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2003An M-ary transmission scheme for chaotic communicationsCheong, KY; Lau, FCM ; Tse, CK 
2006M-commerce to support the implementation of a responsive supply chain networkLau, HCW; Lee, CKM; Ho, GTS; Ip, WH ; Chan, FTS ; Ip, RWL
2004M-Guard : a new distributed deadlock detection algorithm based on mobile agent technologyZhou, J; Chen, X; Dai, H; Cao, J ; Chen, D
2011M-smart : an improved multi-style engineering design CAD system for clothing thermal functionsTeng, Y; Wang, RM; Li, Y ; Luo, XN; Li, J; Jiao, J; Mao, AH; Guo, YP
2013M-tensors and nonsingular M-tensorsDing, W; Qi, L ; Wei, Y
2014M-Tensors and some applicationsZhang, L; Qi, L ; Zhou, G
2001M2RT : a tool developed for predicting the mean message response time of communication channels in sizeable networks exemplified by the InternetWong, AKY; Dillon, TS; Lin, WWK; Ip, MTW
2002Macaulay's minute revisited : colonial language policy in Nineteenth-Century IndiaEvans, S 
2007Mach-Zehnder electro-optic modulator based on epitaxial Ba 0.7Sr0.3TiO3 thin filmsWang, DY; Lor, KP; Chung, KK; Chan, HP; Chiang, KS; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
2005A Machine Learning Approach to DNA Microarray Biclustering AnalysisKung, SY; Mak, MW 
2003Machine learning approaches for Chinese shallow parsersLu, Q ; Zhou, J; Xu, RF
2006Machine learning for multimodality genomic signal processingKung, SY; Mak, MW 
2015Machine learning for protein subcellular localization predictionWan, S; Mak, MW 
2004Machine learning techniques for ontology-based leaf classificationFu, H; Chi, ZG ; Feng, DD; Song, J
2007Machine scheduling with an availability constraint and job delivery coordinationWang, X; Cheng, TCE 
2015Machine scheduling with DeJong's learning effectJi, M; Yao, D; Yang, Q; Cheng, TCE 
1-Jul-2005Machine scheduling with deliveries to multiple customer locationsLi, CL ; Vairaktarakis, G; Lee, CY
2010Machine scheduling with job class setup and delivery considerationsCheng, TCE ; Wang, X
2005Machine scheduling with pickup and deliveryLi, CL ; Ou, J
Sep-2007Machine-learning paradigms for selecting ecologically significant input variablesMuttil, N; Chau, KW 
2003Machining process sequencing with fuzzy expert system and genetic algorithmsWong, TN; Chan, LCF; Lau, HCW
2001Macro- and micro-scale investigation of tensile behavior of thermoplastic weft knitted textile compositesLam, SW; Tao, XM ; Yu, TX
2003The macro-environment and work-family conflict : development of a cross cultural comparative frameworkJoplin, JRW; Shaffer, MA; Francesco, AM; Lau, T
2004Macrobend characterization in polymeric flexible textile displaysMan, VWK; Tao, XM ; Leung, SMY; Li, CS
2005Macroblock-based algorithm for dual-bitstream MPEG video streaming with VCR functionalitiesIp, TP; Chan, YL ; Fu, CH; Siu, WC 
2004Macroblock-based reverse play algorithm for MPEG video streamingFu, CH; Chan, YL ; Siu, WC 
2004Macular pigment optical density in young Chinese adultsTang, CY; Yip, HS; Poon, MY; Yau, WL; Yap, MKH 
2006MADESE : a simulation environment for mobile agentLi, X; Cao, J ; He, Y; Chen, Y
2006Maganaese catalyzed epoxidation of terminal aliphatic alkenes with peracetic acidHo, KP; Chan, TH ; Wong, KY 
2007MAGMA : an algorithm for mining multi-level patterns in genomic dataLam, WWM; Chan, KCC ; Chiu, DKY; Wong, AKC
