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2008The L (2, 1)-labeling on Cartesian sum of graphsShao, Z; Zhang, D 
2008The L (2, 1)-labeling on graphs and the frequency assignment problemShao, Z; Yeh, RK; Zhang, D 
2007The L (2, 1)-labeling on the skew and converse skew products of graphsShao, Z; Yeh, RK; Zhang, D 
2013An L-band graphene-oxide mode-locked fiber laser delivering bright and dark pulsesZhao, JQ; Wang, YG; Yan, PG; Ruan, SC; Zhang, GL; Li, HQ; Tsang, YH 
25-Feb-2009L-DOPA neurotoxicity is mediated by up-regulation of DMT1 - IRE expressionDu, F; Qian, ZM; Zhu, L; Wu, XM; Yung, WH; Tsim, TY; Ke, Y
2002L-DOPA oxidation products prevent H2O2-induced oxidative damage to cellular DNAShi, YL; Benzie, IFF ; Buswell, JA
2012L-lactic acid production by Bacillus subtilis MUR1Gao, T; Wong, Y; Ng, C; Ho, K
2012L2 restoration of l∞-decoded images via soft-decision estimationZhou, J; Wu, X; Zhang, L 
2006L2DTL/CDT2 and PCNA interact with p53 and regulate p53 polyubiquitination and protein stability through MDM2 and CUL4A/DDB1 complexesBanks, D; Wu, M; Higa, LA; Gavrilova, N; Quan, J; Ye, T ; Kobayashi, R; Sun, H; Zhang, H
2004La excesiva reacción al SARS y el colapso del turismo en AsiaMckercher, B ; Chon, K 
2005La-codoped bismuth-based erbium-doped fiber ring laser with 106-nm tuning rangeLiu, HL; Tam, HY ; Chung, WH; Wai, PKA ; Sugimoto, N
2005La-codoped bismuth-based erbium-doped fiber ring laser with 106-nm tuning rangeLiu, HL; Tam, HY ; Chung, WH; Wai, PKA ; Sugimoto, N
1-Nov-2002La-doped effect on the ferroelectric properties of Bi₄Ti₃O₁₂-SrBi₄Ti₄O[sub 15] thin film fabricated by pulsed laser depositionZhu, JS; Su, D; Lu, XM; Qin, HX; Wang, Y; Wang, D; Chan, HLW ; Wong, KH; Choy, CL
2005La3+-promoted proliferation is interconnected with apoptosis in NIH 3T3 cellsYu, S; Yuan, L; Yang, X; Wang, K; Ke, Y; Qian, ZM
2011Lab physical modeling investigation on the pull-out resistance of grouted soil nailSu, LJ; Zhang, YJ; Yin, JH ; Liu, MB
2010Label-based DV-Hop localization against wormhole attacks in wireless sensor networksWu, J; Chen, H; Lou, W ; Wang, ZB; Wang, Z
2014Label-free detection of endocrine disrupting chemicals by integrating a competitive binding assay with a piezoelectric ceramic resonatorHu, LS; Fong, CC; Zou, L; Wong, WL; Wong, KY ; Wu, RSS; Yang, M
2009Label-free DNA sensor based on organic thin film transistorsYan, F ; Mok, SM; Yu, J; Chan, HLW ; Yang, M
2014Label-free enumeration of colorectal cancer cells from lymphocytes performed at a high cell-loading density by using interdigitated ring-array microelectrodesXing, X; Poon, RYC; Wong, CSC ; Yobas, L
2013Label-free, disposable fiber-optic biosensors for DNA hybridization detectionYin, MJ; Wu, C; Shao, LY; Chan, WKE; Zhang, AP ; Lu, C ; Tam, HY 
2009Labor welfare in Hong Kong : its context and contentTsui, MS ; Lui, J
2015Laboratory and 3-D distinct element analysis of the failure mechanism of a slope under external surchargeLi, N; Cheng, YM 
2005A laboratory device to test the pull-out behavior of soil nailsChu, LM; Yin, JH 
2005Laboratory pullout testing on soil nailsSu, LJ; Yin, JH ; Chu, LM
2007Laboratory study on permanent deformation of foamed asphalt mix incorporating reclaimed asphalt pavement materialsHe, GP; Wong, WG
