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Title: Multifunctional broad spectrum nanometer antibiotic material and its preparation method
Other Titles: 纳米抗菌材料及其制备方法
Authors: Li, Y
Hu, JY
Song, QW
Issue Date: 23-Apr-2008
Publisher: 中华人民共和国国家知识产权局
Source: 中国专利 ZL 03142467.8 How to cite?
Abstract: The invention relates to a multifunctional broad spectrum nanometer antibiotic material and its preparation method, wherein the antibiotic material comprises a substrate material, surface-coated hydrophobic dispersing agent, nano level silver positive ion antibiotic powder, and a coating of nano particles and octahedrite TiO2 particles with far-infrared radiation property.
Rights: 专利权人: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
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