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2009Z-eigenvalue methods for a global polynomial optimization problemQi, L ; Wang, F; Wang, Y
2013The Z-eigenvalues of a symmetric tensor and its application to spectral hypergraph theoryLi, G; Qi, L ; Yu, G
2012Z-ligustilide potentiates the cytotoxicity of dopamine in rat dopaminergic PC12 cellsQi, H; Zhao, J; Han, Y ; Lau, ASY; Rong, J
2003ZCS-ZVS bi-directional phase-shifted DC-DC converter with extended load rangeChan, HL; Cheng, KWE ; Sutanto, D
2010Zebrafish cardiac functional regeneration using high frequency ultrasound imagingYu, Y; Lien, CL; Shung, KK; Sun, L 
2015Zelda and peach - sisters in distressWirman, H 
2006Zenith tropospheric delay estimation with kinematic GPS precise point positioningHu, C; Chen, W ; Ji, S; Ding, X ; Chen, Y 
2005Zenith tropospheric delay estimation with kinematic GPS precise point positioningChen, W ; Hu, CW; Ji, SY; Ding, XL ; Chen, YQ 
2002The zero duality gap property and lower semicontinuity of the perturbation functionRubinov, AM; Huang, XX; Yang, XQ 
2011Zero spectrum removal using joint bilateral filter for fourier transform profilometryHsung, TC; Lun, DPK ; Ng, WL
2001Zero-current switching fixed frequency resonant-transition square wave convertersYeung, YPB; Cheng, KWE 
2002Zero-current switching switched-capacitor quasiresonant step-down converterYeung, YPB; Cheng, KWE ; Sutanto, D; Ho, SL 
2012Zero-current switching switched-capacitor zero-voltage-gap automatic equalization system for series battery stringYe, Y; Cheng, KWE ; Yeung, YPB
2001Zero-current-switching switched-capacitor convertersCheng, KWE 
2011"Zero-Fare" group tours in China : an analytic frameworkChen, Y; Mak, B; Guo, Y
2006Zero-ODP impact on building sustainabilityYu, CH; Chow, WK 
1997Zero-order switching networks and their applications to power factor correction in switching convertersTse, CK 
2002Zero/pole placement control of periodic duct noiseYuan, J 
2005Zeroing polynomials using modified constrained neural network approachHuang, DS; Ip, HHS; Law, KCK; Chi, Z 
2016Zeros of a class of transcendental equation with application to bifurcation of DDEKou, KI; Lou, Y ; Xia, YH
2008Zeta potential : a surface electrical characteristic to probe the interaction of nanoparticles with normal and cancer human breast epithelial cellsZhang, Y; Yang, M ; Portney, NG; Cui, D; Budak, G; Ozbay, E; Ozkan, M; Ozkan, CS
2015Zhoujiazhuang village : a study of the heritage of the people's communePun, N ; Lu, H; Li, C
2004Zhu Shuzhen and Yu Xuanji : translation of passionate female voices in their poetryChan, KY
2001Zhu Shuzhen of the Song Dynasty - the woman poet in paradoxChan, KY
2013ZigBee network positioning with support of Real-Time Kinematic GPS and terrestrial measurementsMok, E ; Yeung, YK
2000Zinc bromide as catalyst for the stereoselective construction of quaternary carbon: Improved synthesis of diastereomerically enriched spirocyclic diolsTu, YQ; Fan, CA; Ren, SK; Chan, ASC
2005Zinc complex of bipyridine crown macrocycle : Luminescence sensing of anions in aqueous media via the cooperative action of metal-ligand and hydrophobic interactionsNg, PL; Lee, CS; Kwong, HL; Chan, ASC
2014Zinc's role in Mg-Zn-Mn alloys for orthopedic applicationsWong, SS; Lai, CP; Ip, WY; Chan, LC 
2009Zinc-salen-catalyzed asymmetric alkynylation of alkyl acylsilanesLi, FQ; Zhong, S; Lu, G; Chan, ASC
2007Zinc/ZnO core-shell hexagonal nanodisk dendrites and their photoluminescenceZhang, XY; Dai, JY ; Lam, CH ; Wang, HT; Webley, PA; Li, Q; Ong, HC
2015Zirconium hydride precipitation kinetics in Zircaloy-4 observed with synchrotron X-ray diffractionBlackmur, MS; Robson, JD; Preuss, M; Zanellato, O; Cernik, RJ; Shi, SQ ; Ribeiro, F; Andrieux, J
