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2007Ubiquitous intelligent object : modeling and applicationsWang, M; Cao, J ; Siebert, JI; Raychoudhury, V; Li, J
2011A ubiquitous wireless video surveillance system based on pub/subCao, J ; Liu, X; Lai, S; Zou, Y; Zhang, J; Liu, Y; Zhang, C
2014UDEC-AUTODYN hybrid modeling of a large-scale underground explosion testDeng, XF; Chen, SG; Zhu, JB; Zhou, YX; Zhao, ZY; Zhao, J
2013UK travel agents' evaluation of eLearning courses offered by destinations : an exploratory studyKalbaska, N; Lee, A; Cantoni, L; Law, R 
2008UKF算法及其在GPS卫星轨道短期预报中的应用Zheng, Z; Chen, YQ ; Lu, X
2004Ultimate condition of fiber reinforced polymer-confined concreteLam, L; Teng, JG 
29-Jul-2013Ultra-broadband infrared luminescence of Bi-doped thin-films for integrated opticsXu, B; Hao, JH ; Zhou, S; Qiu, J
2011Ultra-Broadband Near-Infrared Luminescence of Ni2+ : znO-Al2O3-SiO2 Nanocomposite Glasses Prepared by Sol-Gel MethodZhou, S; Hao, J ; Qiu, J
2007Ultra-flat spectrum, multiwavelength operation in an erbium-doped fiber laser using power-clamping effectFeng, X; Tam, HY ; Lu, C ; Wai, PKA ; Tang, DY
2007Ultra-flat spectrum, multiwavelength operation in an erbium-doped fiber laser using power-clamping effectFeng, X; Tam, HY ; Lu, C ; Wai, PKA ; Tang, DY
2007Ultra-flat spectrum, multiwavelength operation in an erbium-doped fiber laser using power-clamping effectFeng, X; Tam, HY ; Lu, C ; Wai, PKA ; Tang, DY
2010The ultra-low Reynolds number airfoil wakeAlam, MM; Zhou, Y; Yang, HX ; Guo, H; Mi, J
2005Ultra-precision machining induced micro-plastic deformation in Zn-Al based alloyTo, S ; Zhu, YH; Lee, WB 
2006Ultra-precision machining induced phase decomposition at surface of Zn-Al based alloyTo, S ; Zhu, YH; Lee, WB 
2002Ultra-precision machining induced surface structural changes of Zn-Al alloyTo, S ; Lee, WB ; Zhu, YH
2010Ultra-precision machining technology of freeform optics and its applicationsLee, WB ; Cheung, CF ; To, S ; Kong, LB; Jiang, JB
2010Ultra-precision raster milling-induced phase decomposition and plastic deformation at the surface of a Zn-Al-based alloyZhu, YH; To, S ; Lee, WB ; Zhang, SJ; Cheung, CF 
2015Ultra-sensitive all-fibre photothermal spectroscopy with large dynamic rangeJin, W ; Cao, Y; Yang, F; Ho, HL 
2010Ultra-short cavity distributed Bragg reflector Er-doped fiber laser for temperature-insensitive bending measurementLiu, W; Guo, T; Wang, H; Chen, D; Wong, ACL; Tam, HY ; Lu, C ; He, S
8-Jun-2009Ultra-short distributed Bragg reflector fiber laser for sensing applicationsZhang, Y; Guan, BO; Tam, HY 
2011Ultra-short distributed feedback fiber laser with sub-kilohertz linewidth for sensing applicationsWong, ACL; Chung, WH; Tam, HY ; Lu, C 
2012Ultra-stable oligonucleotide-gold and -silver nanoparticle conjugates prepared by a facile silica reinforcement methodWong, JF; Yip, S ; Lee, TH 
2015Ultra-stable small diameter hybrid transition metal dichalcogenide nanotubes X-M-Y (X, Y = S, Se, Te; M = Mo, W, Nb, Ta): a computational studyZhao, W; Li, Y; Duan, W; Ding, F 
2014Ultrabroadband near-infrared luminescence and efficient energy transfer in Bi and Bi/Ho co-doped thin filmsXu, BB; Hao, JH; Guo, QB; Wang, JC; Bai, GX; Fei, B ; Zhou, SF; Qiu, JR
2014Ultracompact optical fiber sensor for refractive index and high-temperature measurementLiao, CR; Chen, HF; Wang, DN 
2010Ultrafast time-resolved transient infrared and resonance Raman spectroscopic study of the photo-deprotection and rearrangement reactions of p-hydroxyphenacyl caged phosphatesCao, Q; Guan, X; George, MW; Phillips, DL; Ma, C; Kwok, WM ; Li, M; Du, Y; Sun, XZ; Xue, J
2010Ultrahigh anisotropic damping in ferromagnetic shape memory Ni-Mn-Ga single crystalZeng, M; Or, SW ; Chan, HLW 
Aug-2013Ultrahigh birefringence index-guiding photonic crystal fiberLiu, Z; Wu, C; Tse, V; Lu, C ; Tam, HY 
2013Ultrahigh birefringence index-guiding photonic crystal fiber and its application for pressure and temperature discriminationLiu, Z; Wu, C; Tse, MLV; Lu, C ; Tam, HY 
