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2017Modulation doping of transition metal dichalcogenide/oxide heterostructuresXu, K; Wang, Y; Zhao, Y; Chai, Y 
21-Sep-2016Energy harvesting and conversion mechanisms for intrinsic upconverted mechano-persistent luminescence in CaZnOSHuang, B 
2016Ni@NiO core/shell dendrites for ultra-long cycle life electrochemical energy storageLiu, Y; Fu, NQ; Zhang, GG; Lu, W; Zhou, LM ; Huang, HT 
2016Commercial dacron cloth supported Cu(OH)(2) nanobelt arrays for wearable supercapacitorsLei, SJ; Liu, Y; Fei, LF; Song, RB; Lu, W; Shu, LL; Mak, CL ; Wang, Y; Huang, HT 
2016Progress in pulsed laser deposited two-dimensional layered materials for device applicationsYang, ZB; Hao, JH 
2016Microfluidic chip-based one-step fabrication of an artificial photosystem I for photocatalytic cofactor regenerationHuang, XW; Liu, J; Yang, QJ; Liu, Y; Zhu, YJ; Li, TH; Tsang, YH ; Zhang, XM 
2016Rapid detection of adulterated drugs in herbal dietary supplements by wooden-tip electrospray ionization mass spectrometryHu, B; Huang, YY; Yin, G; Zhang, GF; Zhang, LY; Wang, TJ; Yao, ZP 
2016Excitonic quantum confinement modified optical conductivity of monolayer and few-layered MoS2Jia, GY; Liu, Y; Gong, JY; Lei, DY ; Wang, DL; Huang, ZX
2017αvβ3-Isoform specific erbium complexes highly specific for bladder cancer imaging and photodynamic therapyZhou, Y; Chan, CF; Kwong, DWJ; Law, GL ; Cobb, S; Wong, WK; Wong, KL
2016Epitaxial nucleation of CVD bilayer graphene on copperSong, Y; Zhuang, J; Song, M; Yin, S; Cheng, Y; Zhang, X; Wang, M; Xiang, R; Xia, Y; Maruyama, S; Zhao, P; Ding, F ; Wang, H
2016Enhancing learning effectiveness by adopting a knowledge-based usability guidelinesChin, SPP; Tsui, E ; Lee, CS
2016Modified ZNN for time-varying quadratic programming with inherent tolerance to noises and its application to kinematic redundancy resolution of robot manipulatorJin, L; Zhang, Y; Li, S ; Zhang, Y
2015Optimal multi-degree cyclic scheduling of multiple robots without overlapping in robotic flowshops with parallel machinesLi, X; Chan, FTS ; Chung, SH 
2015Identifying user-specific facial affects from spontaneous expressions with minimal annotationHuang, X; Ngai, G ; Hua, K; Chan, S ; Leong, HV 
2016Post-FEC performance evaluation of coherent QPSK system with an enhanced pilot-aided CPE schemeCheng, H; Chen, H; Li, Y; Lu, C ; Wu, J; Lin, J
2016Iron loss separation in high frequency using numerical techniquesLiu, L; Fu, WN ; Yang, S; Ho, SL 
2016Development of Elasto-Magneto-Electric (EME) sensor for in-service cable force monitoringDuan, YF; Zhang, R; Dong, CZ; Luo, YZ; Or, SW ; Zhao, Y; Fan, KQ
2016Physiological mouse : toward an emotion-aware mouseFu, Y; Leong, HV ; Ngai, G ; Huang, X; Chan, S 
2016Noise-tolerant ZNN models for solving time-varying zero-finding problems : a control-theoretic approachJin, L; Zhang, Y; Li, S ; Zhang, Y
2016Application of edge elements to 3-D electromagnetic field analysis accounting for both inductive and capacitive effectsHo, SL ; Zhao, Y; Fu, WN ; Zhou, P
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 32209