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2007N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide-containing microcapsules for bio-cloth finishingFei, B ; Xin, JH 
2003N,N '-bis(4-methylphenyl)pyridine-2,6-dicarboxamideQi, JY; Yang, QY; Lam, KH; Zhou, ZY; Chan, ASC
2002N,N '-Bis[2-(2-pyridyl)methyl]pyridine-2,6-dicarboxamide hemihydrateQi, JY; Chen, J; Yang, QY; Zhou, ZY; Chan, ASC
2012N- and p-Type modulation of ZnO nanomesh coated graphene field effect transistorsHui, YY; Tai, G; Sun, Z; Xu, Z; Wang, N; Yan, F ; Lau, SP 
2012n- and p-Type modulation of ZnO nanomesh coated graphene field effect transistorsHui, YY; Lau, SP 
2002N-(1-phenylethyl)indole-2-carboxamide dimethylformamide solvateYang, QY; Qiu, LQ; Zhou, ZY; Qi, JY; Chan, ASC
2003N-(4-Bromophenyl)pyridine-2-carboxamideQi, JY; Yang, QY; Lam, KH; Zhou, ZY; Chan, ASC
2003N-(4-iodophenyl)quinoline-2-carboxamideQi, JY; Qiu, LQ; Yang, QY; Zhou, ZY; Chan, ASC
2003N-(4-Methoxyphenyl)quinoline-2-carboxamideQi, JY; Qiu, LQ; Yang, QY; Zhou, ZY; Chan, ASC
2010N-[(Morpholin-4-yl)carbonothioyl]-4-nitrobenzamideSaeed, S; Mehmood, R; Wong, WT ; Waris, G; Manan, A
2002N-[2-Methyl-1-(2-naphthyl)propenyl]acetamideChen, XH; Guo, RW; Zhou, ZY
2002N-[3-Acetamido-1,3-bis(4-ethylphenyl)butenyl]acetamideChen, XH; Guo, RW; Zhou, ZY
2002N-acetyl-N-[1-(2-naphthalenyl)ethenyl]acetamideJia, X; Li, XS; Zhou, ZY; You, S; Chen, YB; Yao, XS
2001N-acetyl-serotonin reduces copper (I) ion-induced lipid peroxidation in bovine retinal homogenatesSiu, AW; Cheung, JP; To, CH ; Chan, EK; Chan, JK; Cheung, JC
2010N-Cyclo-hexyl-N′-(4-nitro-benzo-yl)thioureaSaeed, S; Rashid, N; Wong, WT 
2001n-fold Weibull multiplicative modelJiang, R; Murthy, DNP; Ji, P 
2015N-k Induced Cascading Contingency ScreeningJia, Y; Meng, K; Xu, Z 
2011The N-terminal domain of human hemokinin-1 influences functional selectivity property for tachykinin receptor neurokinin-1Mou, L; Xing, Y; Kong, Z; Zhou, Y; Chen, Z; Wang, R
2013N-terminal α-amino group modification of peptides by an oxime formation-exchange reaction sequenceKung, KKY; Wong, KF; Leung, KC; Wong, MK 
2013N-terminal α-amino group modification of peptides by an oxime formation/exchange reaction sequenceKung, KKY; Wong, KF; Leung, KC; Wong, MK 
2010N-type organic semiconductors based on π-deficient pentacenequinones : synthesis, electronic structures, molecular packing, and thin film transistorsLiang, Z; Tang, Q; Liu, J; Li, J; Yan, F ; Miao, Q
2008N95 face mask under increasing solids loading and moistureLeung, WWF ; Chung, J; Tsang, C; Hung, CH
2007(Na0.475K0.475Li0.05)(Nb 0.92Ta0.05Sb0.03)O3lead-free ceramics with addition of CeO2Lee, T; Kwok, KW ; Chan, HLW 
2010The naevus of OtaSwann, PG; Kwong, E
2006Nano functional finishingLi, Y 
2005Nano functional textilesLi, Y 
2006Nano functional textilesLi, Y 
2015Nano polypeptide particles reinforced polymer composite fibersLi, J; Li, Y ; Zhang, J; Li, G; Liu, X; Li, Z; Liu, X; Han, Y; Zhao, Z
2007Nano protein materials and applicationsHu, JY; Li, Y 
2015Nano watermill driven by revolving chargeZhou, XY; Kou, JL; Nie, XC; Wu, FM; Liu, Y ; Lu, HJ
