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Title: Fabric finishing agent with shape memory function and preparation method thereof
Other Titles: 具有形状记忆功能的织物整理剂及其制备方法
Authors: Hu, J 
Wang, J
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2009
Publisher: 中华人民共和国国家知识产权局
Source: 中国专利 ZL 200510085768.4 How to cite?
Abstract: The invention relates to a textile finishing agent with shape memory function and the preparing method. It is formed by the reacting of organosilicon modification polyurethane reinforcing resin emulsion, cross linking agent, de-ionized water under catalyst. The first one is formed by the reacting of 50-300 mess parts de-ionized water and pre-polymer which is formed by the reacting of 0.01-0.2 initiator, 30-100 poly-diatomic alcohol, 5-30 aliphatic series diisocyanate, 5-10 short chain aliphatic series diatomic alcohol contains carboxyl, 5-25 silicone resin with hydroxyl end capping, 1-15 tri-hydroxyl polyhydric alcohol, 2-10 salt forming agent, 50-100 organic solvent as mass parts. The textile after using the finishing agent has the advantages of obvious shape memory function, high breaking tearing strength, good flatness and form retention, almost same whiteness, low formaldehyde releasing quantity.
一种具有形状记忆功能的织物整理剂及其制备方法,它是将有机硅改性聚氨酯增强树脂乳液、交联剂、去离子水在催化剂的作用下反应而制成。其中的有机硅改性聚氨酯增强树脂乳液是将质量份数分别为0.01~0.2的引发剂、30~100的聚二元醇、5~30的脂肪族二异氰酸酯、5~10的含羧基的短链脂肪族二元醇、5~25的羟基封端的有机硅树脂、5~15的三羟基多元醇、 2~10的成盐剂、50~100的有机溶剂经反应后得到的预聚物与50~300质量份的去离子水继续反应而制得。采用该织物整理剂整理后的织物具有明显的形状记忆特性,且断裂强力和撕裂强力高、水洗后外观平整度及褶痕保形性好,整理前后织物的白度基本不变,甲醛释放量低。
Rights: 专利权人: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
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