2009Laboratory test and particle flow simulation of silos problem with nonhomogeneous materialsCheng, YM ; Liu, ZN; Song, WD; Au, SK
2010Lack of estrogenic effects on bone by ginsenoside Rg1 in ovariectomized mice modelGao, QG; Chen, WF; Lai, KH; Guo, D; Wong, MS 
Sep-2013'Ladders for climbing up or jumping off?’ On the interpretation of metaphors in political discourse in Hong KongChan, ASL; Yap, FH 
2012Lagrange multiplier rules for approximate solutions in vector optimizationLiu, C; Lee, H 
2007Lagrange multipliers and calmness conditions of order pYang, XQ ; Meng, ZQ
2007Lagrange multipliers in nonsmooth semi-infinite optimization problemsZheng, XY; Yang, X 
2007A lagrange penalty reformulation method for constrained optimizationRubinov, AM; Yang, XQ ; Zhou, YY
2003Lagrange-type functions in constrained optimizationRubinov, AM; Yang, XQ ; Bagirov, AM; Gasimov, RN
2004Lagrangian formulation of rotating beam with active constrained layer damping in time domain analysisFung, EHK; Zou, JQ; Lee, HWJ 
2006The lagrangian globalization method for nonsmooth constrained equationsTong, X; Qi, L ; Yang, YF
2002Lagrangian globalization methods for nonlinear complementarity problemsChen, X; Qi, L ; Yang, Y
2013Lamb wave based monitoring of fatigue crack growth using principal component analysisLu, Y; Lu, M; Ye, L; Wang, D; Zhou, L ; Su, Z 
2013Lamb wave based structural health monitoring technique and its system validation for high speed trainWang, Q; Su, Z ; Hong, M
2006Lamb wave-based quantitative crack evaluation in aluminium platesLu, Y; Ye, L; Su, ZQ 
2003Laminar fluid flow and mass transfer in a standard field and laboratory emission cellZhang, LZ; Niu, JL 
2002LAN-based building maintenance and surveillance robotSo, ATP; Chan, WL 
2015Land cover change detection at subpixel resolution with a Hopfield neural networkWang, Q; Shi, W ; Atkinson, PM; Li, Z 
2000A land use optimization model for network with capacity constraintsTam, ML; Lam, WHK 
2004Land value capture mechanisms in Hong Kong and Singapore: a comparative analysisHui, ECM ; Ho, VSM; Ho, DK
2012Land-use changes and policy dimension driving forces in China : present, trend and futureWang, J; Chen, Y ; Shao, X; Zhang, Y; Cao, Y
2013Land-use/land-cover change and its influence on surface temperature : a case study in Beijing cityDing, H; Shi, W 
2007Landau model for the asymmetric polarization behavior of ferroelectric filmsWong, CK; Shin, FG
15-Jul-2000Landauer-Büttiker formula for time-dependent transport through resonant-tunneling structures : a nonequilibrium Green’s function approachYou, JQ; Lam, CH ; Zheng, HZ
2004Landfill gas utilisation for thermal and electric energy cogenerationChan, LKH; Yang, HX 
2014Landing pattern and vertical loading rates during first attempt of barefoot running in habitual shod runnersCheung, RT ; Rainbow, MJ
2013Landing pattern and vertical loading rates during shod and barefoot running in habitual runnersCheung, R 
2010Landmobile radiowave multipaths' DOA-distribution : assessing geometric models by the open literature's empirical datasetsWong, KT ; Wu, YI; Abdulla, M
2004Landslide hazard analysis for Hong Kong using landslide inventory and GISChau, KT ; Sze, YL; Fung, MK; Wong, WY; Fong, EL; Chan, LCP
