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2004A v-book model of learning programming languageChan, N; Ng, MC; Tsang, A
2011Vacancy and Oxygen Substitution for Nitrogen-Induced Structural Stability of Ta2N3Du, XP; Wang, YX; Lo, VC
2014Vacancy inter-layer migration in multi-layered grapheneLiu, LL; Gao, JF; Zhang, XY; Yan, TY; Ding, F 
2011Vacancy-induced magnetism in BaTiO3(001) thin films based on density functional theoryCao, D; Cai, MQ; Hu, WY; Yu, P; Huang, HT 
2002Vacation destination selection : spousal conflict arousal and conflict resolution in the family decision making processKang, SK; Hsu, C 
2015Vacation with young kids : anecdote from the internetLi, M ; Xu, W; Wang, D 
2010VacTube : an embedded radiological scan viewer for referring clinicians, personal health records and eHealth 2.0Constantinescu, L; Kim, J; Fulham, M; Feng, D
2007Vacuolization of sarcoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria following eccentric contractions in mouse skeletal muscleZhang, BT; Au, DWT; Yeung, SS ; Yeung, EW 
2003Vacuum preparation and ionization energies of FN3 and IN3Che, H; Bi, H; Zeng, Y; Meng, L; Zheng, S; Chau, FT; Wang, D
2015VaguenessCheng, W ; O’Keeffe, A
1-Aug-2010Valence fluctuation and electron–phonon coupling in La₆₈₋ₓCeₓAl₁₀Cu₂₀Co₂(x = 0, 34, and 68) metallic glassesTang, MB; Wang, JQ; Wang, WH; Xia, L; Chan, KC ; Zhao, JT
2012Valence reduction and language change : an analysis of ‘give’ and disposal constructions in sinitic languagesChen, W; Yap, FH 
May-2014Valence-changing phenomena and stance marking in Chinese : on the development of 共 in Classical Chinese and Southern MinWong, TS; Yap, FH ; Chen, W
May-2013Valence-reducing phenomena concerning GIVE and TAKE in ChineseYap, FH ; Chen, W; Wong, TS
Oct-2012Valence-reducing phenomena in ChineseWong, TS; Yap, FH ; Chen, W
2015VALID : A web framework for visual analytics of large streaming dataLi, C; Baciu, G 
Jan-2010A validated HPLC method with dual wavelength detection for chlorogenic acid with an internal standard in plasma and its application in pharmacokinetic studies in ratsWan, CW; Lee, YK; Kwok, CY; Chan, RYK; Yu, PH; Chan, SW
2009Validated solutions of saddle point linear systemsKimura, T; Chen, X 
2008Validating a performance measurement framework for VM studies in constructionLin, GB; Shen, QP ; Sun, M
2002Validating a unit-based learning progress report as an alternative method of progress assessment for distance language learners in higher educationHamp-Lyons, L; Niu, J
2002Validating baseline model of cable-stayed ting kau bridge for structural health monitoringLi, H; Ko, JM ; Wang, JY; Ni, YQ 
2001Validating BMS sensors for chiller condition monitoringWang, S ; Wang, J; Burnett, J
2001Validating narrative data on residential child injuryChan, CC; Luis, BPK; Chow, CB; Cheng, JCY; Wong, TW; Chan, K; Chui, S
2007Validating the performance measurement framework for VM studies in constructionLin, GB; Shen, Q ; Fan, SC
2007Validating the revised LPATE-speaking test : a qualitative approachUrmston, A ; Fang, F
2010Validating the world health organization quality of life spirituality, religiousness and personal belief (WHOQOL-SRPB) instrument in the Hong Kong ChineseChan, K ; Ho, FWS; Skevington, S; Verplanken, B; Leung, KF
2014Validation and accuracy assessment of a Simplified Aerosol Retrieval Algorithm (SARA) over Beijing under low and high aerosol loadings and dust stormsBilal, M; Nichol, JE ; Chan, PW