2006Nano-amorphous (FeAl)1-xZrx alloys prepared by mechanical alloyingCheng, X; Ouyang, Y; Shi, H; Zhong, X; Du, Y; Tao, X 
2007Nano-mechanical creep properties of nanoclay/epoxy composite by nanoindentationLam, CK; Lau, AKT ; Zhou, LM 
2007Nano-mechanical properties of coiled carbon nanotube reinforced epoxy compositesLi, XF; Lau, KT ; Yin, YS
2003Nano-surface generation in ultra-precision machining : a reviewCheung, CF ; Lee, WB 
2013Nano-TiO2-based architectural mortar for NO removal and bacteria inactivation : influence of coating and weathering conditionsGuo, MZ; Ling, TC; Poon, CS 
2013A nanobody binding to non-amyloidogenic regions of the protein human lysozyme enhances partial unfolding but inhibits amyloid fibril formationDe Genst, E; Chan, PH ; Pardon, E; Hsu, STD; Kumita, JR; Christodoulou, J; Menzer, L; Chirgadze, DY; Robinson, CV; Muyldermans, S; Matagne, A; Wyns, L; Dobson, CM; Dumoulin, M
2008Nanocomposite of chitosan and silver oxide and its antibacterial propertyHu, Z; Chan, WL; Szeto, YS 
1999Nanocomposite ultrasonic hydrophonesChan, HLW ; Lau, ST; Kwok, KW ; Zhang, QQ; Zhou, QF; Choy, CL 
2009Nanocomposites for engineering applications : editorialLau, KTA ; Bhattacharyya, D; Ling, CHY
2011Nanoconfinement crystallization of frustrated alkyl groups : crossover of mesophase to crystalline structureShi, H; Wang, H; Xin, JH ; Zhang, X; Wang, D
1998Nanocrystalline lead titanate and lead titanate/vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene 0-3 nanocompositesChen, Y; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
1997Nanocrystalline powder and fibres of lead zirconate titanate prepared by the sol-gel processZhou, QF; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
1998Nanocrystalline powder and thin films of calcium and lanthanum modified lead titanate by the sol-gel processZhou, QF; Tang, XG; Yin, LS; Zhang, JX; Chan, HLW ; Zhang, QQ; Choy, CL 
2007Nanocrystalline titanium to mesoporous anatase with high bioactivityWen, M; Gu, JF; Liu, G; Wang, ZB; Lu, J
2008Nanocrystallization of zirconium subjected to surface mechanical attrition treatmentZhang, L; Han, Y; Lu, J
2014Nanofabrication of highly ordered, tunable metallic mesostructures via quasi-hard-templating of lyotropic liquid crystalsZhang, X; Lu, W; Dai, J ; Bourgeois, L; Yao, J; Wang, H; Friend, JR; Zhao, D; MacFarlane, DR
2004Nanofabrication with atomic force microscopyTang, Q; Shi, SQ ; Zhou, L 
2005Nanofiber in capturing submicron particlesLeung, WWF
2006Nanoindentation of in situ polymers in hydroxyapatite/poly-L-lactide biocompositesBalac, I; Tang, CY ; Tsui, CP ; Chen, DZ; Uskokovic, PS; Ignjatovic, N; Uskokovic, DP
2006Nanomechanical properties evaluation of bioactive glass coatings on titanium alloy substrateTang, CY ; Tsui, CP ; Janackovic, DJ; Uskokovic, PS
2000A nanometer-sized metallosupramolecular cube with O(h) symmetryHong, M; Zhao, Y; Su, W; Cao, R; Fujita, M; Zhou, Z; Chan, ASC
2012Nanoparticle migration in a fully developed turbulent pipe flow considering the particle coagulationLin, J; Liu, S; Chan, T 
2013Nanoparticles-aided silver front contact paste for crystalline silicon solar cellsChe, Q; Yang, H ; Lu, L ; Wang, Y
