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2010Q-ary LDPC decoder with euclidean-distance-based sorting criterionShen, XH; Lau, FCM 
2009Q-learning based dynamic optimal CPS control methodology for interconnected power systemsYu, T; Zhou, B; Chan, KW 
2014The q-theory explanation for the external financing effect : new evidenceHuang, Y ; Lam, FYEC; Wei, JKC
2010A QFD-based optimization method for a scalable product platformLuo, X; Tang, J; Kwong, CK 
2015QFD-based product planning with consumer choice analysisLuo, XG; Kwong, CK ; Tang, JF; Sun, FQ
2003Qigong : harmonising the breath, the body and the mindDorcas, A; Yung, P
2003Qigong and suicide preventionTsang, H 
2009Qigong as a mindful exercise intervention for people living with mental ill healthLloyd, C; Tsang, H ; Deane, FP
2002Qigong as a psychosocial intervention for depressed elderly with chronic physical illnessesTsang, HWH ; Cheung, L; Lak, DCC
2004Qigong as alternative therapy for depression and anxiety disordersTsang, HW 
2013Qigong exercise could reduce upper limb lymphedema and improve blood flow in breast cancer survivorsFong, SSM; Ng, SSM ; Luk, WS; Chung, JWY; Tsang, WWN 
2014QoS aware geographic opportunistic routing in wireless sensor networksCheng, L; Niu, J; Cao, J ; Das, SK; Gu, Y
2001A QoS control protocol for rate-adaptive video trafficYu, X; Hoang, D; Feng, D
2006QoS multicast routing for multimedia group communications using intelligent computational methodsWang, X; Cao, J ; Cheng, H; Huang, M
2010QoS multicast tree construction in IP/DWDM optical Internet by bio-inspired algorithmsCheng, H; Wang, X; Yang, S; Huang, M; Cao, J 
2009A QoS-aware congestion control mechanism for DCCPYe, L; Wang, Z
2013QoS-based cross-layer scheduling for wireless multimedia transmissions with adaptive modulation and codingChen, H; Chan, HCB ; Chan, CK; Leung, VCM
2003QoS-driven multicast tree generation using genetic algorithmWang, X; Cheng, H; Cao, J ; Wang, Z; Huang, M
2004A QoS-enabled services system framework for grid computingZhang, Y; Cao, J ; Lu, S; Ye, B; Xie, L
2004QoSRHMM : a QoS-aware ring-based hierarchical multi-path multicast routing protocolWang, G; Luo, J; Cao, J ; Chan, KCC 
2005QTPV data model and algorithm and its application to geological exploration engineeringCheng, P; Shi, W ; Gong, J; Zhou, G
2014Quadratic boost converter with low buffer capacitor stressYe, YM; Cheng, KWE 
2003Quadratic convergence of Newton's method for convex interpolation and smoothingDontchev, AL; Qi, H; Qi, L 
2005Quadratic cost flow and the conjugate gradient methodSun, J; Yang, X ; Chen, X
2010Quadratic minimization for equilibrium problem variational inclusion and fixed point problemZhang, SS; Lee, HW ; Chan, CK 
2010A quadratic programming based cluster correspondence projection algorithm for fast point matchingLian, W; Zhang, L ; Liang, Y; Pan, Q
2005Quadratic smoothing approximation to l [sub 1] exact penalty function in global optimizationWu, ZY; Lee, HWJ ; Bai, FS; Zhang, LS
2014Quadratic Tsallis Entropy Bias and generalized Maximum Entropy modelsHou, Y; Wang, B; Song, D; Cao, X; Li, W 
2015A quadratically convergent algorithm for finding the largest eigenvalue of a nonnegative homogeneous polynomial mapNi, Q; Qi, L 
2004Quadric decomposition for computing the intersections of surfaces of revolutionJia, JY; Baciu, G ; Kwok, KW
2004A qualitative assessment methodology for road safety policy strategiesWong, SC; Leung, BSY; Loo, BPY; Hung, WT ; Lo, HK
2014A qualitative descriptive study of risk reduction for coronary disease among the Hong Kong ChineseChan, CW ; Lopez, V
Aug-2012Qualitative evaluation of a positive youth development course in a university setting in Hong KongShek, DTL ; Sun, RCF
2009A qualitative evaluation of implementing virtual prototyping in constructionKong, S; Li, H 
2009A qualitative evaluation of implementing virtual prototyping in constructionKong, S; Li, H 
2012Qualitative evaluation of Project P.A.T.H.S. : an integration of findings based on program participantsShek, DTL ; Sun, RCF
Sep-2012Qualitative evaluation of Project P.A.T.H.S. in Hong Kong : focus groups based on Secondary 3 program implementersShek, DTL 
2011The qualitative evaluation of the program participantsLam, CW ; Shek, DTL 
2012Qualitative evaluation of the Project P.A.T.H.S. : an integration of findings based on program implementersShek, DTL 
Dec-2010Qualitative evaluation of the Project P.A.T.H.S. : findings based on focus groupsShek, DTL ; Ng, CSM; Tsui, PF
2009Qualitative evaluation of the Project P.A.T.H.S. : findings based on focus groups with student participantsShek, DTL ; Ng, CSM