Sep-2012Validation and reliability of the Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly in Chinese populationNgai, SPC ; Cheung, RTH ; Lam, PL; Chiu, JKW; Fung, EYH
2015Validation of 3-D clinical ultrasound assessments to scoliosisWang, Q; Li, M; Hassan, BB; Lou, E; Chu, W; Lam, TP; Cheng, J; He, CQ; Wong, MS 
2013Validation of a Chinese version of the Assessing Emotions Scale for measuring the emotional intelligence of Chinese adolescentsKo, FS; Siu, AM 
2006Validation of a chopsticks manipulation test for screening Chinese children with fine motor dysfunctionLi-Tsang, CWP ; Lee, HCY; Hung, LK
2013Validation of a computer-aided diagnosis program in measuring thoracic curvature from routine chest radiographsWong, MY; Tam, SY; Lai, CWK ; Tang, FH ; Law, HKW
2009Validation of a computerized cognitive assessment system for persons with stroke : a pilot studyYip, CK; Man, DWK 
2012Validation of a new Chinese reading-acuity chart for clinical researchCheong, AMY ; Legge, GE; Liu, L
2012Validation of a novel traditional Chinese medicine pulse diagnostic model using an artificial neural networkTang, ACY; Chung, J; Wong, TKS
2012Validation of a questionnaire on behaviour academic competence among Chinese preschool childrenLeung, C ; Lo, SK; Leung, SSL
2013Validation of a questionnaire to measure mastery motivation among Chinese preschool childrenLeung, C ; Lo, SK
2013The validation of a scale to measure cognitive development in Chinese preschool childrenLeung, C ; Mak, R; Lau, V; Cheung, J; Lam, C
2014Validation of a Simplified Aerosol Retrieval Algorithm (SARA) over BeijingNichol, J ; Bilal, M
2013Validation of a smartphone app in measurement of chest compression depth and rateChiang, VCL ; Mok, E 
2014Validation of a subjective outcome evaluation tool for participants in a positive youth development program in Hong KongShek, DTL ; Ma, CMS 
2014Validation of a Subjective outcome evaluation tool for participants in a positive youth development program in Hong KongShek, DTL ; Ma, CMS ; Siu, AMH 
2005Validation of a therapeutic factors questionnaire for studying group processes of chronic disease self-management groupsLung, GPY; Siu, AMH 
2004Validation of a therapeutic factors questionnaire for studying group processes of chronic disease self-management groupsLung, PY; Siu, AMH 
2002Validation of a two-dimensional numerical model for vortex/blade interactionLau, YL; So, RMC; Leung, RCK; Liu, Y 
2002Validation of a two-dimensional pollutant dispersion model in an isolated street canyonChan, TL ; Dong, G; Leung, CW ; Cheung, CS ; Hung, WT 
2003Validation of an objective scar pigmentation measurement by using a spectrocolorimeterLi-Tsang, CWP ; Lau, JCM; Liu, SKY
2014Validation of CE/SE scheme in low mach number direct aeroacoustic simulationLam, GCY; Leung, RCK ; Seid, KH; Tang, SK 
2012A validation of Chinese version of brace questionnaire (BrQ)Chan, SL; Wong, MS 
2008Validation of clinical instrument : a science and an artChan, CCH 
2008Validation of clinical instrument for use in asia - from theory to practiceChan, CCH 
2009Validation of daylight simulation tools, RADIANCE, Adeline and DOE2Tian, C; Chen, TY
2013Validation of Family, School, and Peer Influence on Volunteerism Scale Among AdolescentsLaw, BMF; Shek, DTL ; Ma, CMS 
2009Validation of fire models predictions with a room fire testLi, SS; Chow, WK 
