisHan, L ; Ran, JJ; Mak, YW ; Suen, LKP ; Lee, PH ; Peiris, JSM; Yang, L 
29-May-2019Self-administered auricular acupressure integrated with a smartphone app for weight reduction : randomized feasibility trialSuen, L ; Wang, W; Cheng, KKY ; Chua, MCH; Yeung, JWF ; Koh, WK; Yeung, SKW ; Ho, JYS 
2019Comparison of magnetic auriculotherapy, laser auriculotherapy and their combination for treatment of insomnia in the elderly : a double-blinded randomised trialSuen, LKP ; Molassiotis, A ; Yeung, SKW ; Yeh, CH
2019Risk factors for chemotherapy‐induced peripheral neuropathy in patients receiving taxane‐ and platinum‐based chemotherapyMolassiotis, A ; Cheng, HL ; Leung, KT; Li, YC; Wong, KH; Au, JSK; Sundar, R; Chan, A; Ng, TRD; Suen, LKP ; Chan, CW ; Yorke, J; Lopez, V
May-2019The use of hand scanner to enhance hand hygiene practice among nursing students : a single-blinded feasibility studySuen, LKP ; Wong, JWS ; Lo, KYK ; Lai, TKH 
11-Apr-2019Epidemiological investigation on hand hygiene knowledge and behaviour : a cross-sectional study on gender disparitySuen, LKP ; So, ZYY ; Yeung, SKW ; Lo, KYK ; Lam, SC 
2019Is the combined auriculotherapy approach superior to magneto-auriculotherapy alone in aging males with lower urinary tract symptoms? A randomized controlled trialSuen, LKP ; Yeh, CH; Yeung, SKW ; Yeung, JWF 
2019The effectiveness of acupressure in the management of depressive symptoms and in improving quality of life in older people living in the community : a randomised sham-controlled trialMolassiotis, A ; Suen, L ; Lai, C ; Chan, B ; Wat, KHY; Tang, J; To, KL; Leung, CO; Lee, S ; Lee, P ; Chien, WT 
Feb-2019Massage therapy for the treatment of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adolescents : a systematic review and meta-analysisChen, SC ; Yu, BYM ; Suen, LKP ; Yu, J; Ho, FYY; Yang, JJ; Yeung, WF 
Dec-2018Effects of Zero-time Exercise on inactive adults with insomnia disorder : a pilot randomized controlled trialYeung, WF ; Lai, AYK; Ho, FYY; Suen, LKP ; Chung, KF; Ho, JYS ; Ho, LM; Yu, BYM ; Chan, LYT ; Lam, TH
May-2019Exploring personal factors that might influence the vulnerability of construction employees to occupational psychological disordersFordjour, GA ; Chan, APC ; Amoah, P
2019Exploring occupational psychological health indicators among construction employees : a study in GhanaFordjour, GA ; Chan, APC 
Sep-2019Innovation or episodes? Multi-scalar analysis of governance change in urban regeneration policy in South KoreaSeo, BK ; Joo, YM
2019Comparing the effectiveness of integrating ergonomics and motor control to conventional treatment for pain and functional recovery of work‐related neck–shoulder pain : a randomized trialTsang, SMH ; So, BCL ; Lau, RWL ; Dai, J ; Szeto, GPY 
2018Psychopathic traits and gender as moderators of the parental arrest-proactive aggression linkAng, RP; Li, X ; Huan, VS
Mar-2019Parental arrest and adolescent delinquency in Singapore : themoderating roles of narcissism, callous-unemotional traits, and impulsivityLi, X ; Ang, RP
2019Double contradiction of schooling : classreproduction and working-class agency at vocational schools in ChinaPun, N; Koo, A 
28-May-2019Effects of easy listening music intervention on satisfaction, anxiety, and pain in patients undergoing colonoscopy : a pilot randomized controlled trialKo, SY; Leung, DYP ; Wong, EML 
Jun-2019A video-supported nurse-led advance care planning on end-of-life decision-making among frail older patients : protocol for a randomized controlled trialLeung, DYP ; Chan, HYL; Yau, SZM; Chiu, PKC; Tang, FWK; Kwan, JSK
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 41081