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2003(S)-2,2 '-bis(4-nitro-2-pyridyloxy)-1,1 '-binaphthaleneWang, RH; Xu, LJ; Chen, G; Zhou, ZY; Hong, MC; Cao, R; Chan, ASC
2002(S)-2,2 '-bis(dicyclohexylphosphinoamino)-1,1 '-binaphthylGuo, RW; Wang, LL; Wu, J; Choi, MCK; Zhou, ZY
2002(S)-2,2'-Bis­(di­cyclo­hexyl­phosphino­amino)-1,1'-bi­naphthylGuo, RG; Wang, LL; Wu, J; Choi, MCK; Zhou, ZY
2002(S)-2,2'-Bis­[bis(3,5-di­methyl­phenyl)­phosphinoyl]-5,5',6,6',7,7',8,8'-octa­hydro-1,1'-bi­naphthylGup, RW; Wu, J; Kwok, WH; Chen, J; Choi, MCK; Zhou, ZY
2003(S)-2,2′,6,6′-Tetramethoxy-4,4′-bis(diphenyl-phosphino) -3,3′-bipyridine-(2S,3S)-(+)-dibenzoyl-L-tartaric acid-chloroform (1/1/1)Chen, H; Wu, J; Guo, R; Yeung, C; Zhou, Z
2015S-aframe : agent-based multilayer framework with context-aware semantic service for vehicular social networksHu, X; Zhao, J; Seet, BC; Leung, VCM; Chu, THS; Chan, H
2010S-OLAP: an OLAP system for analyzing sequence dataChui, CK; Kao, B; Lo, E ; Cheung, D
2010S-shape properties in the J-V curves of bilayer heterojunction organic solar cellsWang, JC; Ren, XC; Shi, SQ ; Leung, CW ; Chan, PKL
2012S-SIFT : a shorter SIFT without least discriminability visual orientationZhong, S; Liu, Y ; Wu, G
2014S2CBench : synthesizable systemc benchmark suite for high-level synthesisSchafer, BC ; Mahapatra, A
2001SAC : a self-paced and adaptive courseware systemChan, ATS ; Chan, SYC; Cao, J 
2016The sacred and the profane : identifying pilgrim traveler value orientations using Means-End TheoryKim, B; Kim, SS ; King, B 
2012Saddle points of discrete Markov zero-sum game with stoppingLi, X ; Shen, J; Song, Q
2012A safe-exit approach for efficient network-based moving range queriesYung, D; Yiu, ML ; Lo, E 
2015Safety analysis of a road vehicle passing by a bridge tower under crosswindsWang, B; Xu, YL 
2006Safety analysis of moving road vehicles on a long bridge under crosswindGuo, WH; Xu, YL 
2007Safety and efficacy of Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi) and San Miao San supplementation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis : a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled pilot trialLi, EK; Tam, LS; Wong, CK; Li, WC; Lam, CWK; Wachtel-Galor, S; Benzie, IFF ; Bao, YX; Leung, PC; Tomlinson, B
2005Safety and quality management in constructionLam, CS; Wong, ETT
2009Safety climate : recent developments and future implicationsHon, C; Chan, APC 
2014Safety climate and injury occurrence of repair, maintenance, minor alteration and addition works : a comparison of workers, supervisors and managersHon, CKH; Hinze, J; Chan, APC 
2002Safety consideration of fire shutters in large building spaceWong, LT ; Yuen, WW
2007Safety considerations for residential building repair and maintenance works on facades in the design phaseYam, MCH ; Wong, F ; Chan, APC ; Cheung, AAC; Chan, D ; Chan, WYK; Chan, JHL
2007Safety considerations for residential building repair and maintenance works on facades in the design phase in Hong KongYam, CH ; Wong, KWF ; Chan, PCA ; Cheung, AAC; Chan, WMD ; Chan, WYKA; Chan, HLJ
2015Safety control for impedance haptic interfacesHe, XJ; Choi, KS 
2009Safety evaluation of biomaterialsZhou, DX; Li, Y 
2007Safety issues in orthokeratologyCho, P 
6-Jun-2013Safety management in repair, maintenance, minor alteration and addition works : a knowledge management perspectiveHon, KH; Chan, APC 
2006Safety measures for chemical management in textile and clothing industryKan, CW ; Yuen, CWM; Ku, SKA
2007Safety measures for repair and maintenance works on external facades of institutional buildings in Hong KongChan, WM ; Wong, KW ; Chan, PC ; Cheung, AC; Yam, CH ; Chan, HL
2013Safety monitoring of railway tunnel construction using FBG sensing technologyYe, X; Ni, Y ; Yin, J 
2003Safety of high-sided vehicles running over a cable-stayed bridge subjected to a sudden crosswind gustGuo, WH; Xu, YL 
2016Safety of repair, maintenance, minor alteration, and addition (RMAA) works : a new focus of construction safetyChan, APC ; Hon, CKH
1999Safety requirement and regulations reviews on ventilation and fire for tunnels in the Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionChow, WK ; Li, JSM
2012Safety risk identification system for metro construction on the basis of construction drawingsDing, LY; Yu, HL; Li, H ; Zhou, C; Wu, XG; Yu, MH
2003Safety training and education for the construction industry in Hong KongWong, KW ; Kwok, WK; Poon, SW
Jan-2012The saga of three mighty modals : a language learner’s guide to understanding how English must, may and can develop from deontic to epistemic usesYap, FH ; Chen, W; Chan, M 
2015Sagnac interferometer based stable phase demodulation system for diaphragm based acoustic sensorMa, J; Yu, Y; Jin, W 
2016Sagnac interferometer hydrogen sensor based on panda fiber with PT-loaded WO3/SiO2 coatingXu, B; Zhao, CL; Yang, F; Gong, H; Wang, DN ; Dai, J; Yang, M