2009Validation of Fuld object memory evaluation for the detection of dementia in nursing home residentsChung, JCC; Ho, WSK
2015Validation of Hospitalization Impact Scale among families with children hospitalized for cancer treatmentLyu, QY; Kong, SKF; Wong, FKY ; You, LM
2011Validation of instantaneous journey time estimates : a journey time indication system in Hong KongTam, ML; Lam, WHK 
2012Validation of keratometric measurements obtained with a new integrated aberrometry-topography systemShneor, E; Millodot, M; Zyroff, M; Gordon-Shaag, A
2006Validation of Lam assessment of employment readiness (C-LASER) for Chinese injured workersChan, H; Li-Tsang, CWP ; Chan, C ; Lam, CS; Hui, LK; Bard, C
2002Validation of lam assessment of stages of employment readiness (LASER)Chan, H; Li, C ; Chan, CCH ; Lam, CS
2015Validation of land cover products using reliability evaluation methodsShi, W ; Zhang, X; Hao, M; Shao, P; Cai, L; Lyu, X
2013Validation of MODIS, MISR, OMI, and CALIPSO aerosol optical thickness using ground-based sunphotometers in Hong KongWong, MS ; Shahzad, MI; Nichol, JE ; Lee, KH; Chan, PW
2002Validation of ocupational therapy generic outcome questionnaireNgai, KE; Tsang, FY; Yuen, KW; Hon, WF; Dasari, BD; Leung, KF
2006Validation of pedestrian simulation model for signalized crosswalk in Hong KongLee, JYS; Lam, WHK 
2001Validation of short-term prediction for annual average daily traffic in Hong KongTang, YF; Lam, WHK 
2015Validation of size estimation of debonds in external wall's composite finishes via passive Infrared thermography and a gradient algorithmLai, WWL; Lee, KK; Poon, CS 
2012Validation of the AmpC β-lactamase binding site and identification of inhibitors with novel scaffoldsChan, FY; Neves, MAC; Sun, N; Tsang, MW; Leung, YC ; Chan, TH ; Abagyan, R; Wong, KY 
Jan-2011Validation of the beliefs against volunteering scale among Chinese adolescents in Hong KongLaw, BMF; Shek, DTL 
2014Validation of the bioaerosol deposition model in ventilated chamberYu, HC; Mui, KW ; Wong, LT 
2015Validation of the Cambridge Prospective Memory Test (Hong Kong Chinese version) for people with strokeMan, DWK ; Chan, MKL; Yip, CCK
2014Validation of the Cambridge prospective memory test (Hong Kong Chinese version) for people with strokeMan, DWK ; Chan, M; Yip, CCK 
2003Validation of the cantonese version of the morse fall scaleLai, CKY ; Chow, SKY ; Wong, TKS; Ho, JYL; Kong, TK; Ng, RLM; Chan, CK 
2004Validation of the Chinese general self-efficacy scale among individuals with schizophrenia in Hong KongChiu, FPF; Tsang, HWH 
2013Validation of the Chinese Handwriting Analysis System (CHAS) for primary school students in Hong KongLi-Tsang, CWP ; Wong, ASK; Leung, HWH; Cheng, JS; Chiu, BHW; Tse, LFL; Chung, RCK
Jul-2011Validation of the Chinese parental expectation on child’s future scaleLeung, JTY; Shek, DTL 
Jul-2011Validation of the Chinese parental sacrifice for child’s education scaleLeung, JTY; Shek, DTL 
2007Validation of the Chinese translated activities-specific balance confidence scaleMak, MK ; Lau, AL; Law, FS; Cheung, CC; Wong, IS
2005Validation of the Chinese version of fear-avoidance beliefs questionnaire (FABQ) for patients with chronic neck painLee, KC; Chiu, TW ; Lam, TH
2015Validation of the Chinese version of the cognitive symptom checklist-work-21 in breast cancer survivorsCheng, ASK ; Zeng, Y; Feuerstein, M
2012Validation of the Chinese Version of the Gamblers' Belief Questionnaire (GBQ-C)Wong, SSK; Tsang, SKM