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2014T2FELA : type-2 fuzzy extreme learning algorithm for fast training of interval type-2 TSK fuzzy logic systemDeng, Z; Choi, KS ; Cao, L; Wang, S
2003T5 fluorescent lamp systems : energy, economics and environmentChung, TM
2009Ta-de laoshi dang-de hao and nominalization in Chinese dialectsTang, SW
2002A tabu based algorithm for multiobjective optimizations of electromagnetic devicesYang, S; Xiong, S; Ni, P; Ni, G; Ho, SL 
Mar-2002A tabu method to find the Pareto solutions of multiobjective optimal design problems in electromagneticsHo, SL ; Yang, S; Ni, G; Wong, HCC
2004A tabu search approach to distribution network reconfiguration for loss reductionLi, KK; Chung, TS; Chen, GJ; Tang, GQ
2001A tabu search heuristic for the component assignment problem in PCB assemblyWan, YF; Ji, P 
2015A tabu search/path relinking algorithm to solve the job shop scheduling problemPeng, B; Lu, Z; Cheng, TCE 
2015Tacit knowledge spillover and sustainability in destination developmentZhang, C; Xiao, H ; Gursoy, D; Rao, Y
2011Tackling adolescent substance abuse in Hong Kong : where we should go and should not go?Shek, DTL 
2014Tackling traffic noise through plenum windows - An application in Hong KongYeung, M; Ng, I; Lam, J; Tang, SK ; Lo, D; Yeung, D
2011Tacrine and Bis(7)-tacrine attenuate cycloheximide-induced amnesia in mice, with attention to acute toxicityPan, SY; Zhang, Y; Guo, BF; Han, YF ; Ko, KM
2011Tacrine treatment at high dose suppresses the recognition memory in juvenile and adult mice with attention to hepatotoxicityPan, SY; Guo, BF; Zhang, Y; Yu, Q; Yu, ZL; Dong, H; Ye, Y; Han, YF ; Ko, KM
2011Tacrine(2)-ferulic acid, a novel multifunctional dimer, attenuates 6-hydroxydopamine-induced apoptosis in PC12 cells by activating Akt pathwayZhang, H; Mak, S; Cui, W; Li, W; Han, R; Hu, S; Ye, M; Pi, R; Han, Y 
23-Feb-2012Tacrine-6-ferulic acid, a novel multifunctional dimer, inhibits amyloid-β-mediated alzheimer’s disease-associated pathogenesis in vitro and in vivoPi, R; Mao, X; Chao, X; Cheng, Z; Liu, M; Duan, X; Ye, M; Chen, X; Mei, Z; Liu, P; Li, W; Han, Y 
2012Taekwondo training improves sensory organization and balance control in children with developmental coordination disorder: A randomized controlled trialFong, SSM; Tsang, WWN ; Ng, GYF 
2012Taekwondo training improves the neuromotor excitability and reaction of large and small musclesChung, P; Ng, G 
2012Taekwondo training speeds up the development of balance and sensory functions in young adolescentsFong, SSM; Fu, SN ; Ng, GYF 
2004Tagaboo : a collaborative children's game based upon wearable RFID technologyKonkel, M; Leung, V; Ullmer, B; Hu, C
2004Taguchi methods to optimize TiN coating surface roughnessYim, SL; Yu, KM ; Kwok, D; Lee, TC
2002Tai chi can improve balance control in perturbed single-leg stanceTsang, WWN ; Hui-Chan, CWY
2013Tai Chi exercise in medicine and health promotionLan, C; Wolf, SL; Tsang, WWN 
2004Tai Chi improves standing balance control under reduced or conflicting sensory conditionsTsang, WW ; Wong, VS; Fu, SN ; Hui-Chan, CW
2007Tai chi improves standing balance in people with chronic strokeAu-Yeung, SSY ; Hui-Chan, CWY; Tang, JCS
2013Tai Chi practitioners have better postural control and selective attention in stepping down with and without a concurrent auditory response taskLu, X; Siu, KC; Fu, SN ; Hui-Chan, CWY; Tsang, WWN 
2010Tai chi training improves balance control in subjects with visual impairmentChen, EW; Fu, A ; Tsang, WWN 
2013Tai Chi, arterial compliance, and muscle strength in older adultsLu, X; Hui-Chan, CWY; Tsang, WWN 
2006Tai chi, cognitive functions and mental healthMan, DWK ; Tsang, WWN ; Hui-Chan, CWY
2007A tailor-made MR damper for bridge cable vibration control : experiment and modellingChen, ZH; Ni, YQ ; Or, SW ; Lam, KH
2003Tailor-welded blanks of different thickness ratios effects on forming limit diagramsChan, SM; Chan, LC ; Lee, TC
2014Tailoring structure of inclusion with strain-induced closure to reduce Poisson's ratio of composite materialsHou, X; Hu, H ; Silberschmidt, V
2010Taiwan Chinese managers' personality : is confucian influence on the wane?Wong, ALY; Shaw, GH; Ng, DKC
2004Taiwan's role in the economic architecture of East Asia and the PacificDrysdale, P; Xu, X 
2005Taiwanese traveller’s travel destination choice formationLam, TERRY; Hsu, C 
2008Takagi-Sugeno neural fuzzy modeling approach to fluid dispensing for electronic packagingKwong, CK ; Chan, KY; Wong, H 
2013Taking an innovative approach to quality practices: Exploring the importance of a companys innovativeness on the success of TQM practicesWiengarten, F; Fynes, B; Cheng, ETC ; Chavez, R
2003Taking books into examinations - a Hong Kong studyChan, MY 