2010Magnetic analysis of switched reluctance actuators in levitated linear transportersSun, ZG; Cheung, NC ; Zhao, SW; Gan, WC
2003Magnetic and conducting Fe3O34-polypyrrole nanoparticles with core-shell structureDeng, J; Peng, Y; He, C; Long, X; Li, P ; Chan, ASC
2002Magnetic and conducting Fe3O4 – cross-linked polyaniline nanoparticles with core–shell structureDeng, J; Ding, X; Zhang, W; Peng, Y; Wang, J; Long, X; Li, P ; Chan, ASC
2003Magnetic and conductive Fe3O4-polyaniline nanoparticles with core-shell structureDeng, J; He, C; Peng, Y; Wang, J; Long, X; Li, P ; Chan, ASC
1997Magnetic and corrosion characteristics of Nd-Fe-B magnet with various surface coatingsCheng, CW; Man, HC ; Cheng, FT
2013Magnetic and dielectric properties of HoMnO3 nanoparticles synthesized by the polymerized complex methodLiu, X; Or, SW ; Sun, Y; Jin, C; Lv, Y; Wu, Y
13-Jul-2009Magnetic and luminescent properties of multifunctional GdF₃: Eu³⁺ nanoparticlesWong, HT; Chan, HLW ; Hao, JH 
2006Magnetic and magnetostrictive properties of Tb[sub x] Dy[sub 0.7-x] Pr[sub 0.3] (Fe[sub 0.9] B[sub 0.1]) [sub 1.93] compounds and their compositesLiu, J; Or, SW ; Lo, CY; Zhang, Z
2006Magnetic and magnetostrictive properties of tbxDy√0.7¢??Pr0.3(Fe0.9B0.1)1.93 compounds and their compositesLiu, JJ; Or, SW ; Lo, CY; Ren, WJ; Zhang, Z
2015Magnetic circuit analysis for a magnetless double-rotor flux switching motorYu, C; Niu, S ; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN 
2009Magnetic control of polarization and ferroelastic strain switching in Terfenol-D/Bi12GeO20 laminateYang, P; Peng, S; Wang, X; Lu, X; Yan, F ; Zhu, J
2010Magnetic design of transformers for 20kw charging stations of electrical vehiclesLiu, C; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN ; Hai, SZ
2010Magnetic effect on self-diffusion in BCC ironWen, TH; Ma, PW; Woo, CH 
2009Magnetic field analysis and dynamic characteristic prediction of ac permanent-magnet contactorFang, S; Lin, H; Ho, SL 
2004The magnetic field and induced current arising from a cylindrical shell loop with an unbalanced currentXu, L; Du, Y ; Zhou, QB
1-Oct-2009Magnetic field controlled reversal of ferroelectric polarization in conical spin ordered multiferroics : Monte Carlo simulationYao, X; Lo, VC; Liu, JM
2013Magnetic field generated by spin torque oscillator and its influence on microwave assisted recordingGuo, Y; Li, X; Niu, S ; Fu, WN ; Liu, ZJ
2007Magnetic field induced strain effect in ferromagnetic shape memory composites of Ni-Mn-Ga single crystal and polyurethaneZeng, M; Or, SW ; Chan, HLW 
2002Magnetic field mitigation in large commercial buildingsDu, Y ; Burnett, J
Oct-2010Magnetic field-induced strain and magnetoelectric effects in sandwich composite of ferromagnetic shape memory Ni-Mn-Ga crystal and piezoelectric PVDF polymerZeng, M; Or, DSW ; Chan, HLW 
2004Magnetic fields of a cylindrical shell excited by an unbalanced current sourceDu, Y ; Xu, L; Zhou, QB
2009Magnetic force microscopy of iron oxide nanoparticles and their cellular uptakeZhang, Y; Yang, M ; Ozkan, M; Ozkan, CS
2010Magnetic hysteresis loops in molecular-based magnetic materials AFeIIFeIII(C2O4)3Jiang, W; Lo, VC; Bai, BD; Yang, J
2011Magnetic ionic liquid-assisted synthesis of polyaniline/AgCl nanocomposites by interface polymerizationZhang, Q; Liu, F; Li, L; Pan, G; Shang, S 
2002Magnetic modeling of a mutually-coupled two-finger variable reluctance gripperChan, KCC; Cheung, NC 