2016Zn substitution NiFe2O4 nanoparticles with enhanced conductivity as high-performances electrodes for lithium ion batteriesMao, J; Hou, X; Huang, F; Shen, K; Lam, KH ; Ru, Q; Hu, S
2011ZnO nanorod fabricated on Ni-coated polyester fiberWong, CP; Mak, CL 
1-Nov-2011ZnO nanorod/GaN light-emitting diodes : the origin of yellow and violet emission bands under reverse and forward biasChen, XY; Ng, AMC; Fang, F; Ng, YH; Djurišić, AB; Tam, HL; Cheah, KW; Gwo, S; Chan, WK; Fong, WKP; Lui, HF; Surya, C 
2015ZnO nanorod/nickel phthalocyanine hierarchical hetero-nanostructures with superior visible light photocatalytic properties assisted by H2O2Wang, X; Gao, J; Xu, B ; Hua, T ; Xia, H
2004ZnO nanorods grown on cotton fabrics at low temperatureWang, R; Xin, JH ; Tao, XM ; Daoud, WA
16-Dec-2010ZnO random laser diode arrays for stable single-mode operation at high powerLiang, HK; Yu, SF ; Yang, HY
2011ZnO thin film laser fabricated by filtered cathodic vacuum arc techniqueYu, SF 
2010ZnO thin film random laser diodes fabricated by filtered cathodic vacuum arc techniqueYu, SF ; Chen, TP
2-Apr-2007ZnO-based film bulk acoustic resonator for high sensitivity biosensor applicationsYan, Z; Zhou, XY; Pang, GKH; Zhang, T; Liu, WL; Cheng, JG; Song, ZT; Feng, SL; Lai, LH; Chen, JZ; Wang, Y 
2012ZnS : Mn/PMN-pT 复合结构的光学和超声双模式发射Chan, HLW 
2014ZnS nanoflowers on graphene for use as a high-performance photocatalystBin, Z; Hui, L
2006A zone model in simulating water mist suppression on obstructed fireLi, YF; Chow, WK 
2005Zone modeling simulations on retail shop firesKui, Q; Chow, WK 
2015ZrCu-based bulk metallic glass composites with large strain-hardening capabilityWu, FF; Chan, KC ; Chen, SH; Jiang, SS; Wang, G
2002Zwitterrionic structures in the gas phase : the case of potassiated N-Methylated aliphatic amino acidsWong, CCL; Wong, CHS; Ma, INL; Tsang, CW
2006α-Glucosidase inhibition of natural curcuminoids and curcumin analogsDu, ZY; Liu, RR; Shao, WY; Mao, XP; Ma, L; Gu, LQ; Huang, ZS; Chan, ASC
2011β-cyclodextrin and its hyperbranched polymers-induced micro/nanopatterns and tunable wettability on polymer surfacesTian, W; Xu, Y; Huang, L; Yung, KL ; Xie, Y; Chen, W
2005β-spline estimation in a semiparametric regression model with nonlinear time series errorsYou, JH; Chen, G; Zhou, X
2013μ-based robust controller design of LCLC resonant inverter for high-frequency power distribution systemLiu, J; Cheng, KWE 
2014ρ-uncertainty anonymization by partial suppressionJia, X; Pan, C; Xu, X; Zhu, KQ; Lo, E 
2010Σ-separability of the far-field beam-pattern due to an arbitrary excitation-function over an elliptical-rim apertureTam, PK; Wong, KT 
2008Σ-Separability of the far-field beam-pattern of an arbitrary excitation-function over an elliptical-rim apertureTam, PK; Wong, KT 
10-Jun-2015홍콩이공대학 내 동아시아 과목의 특징과 개선점Kim, SA 
2013一二三笔顺检字手册Zhang, X ; Li, X
2010一种地应变显著性检验方法Chen, G; Chen, YQ ; Wu, J; He, X
2007一种基于交叉证认技术的自适应小波变换及其在削减GPS多路径误差中的应用Zhong, P; Ding, XL ; Zheng, DW; Chen, W ; Huang, DF
2001一种面向地理信息系统的空间索引方法Shi, W ; Guo, W; Pang, YC
2005一種特別的名-動複合詞Shi, D 
2004一站式家庭暴力服務的商權Chan, YC ; Lam Chan, LT
2005七一前後 : 經濟及政治形勢Lam, PL
2005三個黃盒子─新知舊雨的變奏.Wear, EO
2003三角形形状因子对地壳形变计算精度的影响Wu, J; Tang, CHW ; Chen, YQ 
2011三重能力建设与社会工作教育Gu, X 
2007上海市社區青少年服務模式行動研究報告Chan, KT ; 范明林; 費梅苹
2006上海話疑問成分“哇”的語義及句法地位Shi, D 
2008上海話的句末"快"Shi, D 
Sep-2007上海话疑问成分“(口伐)”的语义及句法地位Shi, DT 
2013上肢綜合功能康復評估及訓練Cheng, ASK 
2012下肢矫形器在中风与截瘫病人的使用Leung, KL 
2006下肢矯形科技的近期發展Leung, KL ; Wong, CW
2013不一樣的香港社會經濟 : 超越資本主義社會的想像Pun, N ; Chan, FY ; Koo, A ; 盧燕儀
2008不同年代香港人對風險的看法Leung, SW 
2011与“依法”、“守法/约”概念相关的套语词及其翻译研究Li, K
2016与弱势者同行Ku, HB ; Gong, J
2004与病人沟通的重要技巧 - 同感心Mok, E; Liu, F; Liu, JE
2008专业普通话课程与专业书面中文课程的接轨及发展趋势——以香港理工大学设计学院专业普通话课程为例Liu, Y 
2007专业限制与文化识盲 : 农村社会工作实践中的文化问题Gu, X ; Zhang, H; Yang, X
2006中五單元二:表達與應用(一):游說Lam, O 
2001中古合口三等拟音作[y] ---- 兼论重唇变轻唇的语音条件Lau, CF; Cheung, KH