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2008WAITER : a wearable personal healthcare and emergency aid systemWu, W; Cao, J ; Zheng, Y; Zheng, YP 
2008Waiting time in emergency evacuation of crowded public transport terminalsChow, WK ; Ng, CMY
2007'Waiting time' for evacuation in crowded areasChow, WK 
2011The wake of two side-by-side square cylindersAlam, MM; Zhou, Y; Wang, XW
2007Wake suppression behind two slightly non-coplanar cylindersLi, BQ; Liu, Y ; Chu, JR
2007A walking beacon-assisted localization in wireless sensor networksXiao, B ; Chen, H; Zhou, S
2015Walking load model for single footfall trace in three dimensions based on gait experimentPeng, Y; Chen, J; Ding, G
2011Walkway length, but not turning direction, determines the six-minute walk test distance in individuals with strokeNg, SS ; Tsang, WW ; Cheung, TH; Chung, JS; To, FP; Yu, PC
Jan-2012Walkway lengths for measuring walking speed in stroke rehabilitationNg, SMS ; Ng, PCM; Lee, CYW; Ng, ESW; Tong, MHW
2003Wandering behaviour in people with dementiaLai, CKY ; Arthur, DG
2010Wang-shaped patch antenna for wireless communicationsChung, KL; Wong, CH
2010Warm-forming of light-weight alloys under multi-stage forming processLai, CP; Chan, LC ; Chow, CL; Yu, KM 
2008Was audit quality of Laventhol and Horwath poor?Lai, KW ; Gul, FA
2004Waste management in guangdong cities : the waste management literacy and waste reduction preferences of domestic waste generatorsChung, SS; Lo, CW 
Jan-2003Waste reduction and recycling strategies for the in-flight services in the airline industryLi, X ; Poon, CS ; Lee, SC ; Chung, SS; Luk, F
2008Water absorption and solubility of PHBHV/HA nanocompositesTang, CY ; Chen, DZ; Yue, TM ; Chan, KC ; Tsui, CP ; Yu, PHF
2011Water dispersible ultra-small multifunctional KGdF4:Tm 3+, Yb3+ nanoparticles with near-infrared to near-infrared upconversionWong, HT; Vetrone, F; Naccache, R; Chan, HLW ; Hao, J ; Capobianco, JA
15-Jul-2009Water extract of Rheum officinale Baill. induces apoptosis in human lung adenocarcinoma A549 and human breast cancer MCF-7 cell linesLi, WY; Chan, SW; Guo, D; Chung, MK; Leung, TY; Yu, PH
2003Water quality management in the estuary of Pearl River and Hong Kong's coastal waters based on SeaWiFs, Landsat TM sensor data and in situ water quality sampling dataChen, X; Li, YS; Liu, Z; Li, Z ; Wai, WHO; King, B 
2013Water reflection recognition based on motion blur invariant moments in curvelet spaceZhong, SH; Liu, Y ; Liu, Y; Li, CS
2010Water repellent surface impregnation for extension of service life of reinforced concrete structures in marine environments : the role of cracksDai, JG ; Akira, Y; Wittmann, FH; Yokota, H; Zhang, P
2009Water repellent treatment on surface of cracked concrete under seawater exposure environmentZhang, P; Dai, JG ; Zhao, TJ; Wittmann, FH; Hartmann, S
2005Water seepage in multi-storey buildingsWong, JTY; Hui, ECM 
1999Water spray pattern discharged from high headroom atrium sprinklerChow, WK ; Yin, R
2002Water use in hotels in Hong KongDeng, SM ; Burnett, J
2007Water vapor permeability of cotton fabrics coated with shape memory polyurethaneMondal, S; Hu, JL 
2008Water versus antiseptic periurethral cleansing before catheterization among home care patients : a randomized controlled trialCheung, K ; Leung, P ; Wong, YC; To, OK; Yeung, YF; Chan, MW; Yip, YL; Kwok, CW
