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Mar-2019Influence of within-category tonal information in the recognition of Mandarin-Chinese words by native and non-native listeners : an eye-tracking studyQin, Z ; Tremblay, A ; Zhang, J
2018Assessing quality of life using WHOQOL-BREF : a cross-sectional study on the association between quality of life and neighborhood environmental satisfaction, and the mediating effect of health-related behaviorsWong, FY ; Yang, L ; Yuen, JWM ; Chang, KKP ; Wong, FKY 
2019Jasic workers fight for union rightsChan, J 
Oct-2018An ethnographic inquiry into the psychosocial care for oncology patients in the community: healing from the 4EsChan, EA ; Ching, S ; Li, M 
12-Dec-2018Factors affecting the levels of satisfaction with nurse-patient communication among oncology patientsLam, W ; Wong, FY ; Chan, AE 
2018The street air warming phenomenon in a high-rise compact cityWang, XX; Li, YG; Yang, XY; Chan, PW; Nichol, J ; Li, QL
2018The influence of fiber cross-section on fabric far-infrared propertiesTao, YF ; Li, TH ; Yang, CX ; Wang, NX ; Yan, F ; Li, L 
2018The effect of public target on the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) residential developmentLiu, Y; Xu, YL; Wang, ZY 
2018The effect of whole body vibration training on quadriceps voluntary activation level of people with age-related muscle loss (sarcopenia) : a randomized pilot studyWei, N ; Ng, GYF 
2018The effect of speech variability on tonal language speakers' second language lexical tone learningZhang, KL ; Peng, G ; Li, YH; Minett, JW; Wang, WSY 
2018Targeting DNA binding for NF-kappa B as an anticancer approach in hepatocellular carcinomaChung, PY ; Lam, PL ; Zhou, YY ; Gasparello, J; Finotti, A; Chilin, A; Marzaro, G; Gambari, R; Bian, ZX; Kwok, WM ; Wong, WY ; Wang, X ; Lam, AKY; Chan, ASC; Li, XS; Ma, JYW ; Chui, CH ; Lam, KH ; Tang, JCO 
2018Tacrine(10)-hupyridone prevents post-operative cognitive dysfunction via the activation of BDNF pathway and the inhibition of AChE in aged miceChen, HX; Wu, X; Gu, XM; Zhou, YY; Ye, LY; Zhang, K; Pan, HB; Wang, JL; Wei, H; Zhu, BB; Naman, CB; Mak, S ; Carlier, PR; Cui, W; Han, YF 
2018Sugarcane growth prediction based on meteorological parameters using extreme learning machine and artificial neural networkGhazvinei, PT; Darvishi, HH; Mosavi, A; Yusof, KB; Alizamir, M; Shamshirband, S; Chau, KW 
2018Simplified Chinese translation of 13 adult item banks from the Quality of Life in Neurological Disorders (Neuro-QoL)Xie, GL; Chen, LD; Yang, SL; Tao, J; Chan, CCH ; Heinemann, AW; Cella, D; Lai, JS; Correia, H; Wong, AWK
2018Robust activation of microhomology-mediated end joining for precision gene editing applicationsAta, H; Ekstrom, TL; Martinez-Galvez, G; Mann, CM; Dvornikov, AV; Schaefbauer, KJ; Ma, AC ; Dobbs, D; Clark, KJ; Ekker, SC
2018Risk factors of chronic kidney diseases in Chinese adults with type 2 diabetesYang, L ; Chu, TK; Lian, JX ; Lo, CW; Lau, PK ; Nan, HR ; Liang, J
2018Ribosomal protein S6 kinase 1 promotes the survival of photoreceptors in retinitis pigmentosaLin, B ; Xiong, GY; Yang, W 
2018Psychometric evaluation of the Persian Internet Disorder Scale among adolescentsLin, CY ; Ganji, M; Pontes, HM; Imani, V; Brostrom, A; Griffiths, MD; Pakpour, AH
2018Reversible and nonvolatile manipulation of the electronic transport properties of topological insulators by ferroelectric polarization switchingZhao, XW; Dong, SN; Gao, GY; Xu, ZX; Xu, M; Yan, JM; Zhao, WY; Liu, YK ; Yan, SY; Zhang, JX; Wang, Y; Lu, HZ; Li, XG; Furdyna, JK; Luo, HS; Zheng, RK
2018Re-planning the intermodal transportation of emergency medical supplies with updated transfer centersRuan, JH ; Chan, FTS ; Zhao, XF
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 40726