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2019Construction of functional data analysis modeling strategy for global solar radiation prediction : application of cross-station paradigmBeyaztas, U; Salih, SQ; Chau, KW ; AlAnsari, N; Yaseen, ZM
2019An accelerated Procrustean Markov Process Model with coherent constraint for non-rigid structure from motionZhang, Y; Chen, X; Sun, ZL; Lam, KM ; Zeng, Z
2019A Trial-and-Error Congestion Pricing Method for day-to-day dynamic network flows considering travelers' heterogeneous inertia patternsZhou, B; Xu, M ; Zhang, Y
2019Semantic relata for the evaluation of distributional models in Mandarin ChineseLiu, H; Chersoni, E ; Klyueva, N ; Santus, E; Huang, CR 
2019Tracking development assistance for health from China, 2007-2017Micah, AE; Zhao, Y; Chen, CS; Zlavog, BS; Tsakalos, G; Chapin, A; Gloyd, S; Jonas, J; Lee, PH ; Liu, S; Ng, MTA; Phillips, MR; Rubagotti, E; Tang, K; Tang, S; Younis, M; Zhang, Y; Murray, CJL; Dieleman, JL
2019Toward flexible and wearable embroidered supercapacitors from cobalt phosphides-decorated conductive fibersWen, J ; Xu, B ; Zhou, J 
2019An investigation of the effectiveness of prefabrication incentive policies in ChinaJiang, W; Luo, L; Wu, Z; Fei, J; AntwiAfari, MF ; Yu, T
2019Screening for multiple types of family violence : development and validation of the family polyvictimization screenChan, KL ; Chen, Q ; Chen, M ; Lo, CKM ; Yu, L 
2019Dielectric multi-momentum meta-transformer in the visibleJin, L; Huang, YW; Jin, Z; Devlin, RC; Dong, Z; Mei, S; Jiang, M; Chen, WT; Wei, Z; Liu, H; Teng, J; Danner, A; Li, X; Xiao, S; Zhang, S; Yu, C ; Yang, JKW; Capasso, F; Qiu, CW
2019Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Hong Kong version of the Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (HK-KOOS) for patients with knee osteoarthritisCheng, ASK ; Chan, KC; Chan, SY; Fan, MK; Fung, MK; Lee, OY; Kwok, CTT ; Wong, JKK
2019Leveraging writing systems changes for deep learning based Chinese affective analysisXiang, R ; Lu, Q ; Jiao, Y ; Zheng, Y ; Ying, W ; Long, Y
2019Consumer attitudes toward downward extensions : an exploration of Giordano’s extension in Hong KongZeng, F ; Lee, SHN; Heung, CM 
2019Donor Derivative Incorporation : an effective strategy toward high performance all-small-molecule ternary organic solar cellsTang, H ; Xu, T; Yan, C ; Gao, J; Yin, H ; Lv, J; Singh, R; Kumar, M; Duan, T; Kan, Z; Lu, S; Li, G 
2019Limiting factors for biogas production from cow manure : energo-environmental approachJafariSejahrood, A; Najafi, B; Faizollahzadeh, Ardabili, S; Shamshirband, S; Mosavi, A; Chau, KW 
2019Spent mushroom compost (SMC) as a source for biogas production in IranNajafi, B; Faizollahzadeh, Ardabili, S; Shamshirband, S; Chau, KW 
2019A point cloud registration algorithm based on normal vector and particle swarm optimizationZhan, X; Cai, Y; Li, H ; Li, Y ; He, P 
2019An innovative multidisciplinary healthcare model in student mental health : experience in Hong KongLo, SM ; Wong, HC ; Lam, CY ; Shek, DTL 
2019Emergency networks and future public safety systemsCasoni, M; Guo, S ; Benslimane, A
2019The vulnerability to alcohol, tobacco, and drug use of adolescents in Hong Kong : a phenomenological studyMak, YW ; Leung, D; Loke, AY
2019Data on corneal proteome and differentially expressed corneal proteins in highly myopic chicks using a data independent quantification approachKang, BS ; Lam, TC ; Cheung, JKW ; Li, KK ; Kee, CS 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 41549