2011Water-based amorphous carbon nanotubes filled polymer nanocompositesYang, X; Li, L; Shang, S ; Tao, XM 
2010Water-compatible iminium activation : highly enantioselective organocatalytic michael addition malonates to alpha,beta-unsaturated enonesMao, Z; Jia, Y; Li, W; Wang, R
2003Water-induced DC and AC degradations in TiO2-based ceramic capacitorsChen, WP; Wang, Y ; Wang, XX; Wang, J; Chan, HLW 
2009Water-induced degradation in (Bi 1/2Na 1/2)TiO 3 lead-free ceramicsGu, YH; Chen, WP; Qi, JQ; Tian, HY; Wang, Y ; Chan, HLW 
14-May-2004Water-induced degradation in 0.91Pb(Zn[sub ⅓]Nb[sub ⅔])O₃-0.09PbTiO₃ single crystalsChen, WP; Qi, J; Wang, Y ; Jiang, XP; Chan, HLW 
2005Water-induced degradation in lead zinc niobate-lead zirconate titanate soft piezoelectric ceramicsJiang, XP; Chen, WP; Peng, Z; Zeng, M; Chan, HLW ; Yin, QR
13-May-2002Water-induced degradation in lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric ceramicsChen, WP; Chan, HLW ; Yiu, FCH; Ng, KMW; Liu, PCK
2002Water-induced degradation in zinc oxide-based ceramic varistorsChen, WP; Chan, HLW 
2003Water-induced degradation of barium titanate ceramics studied by electrochemical hydrogen chargingChen, WP; Jiang, XP; Wang, Y ; Peng, Z; Chan, HLW 
2001Water-soluble antioxidants in human tears : effect of the collection methodChoy, CKM; Cho, P ; Chung, WY; Benzie, IFF 
2008Water-soluble derivative of propolis mitigates scopolamine-induced learning and memory impairment in miceChen, J; Long, Y; Han, M; Wang, T; Chen, Q; Wang, R
2012Water-soluble graphene grafted by poly(sodium 4-styrenesulfonate) for enhancement of electric capacitanceDu, FP; Wang, JJ; Tang, CY ; Tsui, CP ; Zhou, XP; Xie, XL; Liao, YG
2011Water-soluble mitochondria-specific ytterbium complex with impressive NIR emissionZhang, T; Zhu, X; Cheng, CCW; Kwok, WM ; Tam, HL; Hao, J ; Kwong, DWJ; Wong, WK; Wong, KL
2004Water-vapor permeability of hydrophilic polyurethanes studied by positron annihilationWang, ZF; Qi, N; Wang, B; Ding, XM; Hu, JL 
2004Watermark extraction by magnifying noise and applying global minimum decoderPan, Z; Li, L; Zhang, M; Zhang, DD 
2004Watermarking 3D mesh by spherical parameterizationLi, L; Zhang, D ; Pan, Z; Shi, J; Zhou, K; Ye, K
2012Watt-level high power passively mode-locked Nd:LuVO 4 laser with carbon nanotube saturable absorber at 1.34 μmWang, YG; Chen, HR; Hsieh, WF; Tsang, YH 
2000Wave concentration by a navigation channelLi, YS ; Liu, SX; Wai, OWH ; Yu, YX
2005A wave height spectral model for simulation of wave diffraction and refractionLin, P; Li, CW ; Liu, HW
Feb-2012Wave propagation in a duct with a periodic Helmholtz resonators arrayWang, X; Mak, CM 
2003Wave-current interaction with a vertical square cylinderLin, P; Li, CW 
2010Waveband grooming based on layered auxiliary graph in multi-domain optical networksGuo, L; Cao, J ; Wang, X; Jiang, D; Yang, T
2012Waveform control of fuel-cell inverter systemsZhu, GR; Tan, SC; Wang, KW; Tse, CK 
2012Wavefront of an angiogenesis modelWang, ZA 
2001Wavelength and power monitoring of DWDM networks using scanning F-P filter and F-P laserChung, WH; Tam, HY ; Demokan, MS; Wai, PKA 
2002Wavelength and power monitoring of DWDM systems using scanning F-P filter calibrated with a F-P laserChung, WH; Tam, HY ; Demokan, MS; Wai, PKA ; Lu, C
2007Wavelength conversion using multi-pump Raman-assisted four-wave mixingWang, SH; Xu, L; Wai, PKA ; Tam, HY 
