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Oct-2020A nozzle path planner for 3D printing applicationsFok, KY ; Cheng, CT; Ganganath, N ; Iu, H; Tse, CK 
2020Hollow spherical SiO2 micro-container encapsulation of LiCl for high-performance simultaneous heat reallocation and seawater desalinationYang, KJ; Shi, Y; Wu, MC; Wang, WB; Jin, Y; Li, RY; Shahzad, MW; Ng, KC; Wang, P 
2020An incremental feedback control for uncertain mechanical systemZhang, G; He, P ; Li, H ; Liu, H ; Xiong, XZ; Wei, ZC; Wei, W; Li, Y 
2020Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging of primary cervical cancer in the detection of sub-centimetre metastatic lymph nodesPerucho, JAU; Chiu, KWH; Wong, EMF; Tse, KY; Chu, MMY; Chan, LWC ; Pang, H; Khong, PL; Lee, EYP
2020Perception in the dark; development of a tof visual inertial odometry systemChen, SY; Chang, CW; Wen, CY 
20192D materials based optoelectronic memory : convergence of electronic memory and optical sensorZhou, F ; Chen, J ; Tao, X ; Wang, XR; Chai, Y 
2020Functional status, supportive care needs, and health-related quality of life in advanced lung cancer patients aged 50 and olderHuang, ZP ; Cheng, H ; Loh, SY ; Cheng, KKF
2020Risk perception and property value : evidence from Prot Tianjin Port explosionHuang, Y ; Yip, TL ; Liang, C 
2020Coupled rain streak and background estimation via separable element-wise attentionTan, YJ; Wen, Q; Qin, J ; Jiao, JB; Han, GQ; He, SF
2020Control for multiplicative noise systems with intermittent noise and input delayQi, QY; Qiu, Z ; Liang, X; Tan, C
2020Regulatory role of hexokinase 2 in modulating head and neck tumorigenesisLi, WC; Huang, C ; Hsieh, YT; Chen, TY; Cheng, LH; Chen, CY; Liu, CJ; Chen, HM; Huang, CL; Lo, JF; Chang, KW
2020See clearly in the distance : representation learning GAN for low resolution object recognitionXi, Y; Zheng, JB; Jia, WJ; He, XJ; Li, HH; Ren, ZQ; Lam, K 
2020On combining cnn with non-local self-similarity based image denoising methodsYan, ZF; Guo, S ; Xiao, G; Zhang, HZ
2020Machine learning classification of ADHD and HC by multimodal serotonergic dataKautzky, A; Vanicek, T; Philippe, C; Kranz, GS ; Wadsak, W; Mitterhauser, M; Hartmann, A; Hahn, A; Hacker, M; Rujescu, D; Kasper, S; Lanzenberger, R
2020Trauma, resilience, and mental health in migrant and non-migrant youth : an international cross-sectional study across six countriesGatt, JM; Alexander, R; Emond, A; Foster, K; Hadfield, K; Mason-Jones, A; Reid, S; Theron, L; Ungar, M; Wouldes, TA; Wu, QB 
2020Minimum-jerk trajectory planning pertaining to a translational 3-degree-of-freedom parallel manipulator through piecewise quintic polynomials interpolationLu, S; Ding, BX; Li, Y 
2020Resurgent regenerated fiber bragg gratings and thermal annealing techniques for ultra-high temperature sensing beyond 1400 degrees CGunawardena, DS ; Law, OK ; Liu, Z ; Zhong, XX; Ho, YT ; Tam, HY 
2020Study on a dynamic numerical model of an underground air tunnel system for cooling applications-experimental validation and multidimensional parametrical analysisTang, L; Liu, ZX; Zhou, Y ; Qin, D; Zhang, GQ
2020Insert Zn2+ in tetrahedral sites of Bi-metal Zn-CO spinel oxides with high oxygen catalytic performance for liquid and flexible zinc-air batteriesXu, NN; Nie, Q; Liu, JW; Huang, H ; Qiao, JL; Zhou, XD
2020Speed control of segmented PMLSM based on improved SMC and speed compensation modelWen, T; Xiang, B ; Wang, ZY; Zhang, SL
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 41979