Oct-2010Qualitative evaluation of the project P.A.T.H.S. based on junior secondary school students in Hong KongShek, DTL ; Chan, C
2006Qualitative evaluation of the Project P.A.T.H.S. based on the perceptions of the program participants.Shek, DTL ; Lee, TY; Siu, A ; Lam, CM
Jun-2011Qualitative evaluation of the secondary 3 training program of the Project P.A.T.H.S. in Hong KongShek, DTL ; Chan, C
Jul-2010Qualitative evaluation of the training program of the Project P.A.T.H.S. in Hong KongShek, DTL ; Wong, KKL
2011A qualitative inquiry into students' management of learning : interpretation and trustworthinessWong, YY
2005Qualitative research design and approaches in radiographyNg, CKC; White, P 
2007Qualitative search algorithms for partner selection and task allocation in the formulation of virtual enterpriseChen, QX; Chen, X; Lee, WB 
2012A qualitative study exploring the nurse telephone follow-up of patients returning home with a colostomyZhang, JE; Wong, FKY ; You, LM; Zheng, MC
2008Qualitative study of bimetallic joints produced by solid state welding processKong, TF; Chan, LC ; Lee, TC
2007A qualitative study of information technology adoption : how ten organizations adopted Web-based trainingChan, SCH; Ngai, EWT 
2008A qualitative study of inter-organizational knowledge management in complex products and systems developmentNgai, EWT ; Chen, J; Tong, L
2003A qualitative study of parental influence on and response to adolescents' self-cutting in Hong KongYip, KS ; Ngan, MY; Lam, I
2010A qualitative study of work-related stress among male staff in Hong Kong's social welfare sectorWong, GCT; Chan, ZCY 
2011A qualitative study on HPV vaccination from a nursing perspective in hong kongChan, ZCY ; Lam, CH; Lam, DY; Lee, LY; Ng, KK; Wong, ML
2013A qualitative study on non-verbal sensitivity in nursing studentsChan, ZC 
2001Qualitative system identification with the use of on-line genetic algorithmsLo, CH; Chow, KM; Wong, YK; Rad, AB
2004Quality and reliability of high aspect-ratio blind microvias formed by laser-assisted seeding mechanism in PCBLeung, ESW; Yung, WKC 
2015Quality and robustness improvement for real world industrial systems using a fuzzy particle swarm optimizationLing, SH; Chan, KY; Leung, FHF ; Jiang, F; Nguyen, H
2002Quality assessment for attribute data in GIS based on simple random samplingShi, W ; Liu, C; Liu, D
2005Quality assessment for geo-spatial objects derived from remotely sensed dataZhan, Q; Molenaar, M; Tempfli, K; Shi, W 
2012Quality assurance for segmentation and tagging of Chinese novels in the Ming and Qing dynastiesXiong, D; Lu, Q ; Lo, F; Shi, D ; Chiu, TS
2006Quality assurance of concrete foundation elements using an ultrasonic evaluation techniqueChan, FWY; Tsang, SWF 
2004Quality control for attribute data in digital land informationLiu, C; Shi, W ; Liu, D
2009Quality control of recycled aggregates derived from construction and demolition wastesPoon, CS ; Kou, SC
2010Quality culture auditing for construction contractorsTang, SL; Aoieong, RT; Tsui, CSL
2009Quality culture auditing for engineering consultantsTang, SL; Aoieong, RTM; Tsui, CSL
2013Quality deterioration in package tours : the interplay of asymmetric information and reputationChen, Y; Mak, B ; Li, Z
2011Quality function deployment-based methodology for optimizing scalable product platformLuo, X; Wang, F; Kwong, CK 
2004Quality management and organizational context in selected service industries of ChinaZhao, X; Yeung, ACL ; Lee, TS
2003Quality management framework for a virtual enterprise network : a multi- agent approachLau, HCW; Wong, CWY; Ngai, EWT ; Hui, IK
2007A quality management framework for liner shipping companies to implement the 24-hour advance vessel manifest ruleBichou, K; Lai, KH ; Lun, YHV ; Cheng, TCE 
2012Quality management framework for public management decision makingYu, BTW; To, WM; Lee, PKC 
2004Quality management in the logistics industry : an examination and a tenstep approach for quality implementationLai, KH ; Lau, G; Cheng, TCE 
2001Quality metrics for intranet applicationsLeung, HKN 
2014The quality of analysts’ cash flow forecasts in ChinaYao, J ; Meng, C
Apr-2012The quality of design participation : intersubjectivity in design practiceHo, KLD ; Lee, YC
2000The quality of fabric knitted from cotton Sirospun® yarnSun, MN; Cheng, KPS
2007Quality of life concerns and end-of-life care preferences of aged persons in long-term care facilitiesChan, HYL; Pang, SMC 
2001The quality of life for Hong Kong dialysis patientsLuk, SCW