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2020Biofilm matrix disrupts nematode motility and predatory behaviorChan, SY ; Liu, SY ; Seng, Z; Chua, SL 
May-2020Demolishing the great wall of biofilms in Gram‐negative bacteria : to disrupt or disperse?Yu, M ; Chua, SL 
15-Jan-2021Engineering a microbial ‘trap and release’ mechanism for microplastics removalLiu, SY ; Leung, MML ; Fang, JK ; Chua, SL 
1-Jul-2020Vanillin inhibits PqsR-mediated virulence in Pseudomonas aeruginosaMok, N; Chan, SY ; Liu, SY ; Chua, SL 
2020Decreased case fatality rate of COVID‐19 in the second wave : a study in 53 countries or regionsFan, G; Yang, Z; Lin, Q; Zhao, S; Yang, L ; He, D 
Feb-2019A scientometric analysis and visualization of global green building researchDarko, A ; Chan, APC ; Huo, X ; Owusu-Manu, D
Nov-2020Effects of radiometric correction on cover type and spatial resolution for modeling plot level forest attributes using multispectral airborne LiDAR dataYan, WY ; van Ewijk, K; Treitz, P; Shaker, A
2019An improvement in MATSim computing time for large-scale travel behaviour microsimulationZhuge, C ; Bithell, M; Shao, C; Li, X; Gao, J
2-Jul-2019A comparative study of en route refuelling behaviours of conventional and electric vehicles in Beijing, ChinaZhuge, C ; Shao, C; Li, X
Dec-2020Building information modeling (BIM)-based modular integrated construction risk management - critical survey and future needsDarko, A ; Chan, APC ; Yang, Y ; Tetteh, MO 
Apr-2020Artificial intelligence in the AEC industry : scientometric analysis and visualization of research activitiesDarko, A ; Chan, APC ; Adabre, MA ; Edwards, DJ; Hosseini, MR; Ameyaw, EE
Dec-2018Large-scale physical modeling study on the interaction between rockfall and flexible barrierTan, D ; Yin, J ; Qin, J ; Zhu, Z ; Feng, W 
Sep-2019New simple method for calculating impact force on flexible barrier considering partial muddy debris flow passing throughTan, D ; Yin, J ; Feng, W ; Zhu, Z ; Qin, J ; Chen, W 
2020Numerical study of retention efficiency of a flexible barrier in mitigating granular flow comparing with large-scale physical modeling test dataTan, D ; Feng, W; Yin, J ; Zhu, Z ; Qin, J 
Feb-2020Fast door-opening method for quick release of rock boulder or debris in large-scale physical modelTan, D ; Yin, J ; Zhu, Z ; Qin, J ; Chan, HCM 
Jul-2020Experimental study on impact and deposition behaviours of multiple surges of channelized debris flow on a flexible barrierTan, D ; Yin, J ; Qin, J ; Zhu, Z ; Feng, W 
Apr-2020Model-aided wind estimation method for a tail-sitter aircraftSun, J ; Li, B ; Wen, C ; Chen, C
2020Transition optimization for a VTOL tail-sitter UAVLi, B ; Sun, J; Zhou, W ; Wen, C ; Low, K; Chen, C
Apr-2021Momentary well-being matters : daily fluctuations in hotel employees’ turnover intentionShi, XC ; Gordon, S; Tang, CH
2020An actuator allocation method for a variable-pitch propeller system of quadrotor-based UAVsChang, C ; Chen, S ; Wen, C ; Li, B 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 42608