2013Sales forecasting for fashion retailing service industry : a reviewLiu, N; Ren, S; Choi, TM ; Hui, CL ; Ng, SF 
2008Sales forecasting using extreme learning machine with applications in fashion retailingSun, ZL; Choi, TM ; Au, KF; Yu, Y
2012Sales rebate contracts in fashion supply chainsChiu, CH; Choi, TM ; Yeung, HT; Zhao, Y
2009Salespersons' service quality and customer loyalty in fashion chain stores : a study in Hong Kong retail storesCheng, YS; Hui, CL 
2014Saliency detection based on adaptive DoG and distance transformGao, HY; Lam, KM 
2014Saliency detection based on robust principal component analyses and multiple color channelsMa, X; Xie, X; Lam, K ; Zhong, Y
2015Saliency detection based on singular value decompositionMa, X; Xie, X; Lam, KM ; Hu, J; Zhong, Y
2016Saliency effects of online reviews embedded in the description on sales : moderating role of reputationWang, Z; Li, H; Ye, Q; Law, R 
2011Saliency modulated high dynamic range image tone mappingMei, Y; Qiu, G; Lam, KM 
2015Salient attributes of urban green spaces in high density cities: The case of Hong KongWan, C; Shen, GQ 
2012Salient features of confucian ethics and their implications for biomedical issuesYu, KP 
2012Salient object detection using content-sensitive hypergraph representation and partitioningLiang, Z; Chi, Z ; Fu, H; Feng, D
2014Salient object detection using octonion with Bayesian inferenceGao, HY; Lam, KM 
2015Salient object detection via nonlocal diffusion tensorZhang, X; Xu, C; Sun, X; Baciu, G 
2014Salient-region detection in a multi-level framework of image smoothing with over-segmentationGao, HY; Lam, KM 
2010Salient-SIFT for image retrievalLiang, Z; Fu, H; Chi, Z ; Feng, D
10-Oct-2011Salinity sensor based on polyimide-coated photonic crystal fiberWu, C; Guan, BO; Lu, C ; Tam, HY 
2015Salinity-dependent toxicities of zinc oxide nanoparticles to the marine diatom Thalassiosira pseudonanaYung, MMN; Wong, SWY; Kwok, KWH ; Liu, FZ; Leung, YH; Chan, WT; Li, XY; Djurišić, AB; Leung, KMY
2015A salt & pepper noise filter based on local and global image informationLi, Z; Cheng, Y; Tang, K; Xu, Y; Zhang, D 
2013Salt-assisted direct exfoliation of graphite into high-quality, large-size, few-layer graphene sheetsNiu, L; Li, M; Tao, X ; Xie, Z; Zhou, X; Raju, APA; Young, RJ; Zheng, Z 
2014Salt-assisted high-throughput synthesis of single- and few-layer transition metal dichalcogenides and their application in organic solar cellsNiu, LY; Li, K; Zhen, HY; Chui, YS; Zhang, WJ; Yan, F; Zheng, ZJ 
2010SamACO : variable sampling ant colony optimization algorithm for continuous optimizationHu, XM; Zhang, J; Chung, HSH; Li, Y; Liu, O 
2001Samarium and manganese doped lead titanate ceramic fiber/epoxy 1-3 composites for high frequency transducer applicationsLi, K; Wang, DY; Lam, KH; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
Oct-2003Samarium and manganese-doped lead titanate ceramic fiber/epoxy 1-3 composite for high-frequency transducer applicationLi, K; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL
2001Same or different : seng 4 in 'zou6 seng4 daan1 saang1ji3' and 'zou6 seng4 daan1 saanglji3 gam2'Wong, C 
2013Same, same but different : perceptions of South Pacific destinations among Australian travelersPratt, S
2012Sample pair selection for attribute reduction with rough setChen, D; Zhao, S; Zhang, L ; Yang, Y; Zhang, X
2007Sample reduction for SVMs via data structure analysisWang, DF; Yeung, DS; Tsang, ECC
2000Sample-ruler technique and its application in estimation of corrected transient energy marginWang, S; Liu, M; Fang, DZ; Chung, TS
May-2007Sampled-data fuzzy controller for time-delay nonlinear systems : fuzzy-model-based LMI approachLam, HK; Leung, FHF 
2014Sampling at mesoscale physical habitats to explain headwater stream water quality variations : its comparison to equal-spaced sampling under seasonal and rainfall aided flushing statesGomes, PIA; Wai, OWH 
2003Sampling Gabor features for face recognitionLiu, DH; Lam, KM ; Shen, LS
2001Sampling method for analyzing data quality of sub-map in GIS (Chinese)Liu, C; Shi, WZ ; Liu, DJ
2005Sampling point densities for assessing indoor air qualityHui, PS; Wong, LT ; Mui, KW 
2006Sampling point densities in indoor air quality assessmentMui, KW ; Wong, LT ; Hui, PS
2007Sampling strategies of indoor air quality assessment for officesHui, PS; Wong, LT ; Mui, KW 
2009Sampling TCP data-path quality with TCP data probesChang, R ; Chan, E; Fok, W; Luo, X 
2004Sanitary accommodation scales for large shopping mallsWong, LT ; Yau, CL
2005SAR interferogram filtering with 2D Vondrák filterDing, X ; Li, Z; Zheng, D; Huang, C; Zou, W
2006SAR interferogram filtering with vondrak filterLi, ZW; Ding, XL 
2003SAR motion information sensor based on GNSS/SINSSun, YR; Liu, JY; Chen, W ; Chen, YQ 
2002SAR Motion Information Sensor Based on GNSS/SINSChen, W ; Sun, Y; Liu, J; Chen, Y