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Title: Characteristics of air transient pressure at drainage stacks : a statistical modelling study
Authors: Wong, LT 
Mui, KW 
Cheng, CL
Yen, CJ
He, KC
Keywords: Drainage stack
transient air pressure characteristics
full-scale experiments
Issue Date: 2008
Source: The 34th CIB W062 International Symposium of Water Supply and Drainage for Buildings, Hong Kong, 8-10 September 2008, p. 376-386 How to cite?
Abstract: The maximum transient air pressure at a discharging drainage stacks is an important design parameter for the drainage system in high-rise buildings. As the pressure fluctuated, measurements of the inside of the drainage stacks at coarse sampling intervals would defeat the data quality; however, ultra fine sampling frequency would not be practically cost justified. This study examines the air pressure variations characteristics in a discharging drainage stack of a full-scale drainage experiment tower at steady flow rates. The pressure was described in terms of the fluctuation frequency, the maximum pressure, and the average pressure with its standard deviation. Correlations between physical parameters were investigated. In particular, mathematical expressions were proposed to correlate the maximum transient air pressure with the probability density function of the measured pressure. Good correlations with the measured results were reported. This study enhanced the understanding of transient air pressure characteristics at a discharging drainage stack and the result would be useful for air pressure measurements at drainage stacks of high-rise buildings.
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