2015Ultrahigh birefringent nonlinear slot silicon microfiber with low dispersionLiao, J; Yang, F; Xie, Y; Wang, X; Huang, T; Xiong, Z; Kuang, F
2008Ultrahigh diterpenoid tanshinone production through repeated osmotic stress and elicitor stimulation in fed-batch culture of Salvia miltiorrhiza hairy rootsWu, JY ; Shi, M
2014Ultrahigh refractive index sensing performance of plasmonic quadrupole resonances in gold nanoparticlesYong, Z; Lei, DY ; Lam, CH ; Wang, Y 
2015Ultrahigh tunability of room temperature electronic transport and ferromagnetism in dilute magnetic semiconductor and PMN-PT single-crystal-based field effect transistors via electric charge mediationZhu, QX; Yang, MM; Zheng, M; Zheng, RK; Guo, LJ; Wang, Y ; Zhang, JX; Li, XM; Luo, HS; Li, XG
2013Ultrahigh-Q microwave photonic filter with tunable Q value utilizing cascaded optical-electrical feedback loopsLiu, J; Guo, N; Li, Z; Yu, C; Lu, C 
1997Ultraprecision diamond turning of aluminium single crystalsTo, S ; Lee, WB ; Chan, CY
2014Ultrasensitive and closed-tube colorimetric loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay using carboxyl-modified gold nanoparticlesWong, JK; Yip, SP ; Lee, TM 
2015Ultrasensitive and rapid screening of mercury(II) ions by dual labeling colorimetric method in aqueous samples and applications in mercury-poisoned animal tissuesDeng, Y; Wang, X; Xue, F; Zheng, L; Liu, J; Yan, F ; Xia, F; Chen, W
2013Ultrasensitive detection of E. coli O157:H7 with biofunctional magnetic bead concentration via nanoporous membrane based electrochemical immunosensorChan, KY; Ye, WW; Zhang, Y; Xiao, LD; Leung, PHM ; Li, Y ; Yang, M 
2007Ultrashort pulse generation in lasers by nonlinear pulse amplification and compressionZhao, LM; Tang, DY; Cheng, TH; Lu, C 
1-Jun-2003Ultrashort soliton generation through higher-order soliton compression in a nonlinear optical loop mirror constructed from dispersion-decreasing fiberWai, PKA ; Cao, WH
2001Ultrasonic detection using wideband discrete wavelet transformLam, FK; Leung, CK 
2015Ultrasonic disruption of fungal mycelia for efficient recovery of polysaccharide-protein complexes from viscous fermentation broth of a medicinal fungusCheung, YC; Liu, XX; Wang, WQ; Wu, JY 
2001Ultrasonic erosion of whisker-reinforced ceramic compositesLee, TC; Deng, J
Jan-2005Ultrasonic hydrophone based on distributed Bragg reflector fiber laserGuan, BO; Tam, HY ; Lau, ST; Chan, HLW 
7-Sep-2002An ultrasonic measurement for in vitro depth-dependent equilibrium strains of articular cartilage in compressionZheng, YP ; Mak, AFT; Lau, KP; Qin, L
Sep-2005Ultrasonic measurement of depth-dependent transient behaviors of articular cartilage under compressionZheng, YP ; Niu, H; Mak, AFT; Huang, YP
28-May-2008Ultrasonic particle trapping in microfluidic devices using soft lithographyGuo, S; Zhao, L; Zhang, K; Lam, KH; Lau, ST; Zhao, X; Wang, Y ; Chan, HLW ; Chen, Y; Baigl, D
2011Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis fabrication of solid and hollow PbWO4 spheres with structure-directed photocatalytic activityDong, F; Huang, Y; Zou, S; Liu, J; Lee, SC 
2010Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis synthesis of porous Bi2WO6 Microspheres and their visible-light-induced photocatalytic removal of NOHuang, Y; Ai, Z; Ho, W; Chen, M; Lee, S 
2003Ultrasonic transducers using electron-irradiated vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene copolymersGuo, SS; Lau, ST; Chan, HLW ; Zhao, XZ; Choy, CL 
2010Ultrasonic treatment for improved solution properties of a high-molecular weight exopolysaccharide produced by a medicinal fungusWang, ZM; Cheung, YC; Leung, PH; Wu, JY 
1998Ultrasonic wire-bond quality monitoring using piezoelectric sensorOr, SW ; Chan, HLW ; Lo, VC; Yuen, CW
1998Ultrasonically aided laser drilling of particle reinforced aluminium based compositesChan, TW; Yue, TM ; Man, HC 
2012Ultrasonographic assessment of the thyroid gland and adjacent anatomic structures in Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus)Kot, BCW; Ying, MTC ; Brook, FM; Kinoshita, RE; Cheng, SCH
