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8-Aug-2019Intelligent GPS L1 LOS/Multipath/NLOS classifiers based on correlator-, RINEX- and NMEA-level measurementsXu, B ; Jia, Q ; Luo, Y; Hsu, LT 
Jul-2019Rectification of GNSS‑based collaborative positioning using 3D building models in urban areasZhang, G ; Wen, W ; Hsu, LT 
5-Feb-2019Computing pressure-deformation maps for braided continuum robotsNavarro-Alarcon, D ; Zahra, O ; Trejo, C ; Olguín-Díaz, E; Parra-Vega, V
2018Linear-quadratic-Gaussian mixed mean-field games with heterogeneous input constraintsHu, Y; Huang, J ; Nie, T
2019Proactive suicide prevention online (PSPO) : machine identification and crisis management for Chinese social media users with suicidal thoughts and behaviorsLiu, XY; Liu, XQ; Sun, JM; Yu, NX; Sun, BL; Li, Q ; Zhu, TS
2019Breaking the 1,2-HOPO barrier with a cyclen backbone for more efficient sensitization of eu(III) luminescence and unprecedented two-photon excitation propertiesDai, LX ; Lo, WS ; Gu, YJ ; Xiong, QW ; Wong, KL; Kwok, WM ; Wong, WT ; Law, GL 
2019Theoretical and experimental investigations of tool tip vibration in single point diamond turning of titanium alloysYip, WS ; To, S 
2019Comparison of machine learning algorithms for retrieval of water quality indicators in case-II waters : a case study of Hong KongHafeez, S ; Wong, MS ; Ho, HC; Nazeer, M; Nichol, J; Abbas, S ; Tang, DL; Lee, KH; Pun, LL 
2019Boosting the adhesivity of -conjugated polymers by embedding platinum acetylides towards high-performance thermoelectric compositesWan, T; Yin, XJ; Pan, CJ; Liu, DQ; Zhou, XY; Gao, CM; Wong, WY ; Wang, L
2019TSPYL2 regulates the expression of eZH2 target genes in neuronsLiu, H ; Peng, L; So, J; Tsang, KH; Chong, CH; Mak, PHS; Chan, KM; Chan, SY
2019Domain transfer learning for hyperspectral image super-resolutionLi, XY; Zhang, LF; You, JN 
2019Prevalence of sexual harassment of nurses and nursing students in China : a meta-analysis of observational studiesZeng, LN; Zong, QQ; Zhang, JW; Lu, L; An, FR; Ng, CH; Ungvari, GS; Yang, FY; Cheung, T ; Chen, LG; Xiang, YT
2019Optimization of a new phase change material integrated photovoltaic/thermal panel with the active cooling technique using taguchi methodLiu, XH; Zhou, YK ; Li, CQ; Lin, YL; Yang, W; Zhang, GQ
2019Multi-focus image fusion based on adaptive dual-channel spiking cortical model in non-subsampled shearlet domainLiu, SQ; Wang, J; Lu, YC; Li, HL ; Zhao, J; Zhu, ZH
2019The design of vertical RS-CRC and lDPC code for ship-based satellite communications on-the-moveWang, BR; Chen, PP; Fang, Y; Lau, FCM 
2019Multi-Power Reaching Law Based Discrete-Time Sliding-Mode ControlMa, HF ; Li, YM 
2019Towards experimental and modeling study of heat transfer performance of water- SiO2 nanofluid in quadrangular cross-section channelsBaghban, A; Sasanipour, J; Pourfayaz, F; Ahmadi, MH; Kasaeian, A; Chamkha, AJ; Oztop, HF; Chau, KW 
2019Xiao Qing Long Tang essential oil exhibits inhibitory effects on the release of pro-inflammatory mediators by suppressing NF-kappa B, AP-1, and IRF3 signalling in the lipopolysaccharide-stimulated RAW264.7 cellsLuo, G; Kong, J; Cheng, BCY ; Zhao, H; Fu, XQ; Yan, LS; Ding, Y; Liu, YL; Pan, SY; Zhang, SF; Zhang, Y
2019Editorial: Discrete optimization for dynamic systems of operations management in data-driven societyZhen, L; Wang, SA ; Qu, XB; Wang, XC
2019The neuroscience of nonpharmacological traditional Chinese therapy (NTCT) for major depressive disorder : a systematic review and meta-AnalysisYe, JJ ; Cheung, WM; Tsang, HWH 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 41254