2004Nanophase decomposition in eutectoid Zn - Al based alloy filmsZhu, YH; Chung, CY; Lee, WB 
2004Nanophase decomposition of a Zn-Al based alloy Zn68Al10Cu22Zhu, YH; Lee, WB ; To, S 
2013A nanoporous membrane based impedance sensing platform for DNA sensing with gold nanoparticle amplificationYe, WW; Shi, JY; Chan, CY; Zhang, Y; Yang, M 
2013Nanoporous membrane based impedance sensors to detect the enzymatic activity of botulinum neurotoxin AYe, W; Guo, J; Chen, S ; Yang, M 
2012Nanoporous membrane for biosensing applicationsYang, M ; Tan, F
2013Nanoscale analysis of tensile properties and fracture of nanoreinforced epoxy polymer using micromechanicsWang, Z; Liu, F; Liang, W; Zhou, L 
2011Nanoscale bipolar and complementary resistive switching memory based on amorphous carbonChai, Y; Wu, Y; Takei, K; Chen, HY; Yu, S; Chan, PCH ; Javey, A; Wong, H
1-Oct-2012Nanoscale ferroelectric tunnel junctions based on ultrathin BaTiO₃film and Ag nanoelectrodesGao, XS; Liu, JM; Au, K; Dai, J 
2013Nanoscale free-standing magnetoelectric heteropillarsZhang, J; Fu, H; Lu, W; Dai, J ; Chan, HLW 
2006Nanoscale global mixed ordering of B-site cations in Pb2M′ M″O6 complex perovskite relaxorsBaba-Kishi, KZ; Tai, CW; Meng, X
2007Nanosecond square pulse generation in fiber lasers with normal dispersionZhao, LM; Tang, DY; Cheng, TH; Lu, C 
2004Nanostructural evolution in films of alloy Zn90Al 7Cu3Zhu, YH; Lee, WB ; To, S 
2003Nanotechnology in textilesLi, Y ; Lo, L; Hu, J
Sep-2011Nanotherapeutics in angiogenesis : synthesis and in vivo assessment of drug efficacy and biocompatibility in zebrafish embryosCheng, J; Gu, YJ; Wang, Y; Cheng, SH; Wong, WT 
2005Nanotribological properties of UHMWPE/quartz compositesTang, CY ; Uskokovic, PS; Tsui, CP ; Chan, KC ; Lo, SCL ; Xie, XL
14-Dec-2009Nanotube nucleation versus carbon-catalyst adhesion—probed by molecular dynamics simulationsRibas, MA; Ding, F ; Balbuena, PB; Yakobson, BI
2010Napping in contact lenses - an underestimated riskCho, P ; Cheung, SW
2010Naringin improves bone properties in ovariectomized mice and exerts oestrogen-like activities in rat osteoblast-like (UMR-106) cellsPang, WY; Wang, XL; Mok, SK; Lai, WP; Chow, HK; Leung, PC; Yao, XS; Wong, MS 
2005NARMAX model representation and its application to damage detection for multi-layer compositesWei, Z; Yam, LH; Cheng, L 
2010Narrative and narrative enquiry in health and social sciencesLai, CK 
2005A narrative inquiry into the Chinese adults' concepts of health in Hong KongChan, EA 
2006A narrative inquiry into the Hong Kong Chinese adults' concepts of health through their cultural storiesChan, EA ; Cheung, K ; Mok, E ; Cheung, S; Tong, E
2005The narrative research trail : values of ambiguity and relationships.Chan, EA 
2011A narrative-based reasoning with applications in decision support for social service organizationsWang, WM; Cheung, CF 
Nov-2012Narrow sidebranch arrays for low frequency duct noise controlTang, SK 
2012Narrow-linewidth tunable lasers with retro-reflective external cavityWang, N; Feng, M; Feng, Z; Lam, MY; Gao, L; Chen, B; Liu, AQ; Tsang, YH ; Zhang, X 
2007Narrowband PPM semi-'blind' spatial-rake receiver & co-channel interference suppressionWong, KT