2001Ultrasonographic imaging of the reproductive organs of the female bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus aduncasBrook, FM
2000Ultrasonographic imaging of the testis and epididymis of the bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus aduncasBrook, FM; Kinoshita, R; Brown, B; Metreweli, C
2009Ultrasonography of neck lymph nodes in childrenYing, M ; Lee, YYP; Wong, KT; Leung, VYF; Ahuja, AT
2013Ultrasound assessment of boundary effect on osmosis-induced shrinkage and swelling of articular cartilage in vitroWang, Q; Zheng, YP 
2007Ultrasound assisted supercritical fluid extraction of oil and coixenolide from adlay seedHu, AJ; Zhao, S; Liang, H ; Qiu, TQ; Chen, G
2013Ultrasound bio-microscopic image segmentation for evaluation of zebrafish cardiac functionZhou, X; Sun, L ; Yu, Y; Qiu, W; Lien, CL; Shung, KK; Yu, W
2014An ultrasound biomicroscopic and water jet ultrasound indentation method for detecting the degenerative changes of articular cartilage in a rabbit model of progressive osteoarthritisWang, Y; Huang, YP; Liu, A; Wan, W; Zheng, YP 
Sep-2009Ultrasound Biomicroscopy Imaging for Monitoring Progressive Trypsin Digestion and Inhibition in Articular CartilageWang, Q; Zheng, YP 
2002Ultrasound detection of trypsin-treated articular cartilage : its association with cartilaginous proteoglycans assessed by histological and biochemical methodsQin, L; Zheng, Y ; Leung, C; Mak, A; Choy, W; Chan, K
2011Ultrasound detection using a tunable & low beat-frequency DBR fiber laserGuo, T; Guan, BO; Lu, C ; Tam, HY 
2011Ultrasound detection using a tunable low beat-frequency Er 3+-doped DBR fiber laserGuo, T; Wong, ACL; Liu, W; Guan, B; Lu, C ; Tam, HY 
2010Ultrasound detection using low beat frequency distributed Bragg reflector Er-doped fiber laserGuo, T; Liu, W; Wong, ACL; Wang, H; Chen, D; Lu, C ; Tam, HY 
Oct-2004Ultrasound elastomicroscopy using water beam indentation : preliminary studyLu, MH; Zheng, YP ; Huang, QH
22-Dec-2006Ultrasound elastomicroscopy using water jet and osmosis loading : potentials for assessment for articular cartilageZheng, YP ; Lu, MH; Wang, Q
2015Ultrasound evaluation of Carotid Atherosclerosis in post-radiotherapy nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients, Type 2 Diabetics, and healthy controls [Sonografische Bewertung der Arteriosklerose der Carotis bei Patienten mit Nasopharynxkarzinom nach Bestrahlung, Typ-2-Diabetikern und gesunden Kontrollprobanden]Yuan, C; Wu, VWC ; Yip, SP ; Kwong, DLW; Ying, M 
2010Ultrasound evaluation of site-specific effect of simulated microgravity on articular cartilageWang, Q; Zheng, YP ; Wang, XY; Huang, YP; Liu, MQ; Wang, SZ; Zhang, ZK; Guo, X 
Sep-1996An ultrasound indentation system for biomechanical properties assessment of soft tissues in-vivoZheng, YP ; Mak, AFT
2007Ultrasound machine assists decalcificationGuo, X ; Zheng, Y ; Lam, W
2008Ultrasound of malignant cervical lymph nodesAhuja, AT; Ying, M ; Ho, SY; Antonio, G; Lee, YP; King, AD; Wong, KT
2006Ultrasound of neck lymph nodes : how to do it and how do they look?Ying, M ; Ahuja, AT
22-Dec-2006Ultrasound palpation sensor for tissue thickness and elasticity measurement - assessment of transverse carpal ligamentZheng, YP ; Li, ZM; Choi, PC; Lu, MH; Chen, X; Huang, QH
2008Ultrasound phonophoresis of Panax Notoginseng improves the strength of repairing ligament : a rat modelNg, GYF ; Wong, RYF
2006Ultrasound speed in articular cartilage under different bathing saline concentrationZheng, YP ; Patil, S; Wang, Q
2015Ultrasound Volume Projection Imaging for Assessment of ScoliosisCheung, CWJ; Zhou, GQ; Law, SY; Mak, TM; Lai, KL; Zheng, YP
2008An ultrasound-actuated micropump that uses one-way membrane as Nozzle-diffuserChao, C; Cheng, CH ; Liu, Z; Yang, M ; Leung, WWF 
2015Ultrasound-aided dyeing of cotton fabric with spirooxazines and photochromic propertiesPeng, L; Guo, R; Jiang, S ; Lan, J; He, Y; Huang, X