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Sep-2017Application of marker data sequences for analyzing nonlinear breast deformationLau, N ; Yu, W 
2013Future shade of green : introduction to the practice of "product design for sustainability"Leong, BD ; Lee, BYH 
Dec-2018Collective play versus excessive use : an insight into family-focused design intervention for mobile phone overuseChow, KKN ; Leong, BD ; Lee, BYH 
Dec-2018Collective play versus excessive use : an insightinto family-focused design intervention for mobile phone overuseLeong, BD ; Lee, BYH ; Chow, KKN 
30-Aug-2018Development of innovative high-fashion collection via conceptual design process modelAu, Y ; Au, J 
2019Marital satisfaction among girls with early marriage in Iran : emotional intelligence and religious orientationHajihasani, M; Sim, T 
2019Pricing-based demand response for a smart home with various types of household appliances considering customer satisfactionLiu, Y; Xia, LY; Yao, GD; Bu, SQ 
2019Electrochemically assisted flexible lanthanide upconversion luminescence sensing of heavy metal contamination with high sensitivity and selectivityWong, YT ; Pang, SY ; Tsang, MK ; Liu, Y ; Huang, HT ; Yu, SF ; Hao, JH 
2019Modeling temperature dependency of oil-water relative permeability in thermal enhanced oil recovery processes using group method of data handling and gene expression programmingMenad, NA; Noureddine, Z; Hemmati-Sarapardeh, A; Shamshirband, S; Mosavi, A; Chau, KW 
2019Indole-core-based novel antibacterial agent targeting FtsZYuan, WC; Yu, ZW; Song, WQ; Li, YN; Fang, ZY; Zhu, BZ; Li, XM; Wang, H; Hong, W; Sun, N 
2019Service satisfaction evaluation of customer preference-driven public warehousing product service systems for small- and medium-sized enterprises in an industrial parkDing, K ; Li, JJ; Zhang, FQ; Hui, JZ; Liu, QT
2019Flutter speed estimation using presented differential quadrature method formulationGhalandari, M; Shamshirband, S; Mosavi, A; Chau, KW 
2019Textual analysis for online reviews : a polymerization topic sentiment modelHuang, LJ ; Dou, ZX; Hu, YJ; Huang, RY
2019Threshold value determination using machine learning algorithms for Ba interference with Eu in coal and coal combustion products by ICP-MSXu, N; Li, Q 
2019Viability of the advanced adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system model on reservoir evaporation process simulation : case study of Nasser Lake in EgyptSalih, SQ; Allawi, MF; Yousif, AA; Armanuos, AM; Saggi, MK; Ali, M; Shahid, S; Al-Ansari, N; Yaseen, ZM; Chau, KW 
2019Implementation of evolutionary computing models for reference evapotranspiration modeling : short review, assessment and possible future research directionsJing, W; Yaseen, ZM; Shahid, S; Saggi, MK; Tao, H; Kisi, O; Salih, SQ; Al-Ansari, N; Chau, KW 
2019Thin and sharp edges bodies-fluid interaction simulation using cut-cell immersed boundary methodSalih, SQ; Aldlemy, MS; Rasani, MR; Ariffin, AK; Ya, TMYST; Al-Ansari, N; Yaseen, ZM; Chau, KW 
2019pH-responsive targeted gold nanoparticles for in vivo photoacoustic imaging of tumor microenvironmentsLi, SY ; Lui, KH ; Tsoi, TH ; Lo, WS ; Li, X ; Hu, XS ; Tai, WCS ; Huang, CHL ; Gu, YJ ; Wong, WT 
2019Highlighting regional energy-economic-environmental benefits of agricultural bioresources utilization : an integrated model from life cycle perspectiveSong, JN; Pu, Y; Yang, W; Ren, JZ 
2019Weekly changes in axial length and choroidal thickness in children during and following orthokeratology treatment with different compression factorsLau, JK ; Wan, K ; Cheung, SW ; Vincent, SJ; Cho, P 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 41440