2004Wavelength decomposition analysis of surface generation in the ultraprecision machining of brittle single crystalsCheung, CF 
1996Wavelength division multiplexing in an unfiltered soliton communication systemWai, PKA ; Menyuk, CR; Raghavan, B
2004Wavelength modulation technique for intra-cavity absorption gas sensorZhang, M; Wang, D ; Jin, W ; Liao, Y
2008Wavelength switchable multiwavelength actively mode-locked fiber-ring laser based on highly nonlinear photonic crystal fiber and multimode fiber Bragg gratingFang, X; Wai, PKA ; Lu, C ; Feng, X
17-Mar-2008Wavelength tunable and amplitude-equilibrium dual-wavelength lasing sources with dual-pass Raman/Brillouin amplification configurationLiu, YG; Wang, D 
2003Wavelength tunable optical short pulse generation by self-seeding of a gain-switched Fabry-Pérot laser diode with extended wavelength-tuning rangeChen, JW; Wang, DN 
1-Jul-2010Wavelength-routed networks with lightpath data interchangesLi, CY; Cai, L; Wai, PKA ; Li, OKV; Xu, A
2015Wavelength-selective and rebound-able bimorph photoactuator driven by a dynamic mass transport processLan, T; Hu, Y; Wu, G; Tao, X ; Chen, W
2008Wavelength-spacing-tunable multiwavelength filter and laser using a fiber grating based distributed F-P interferometerDong, X; Tam, HY ; Lu, C ; Shum, P
2005Wavelength-switchable fiber ring laserLiu, HL; Tam, HY ; Chung, WH; Wai, PKA ; Sugimoto, N
2005Wavelength-switchable fiber ring laserLiu, HL; Tam, HY ; Chung, WH; Wai, PKA ; Sugimoto, N
2005Wavelength-switchable La-codoped bismuth-based erbium-doped fiber ring laserLiu, HL; Tam, HY ; Chung, WH; Wai, PKA ; Sugimoto, N
2004A wavelength-switched time-slot routing scheme for wavelength-routed networksLi, CY; Li, GM; Wai, PKA ; Li, VOK
1-Nov-2008Wavelength-tunable optical short pulses with high sidemode suppression ratio generated by use of Bi-EDFAFang, X; Wang, D 
20-Sep-2003Wavelength-tunable optical short-pulse generation by mutual pulse injection seeding of two gain-switched Fabry-Perot laser diodesFang, X; Wang, D 
15-Jun-2012Wavelength-tunable, passively mode-locked fiber laser based on graphene and chirped fiber Bragg gratingHe, X; Liu, Z; Wang, D 
2003Wavelet : a new trend in chemistryShao, XG; Leung, AKM; Chau, FT
2002Wavelet analysis based protection for high impedance ground fault in supply systemsZeng, XJ; Li, KK; Chan, WL 
2012Wavelet analysis of lumbar muscle oxygenation signals during whole-body vibration : implications for the development of localized muscle fatigueLi, Z; Zhang, M ; Chen, G; Luo, S; Liu, F; Li, J
2011Wavelet analysis of sacral tissue oxygenation oscillations by near-infrared spectroscopy in persons with spinal cord injuryLi, Z; Zhang, M ; Wang, Y; Wang, Y; Xin, Q; Li, J; Lu, C
2006Wavelet analysis of skin blood oscillations in persons with spinal cord injury and able-bodied subjectsLi, Z; Leung, JY; Tam, EW ; Mak, AF
2007Wavelet analysis of the effects of static magnetic field on skin blood flowmotion : investigation using an in vivo rat modelLi, Z; Tam, EWC ; Mak, AFT; Lau, RYC
2003A wavelet approach to fast approximation of steady-state waveforms of power electronics circuitsLiu, M; Tse, CK ; Wu, J
2008Wavelet based analysis of doppler ultrasonic wrist-pulse signalsZhang, D; Zhang, L ; Zhang, D ; Zheng, Y 
2004Wavelet based independent component analysis for palmprint identificationLu, G; Wang, K; Zhang, DD 
2002Wavelet based palmprint recognitionWu, X; Wang, K; Zhang, DD