2001Talc/BA in-situ polymerization and its effect on properties of polypropylene-matrix compositesZhang, WX; Xie, XL; Yang, JL; Tang, CY 
2014A tale of three Chinese societies : the quality of life and well-being of chinese people in a changing worldIp, PK; Shek, DTL 
2015A tale of two innovative leadership programs in Hong KongShek, DTL ; Siu, AMH ; Merrick, J
2001Tall stature, overweight and the prevalence of low back pain in Chinese middle-aged womenYip, YB; Ho, SC; Chan, SG
2009Taming chaotic arrays by parametric excitation with proper random phaseYung, KL ; Lei, Y; Xu, Y
2010Taming software adaptability with architecture-centric frameworkDing, B; Wang, H; Shi, D; Cao, J 
2008A tandem network with MAP inputsLian, Z; Liu, L
2005Tangent stiffness matrix for geometrically nonlinear analysis of space framesGu, J; Chan, S 
2004Tangential load measurements by a smart textile compositeYang, B; Yu, J; Tao, XM ; Ho, HL
2003Tangible interfaces to explain Gaudí's use of ruled-surface geometries : interactive systems design for haptic, nonverbal learningFischer, T; Herr, CM; Burry, MC; Frazer, JH
2010Tanshinone biosynthesis in Salvia miltiorrhiza and production in plant tissue culturesWang, JW; Wu, JY 
2005Tanshinone inhibits intimal hyperplasia in the ligated carotid artery in miceDu, JR; Li, X; Zhang, R; Qian, ZM
2005Tanshinone production and isoprenoid pathways in Salvia miltiorrhiza hairy roots induced by Ag + and yeast elicitorGe, X; Wu, J 
2000The Tao of people-based managementMak, WM 
2005Taoism, mental health and the limits of language (multiple letters)Benning, TB; Yip, KS 
2005Taoistic concepts of mental health : implications for social work practice with chinese communitiesYip, KS 
2006Tapped inductor for switched-mode power convertersCheng, KWE 
2004Target dose conformity in 3-dimensional conformal radiotherapy and intensity modulated radiotherapyWu, VWC ; Kwong, DLW; Sham, JST
2009Target-flow inspiratory muscle training improves running performance in recreational runners : a randomized controlled trialKwok, TMK; Jones, AYM
2008Target-flow inspiratory muscle training to running performance in recreational runners : a randomized controlled trialKwok, TMK; Jones, AYM
2002Targeted drug delivery via the transferrin receptor-mediated endocytosis pathwayQian, ZM; Li, H; Sun, H; Ho, K
2015Targeting angiogenic genes as a therapeutic approach for hepatocellular carcinomaWong, CH; Wong, CSC ; Chan, SL
2014Targeting immune system through targeting miRNA for cancer therapyYu, HWH; Sze, DMY; Chocs, W; Yip, SP 
2002Targeting rehabilitation programs for elderly people with stroke : a quality of life perspectiveLau, ALD
2015Targeting strategies on miRNA-21 and PDCD4 for glioblastomaWang, G; Wang, JJ; Tang, HM; To, SST 
2011TASA : tag-free activity sensing using RFID tag arraysZhang, D; Zhou, J; Guo, M; Cao, J ; Li, T
2010Task conflict and team creativity : a question of how much and whenFarh, JL; Lee, C; Farh, CIC
2002Task hazards analysis in the textile dyeing and finishing industriesYuen, CWM; Kan, CW; Ku, SK
2012A task specific uncertainty analysis method for least-squares-based form characterization of ultra-precision freeform surfacesRen, MJ; Cheung, CF ; Kong, LB
2014Task-specific and impairment-based training improve walking ability in strokePang, MYC 
2001Tautology in the resource-based view and the implications of externally determined resource value : further commentsPriem, RL; Butler, JE
2000Tax holidays and tax noncompliance : an empirical study of corporate tax audits in China's developing economyChan, KH; Mo, PLL
2011Tax service fees after the Sarbanes-Oxley Act : determinants and relation with audit feesHalperin, R; Lai, KW 
2006Taxation on vehicle fuels : its impacts on switching to cleaner fuelsHung, WT 
2011TaxoFolk : a hybrid taxonomy-folksonomy structure for knowledge classification and navigationKiu, CC; Tsui, E 
Mar-2010TaxoFolk : a hybrid taxonomy–folksonomy classification for enhanced knowledge navigationKiu, CC; Tsui, E 
2002Taxol production by ultrasound-stimulated suspension culture of Taxus chinensis cellsLin, LD; Lam, WS; Wu, JY 
2013A taxonomic approach to the identification of intellectual capital from company reportsCai, L; Tsui, E ; Cheung, CF 
2006A taxonomy of application scheduling tools for high performance cluster computingCao, J ; Chan, ATS ; Sun, Y; Das, SK; Guo, M
2000Taxonomy of space tessellationLee, YC; Li, ZL ; Li, YL
2009A TCAM-based solution for integrated traffic anomaly detection and policy filteringWang, Z; Che, H; Cao, J ; Wang, J
2008TCP covert timing channels : design and detectionLuo, X; Chan, EWW; Chang, RKC 
2014TCP performance over mobile networks in high-speed mobility scenariosXiao, Q; Xu, K; Wang, D ; Li, L; Zhong, Y