2014Landslide monitoring by combining of CR-InSAR and GPS techniquesZhu, W; Zhang, Q; Ding, X ; Zhao, C; Yang, C; Qu, F; Qu, W
1995Landslides modeled as bifurcations of creeping slopes with nonlinear friction lawChau, KT 
2009Lane recognition and preceding vehicle tracking based on computer visionChong, Y; Chen, W ; Li, Z ; Lam, WHK 
2005Langevin dynamics of fluid monolayer pinning on a disordered substrateCao, Y; Chow, WK 
2004A language for description and verification of mobile agent algorithmsLi, X; Cao, J ; He, Y
2010Language in transitional Hong Kong : perspectives from the public and private sectorsEvans, S 
2003The language learner as language researcher : putting corpus linguistics on the timetableCheng, W ; Warren, M ; Xu, XF 
2010Language modeling for legal proofCheng, W ; Cheng, L
2004Language of fashion statementsNg, R ; Yan, S; Duen, X
2014Lanthanide CPs : the guest-tunable drastic changes of luminescent quantum yields, and two photon luminescenceZeng, CH; Wang, JL; Yang, YY; Chu, TS; Zhong, SL; Ng, SW; Wong, WT 
2015Lanthanide supramolecular helical diastereoselective breaking induced by point chirality : mixture or P-helix, M-helixYeung, CT; Chan, WTK; Yan, SC; Yu, KL; Yim, KH; Wong, WT ; Law, GL 
2013Lanthanide-based sensor for polyamines in urine samples as a fast-screening agent for prostate cancer tumorsLo, WS; Wong, WT 
2015Lanthanide-doped energy cascade nanoparticles: Full spectrum emission by single wavelength excitationPeng, D; Ju, Q; Chen, X; Ma, R; Chen, B; Bai, G; Hao, J ; Qiao, X; Fan, X; Wang, F
2006Lanthanum induces extracellular signal-regulated kinase phosphorylation through different mechanisms in HeLa cells and NIH 3T3 cellsHu, J; Yu, S; Yang, X; Wang, K; Qian, Z
2010Laplacian bidirectional PCA for face recognitionYang, W; Sun, C; Zhang, L ; Ricanek, K
2013The Laplacian of a uniform hypergraphHu, S; Qi, L 
2001Large area average temperature sensing by the use of optical coherence domain reflectometryZhang, M; Gong, JM; Chan, CC; Wang, DN ; Jin, W ; Demokan, MS
2014Large conversion rates of NO2 to HNO2 observed in air masses from the South China Sea : evidence of strong production at sea surface?Zha, Q; Xue, L; Wang, T ; Xu, Z; Yeung, C; Louie, PKK; Luk, CWY
2014Large daytime signals of N2O5 and NO3 inferred at 62 amu in a TD-CIMS : chemical interference or a real atmospheric phenomenonWang, X; Wang, T ; Yan, C; Tham, YJ; Xue, L; Xu, Z; Zha, Q
1991Large deflection and post-buckling analysis of 3-dimensional frames with semi-rigid connectionsHo, WMG; Chan, SL 
1996Large deflection dynamic analysis of space framesChan, SL 
1992Large deflection kinematic formulations for three-dimensional framed structuresChan, SL 
2015Large deflection mechanical characteristics of graphene filmsLi, C; Xiao, J; Guo, T; Fan, S; Jin, W 
2007Large deformation and failure mechanism of plain woven composite in bias extension testZhu, B; Yu, TX; Tao, XM 
2007Large deformation and slippage mechanism of plain woven composite in bias extensionZhu, B; Yu, TX; Tao, XM 
2000Large deformation model of flat-topped conical shell under axial compressionXue, P; Yu, TX; Tao, XM 
2008Large Eddy Simulation of a dilute particle-laden turbulent flow over a backward-facing stepZhang, H; Wang, B; Chan, C ; Wang, X