2015Magnetic negative stiffness dampersShi, X; Zhu, S 
15-May-2005Magnetic properties of a spin system in a longitudinal magnetic fieldJiang, W; Bai, BD; Lo, VC; Liu, W
2011Magnetic properties of Dy nanoparticles and Al2O3-coated Dy nanocapsulesLiu, XG; Or, SW ; Li, B; Ou, ZQ; Zhang, L; Zhang, Q; Geng, DY; Yang, F; Li, D; Bruck, E; Zhang, ZD
2-Feb-2004Magnetic properties of Mn doped ZnO tetrapod structuresRoy, VAL; Djurišić, AB; Liu, H; Zhang, XX; Leung, YH; Xie, MH; Gao, J; Lui, HF; Surya, C 
2010Magnetic properties, internal energy and specific heat of a three-layer Heisenberg system with six sublatticesZhu, CB; Jiang, W; Lo, VC; Yang, J; Wang, W
2011Magnetic resonance-based soft tissue elasticity measurementHuang, YP; Zheng, YP 
2000Magnetic shielding by ferromagnetic trunking in low-voltaqe installationsDu, Y ; Kong, S; Burnett, J
2002Magnetic shielding by large metallic structure in modern buildingsXu, L; Du, YP ; Fu, ZC
2015Magnetic-Assisted, Self-Healable, Yarn-Based SupercapacitorHuang, Y; Huang, Y; Zhu, M; Meng, W; Pei, Z; Liu, C; Hu, H ; Zhi, C
2015Magnetic-Induced Luminescence from Flexible Composite Laminates by Coupling Magnetic Field to Piezophotonic EffectWong, MC; Chen, L; Tsang, MK; Zhang, Y; Hao, J 
2008A magnetically levitated linear rotary guide for linear rotary motorsPan, JF; Cheung, NC 
2014Magnetism as a probe of the origin of memristive switching in oxide semiconductorsWang, XL; Shao, Q; Ku, PS; Leung, CW ; Ruotolo, A
2013Magnetism as a probe of the origin of memristive switching in p-type antiferromagnetic NiOWang, XL; Ku, PS; Shao, Q; Cheng, WF; Leung, CW ; Ruotolo, A
2011Magnetization of mixed ferri-ferrimagnets composed of Prussian blue analogs A1xA21-xBJiang, W; Guan, HY; Lo, VC
2011Magnetization switching modes in nanopillar spin valve under the external fieldHuang, H; Ma, X; Yue, T; Xiao, Z; Shi, S ; Chen, L
2012Magneto-electric coupling in a multiferroic tunnel junction functioning as a magnetic-field-effect transistorZhou, Y; Woo, CH; Zheng, Y
2008Magneto-mechanical coupling behavior of defective single-walled carbon nanotubesZheng, GP ; Zhuang, HL
2002Magneto-mechanical tuning of fiber Bragg grating filterChan, CC; Gong, JM; Shi, CZ; Hoo, YL; Zhang, M; Jin, W 
2010Magneto-rheological elastomer (MRE) based composite structures for micro-vibration controlNi, YQ ; Ying, ZG; Chen, ZH
2005Magneto-rheological tuned liquid column dampers (MR-TLCDs) for vibration mitigation of tall buildings : modelling and analysis of open-loop controlWang, JY; Ni, YQ ; Ko, JM; Spencer, JBF
2005Magnetoelastic properties of polymer-bonded Sm0.88Dy 0.12Fe1.93 pseudo-1-3 compositesRen, WJ; Or, SW ; Chan, HLW ; Zhang, ZD
2008Magnetoelectric and converse magnetoelectric responses in Tb x Dy1-x Fe2-y alloy &amp; Pb(Mg1/3Nb 2/3)(1-x)TixO3 crystal laminated compositesJia, Y; Luo, H; Or, SW ; Wang, Y; Chan, HLW 
2008Magnetoelectric and dielectric relaxation properties of the high Curie temperature composite Sr1.9Ca0.1NaNb5O 15-CoFe2O4Liu, WC; Mak, CL ; Wong, KH; Lo, CY; Or, SW ; Zhou, W; Hauser, A; Yang, FY; Sooryakumar, R
2004Magnetoelectric behavior of terfenol-D composite and lead zirconate titanate ceramic laminatesNersessian, N; Or, SW ; Carman, GP
2004Magnetoelectric behavior of terfenol-D composite and lead zirconate titanate ceramic laminatesNersessian, N; Or, SW ; Carman, GP