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Title: Three-dimensional affine transformation method and satellite remote sensing image geometry correction method
Other Titles: 卫星遥感影像几何校正方法
Authors: Abd Elrahman, AMS
Shi, W 
Issue Date: 10-Nov-2010
Publisher: 中华人民共和国国家知识产权局
Source: 中国专利 ZL 200710002098.4 How to cite?
Abstract: A three-dimensional affine transformation method employs ALBTM (a three-dimensional affine model based on line feature) to express the relationship between two-dimensional space and three-dimensional space, and the specific mathematical expression of ALBTM is Sax=C1AX+C2AY+C3AZ, Say=C5AX+C6AY+C7AZ, wherein the (ax, ay) are unit vector components of a line-segment in two-dimensional space, the (AX, AY, AZ) are unit vector components corresponding to a conjugate line segment of the line-segment in the three-dimensional space, the S is the proportional divisor of the line-segment and the conjugate line segment, the C1-C3 and C5-C7 are rotary parameters of the ALBTM. Disclosed also is geometry correction method of satellite remote sensing images, which includes step 1 obtaining at least two satellite remote sensing images data, step 2 respectively computing the model parameter for three-dimensional affine transformation of image space and terrain space of each satellite remote image on the basis of the image data and by the three-dimensional affine transformation method, step 3 defining the coordinate of center point of the image space in the terrain space according to the model parameter.
三维仿射变换方法,用ALBTM(基于线特征的三维仿射模型)表达二维空间和三维空间之间的关系,且所述ALBTM的具体数学表达式为 Sax=C1AX+C2AY+C3AZ, Say=C5AX+C6AY+C7AZ;其中所述(ax,ay)为线段在所述二维空间的单位矢量分量,所述(AX,AY,AZ)为该线段在所述三维空间中对应共轭线段的单位矢量分量,所述S为该线段与其共轭线段的投影比例因子,所述C1~C3和C5~C7为所述ALBTM的旋转参数。以及应用该三维仿射变换方法的卫星遥感影像几何校正方法,包括:步骤1,获取至少2幅卫星遥感影像数据;步骤2,基于所述影像数据并通过上述三维仿射变换方法分别计算每幅卫星遥感影像的影像空间与地物空间进行三维仿射变换的模型参数;及步骤3,根据所述模型参数确定所述影像空间中点在地物空间的坐标。
Rights: Assignee: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
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