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Title: 政治理想与现实冲突 : 女领导干部生命故事研究 = Conflict between political idea and reality : the life story of female leadership in PRC
Authors: Yang, Jing (杨静)
Keywords: Hong Kong Polytechnic University -- Dissertations
Women politicians -- China
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Abstract: 自49 年至今,中国实行“男女平等”的政策已经60 年了,但妇女参政率自80 年代以来处于低谷的状态却从根本上无法改观,女领导干部没有整体出现为妇女参政的主体意识。本研究的目的正是为了寻找上述的答案而展开的。本研究通过对以往国内外妇女参政研究的文献回顾,提出采用女性主义、批判理论的立场,结合后结构主义的一些主张,用女性主义/建构主义的范式下的解释性互动论研究方法,重点对9 位与新中国同步成长的女领导干部进行生命故事、以及将我个人20 年来因工作原因和她们深入交流、了解她们的经验作为研究的基础进行了研究。本研究的是结论:无论80 年代前国家主导的论述、或者之后国家和市场以及其他主导的论述下,女领导干部 们在不同时期呈现出不同的主体性和不同的参政观,无论那种论述,都没有建构出女领导干部们为妇女参政的参政观。研究发现,从建国至今,没有一套行之有效的论述将女领导干部从一个结构位置建构为女权主义主张的为妇女参政的政治主体。女领导干部在实际的从政场域中遭受的性别歧视和权利排斥,也使得她们从政的道路举步维艰,严重障碍了女领导干部们从政的积极性。面对妇女参政率低的现状,全国妇联采取“依法抗争”的策略,女领导干部们也应用“日常生活的抗争”策略,积极维护妇女的参政权,表明了在任何时候女领导干部都是一个能动的、而不是完全被控制的客体。
This study starts at understanding the reasons of low women political participation rate since the 1980s in the context of discourse of "gender equality", which has been established for 60 years in the socialist Chinese mainland. After reviewing the Chinese and English literatures on women political participation, I decide to adopt the integrative approach of feminism, critical theory and post-structuralism to study the life stories of 9 female leaders in socialist Chinese mainland. In the past twenty years, I had chances to participate in the female leaders training program as the trainers. Based on the in-depth interview with the female leaders and the participant observation in the training class, I would like to answer the following questions: how did the female leaders' awareness of political participation emerge and form their political subjectivity in different stage of their life? How to understand their agency in the process of their political participation? My conclusion is that the female leaders have different sort of subjectivities and views of political participation in different stage of their life. However they have never ever had the view of serving for the women via political participation. I argue that dominant discourse could not shape the political subjectivity of the female leaders and their political identity. Besides, I also find that even though the female leaders had obtained high position in political hierarchy, they still experienced the discrimination and exclusion in political arena. They found it very difficult to actualize the ideal of political participation for women and fulfill their political responsibility. In this difficult situation, there were no collective actions or movements against the exclusion of women's political right. However, the National Women Federation still played the "rightful resistance" and the female leaders also adopted the strategy of "everyday forms of resistance" in defending their political right. In the process, we can discover that they are active agents rather than the passive dominated objects.
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