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2001J-integral analysis of the interaction between an interface crack and parallel subinterface cracks in dissimilar anisotropic materialsTian, WY; Chau, KT ; Chen, YH
2010J. Moltmann's theological claims : what social workers should knowChan, ZCY 
2005Jackknifing in partially linear regression models with serially correlated errorsYou, J; Zhou, X; Chen, G
2002Jackknifing type weighted least squares estimators in partially linear regression modelsYou, J; Sun, X; Pang, WK; Leung, PK 
2015Jacobi stability analysis of the Lorenz systemHarko, T; Ho, CY; Leung, CS; Yip, S 
2013Jafar Jafari : the platform builderXiao, H 
2013The Janus face of paternalistic leaders : authoritarianism, benevolence, subordinates' organization-based self-esteem, and performanceChan, SCH; Huang, X ; Snape, E; Lam, CK
2010The janus face of paternalistic leadershipChan, SCH; Huang, X ; Snape, E; Lam, CK
2009Japanese cancer patients' perception of negative nurse practices that fail to meet the threshold of goodYahiro, M; Pang, SMC ; Konishi, E
2004Japanese interaction in business and professional contextsMiyazoe-Wong, Y
2005Japanese interaction in virtual classroom : an invitation to the email exchange classMiyazoe-Wong, Y; Yoshimura, Y
2003Japanese interaction in virtual classroom : an invitation to the email exchange classMiyazoe-Wong, Y; Yoshimura, Y
2005Japanese language education : teaching materials for Japanese cultureLeung, M
2002Japanese language education and Japanese studies in Hong Kong : 25 years' networking of the Hong Kong society of Japanese language educationMiyazoe-Wong, Y
2004Japanese language education in Hong Kong's secondary schoolsMiyazoe-Wong, Y
2004Japanese language needs in workplaces in Hong KongMiyazoe-Wong, Y
2005Japanese lexical items used in Hong Kong's newspapersLeung, M
2006Japanese patients' descriptions of "the good nurse" : personal involvement and professionalismIzumi, S; Konishi, E; Yahiro, M; Kodama, M
2002Japanese studies and Japanese language education in the Asia-Pacific regionMiyazoe-Wong, Y
2005Japanese studies for the professionals : programme designLeung, M
2000Japanese tourists : socio-economic, marketing, and psychological analysisChon , K ; Inagaki, T; Ohashi, T
2002Jaspers' phenomenological orientation of meaningful whole of inner psychotic experience : its implications on intervention with schizophrenic patientsYip, KS 
2000JDM : build distributed synchronization into javaCao, J ; Cheung, N; Chan, A 
2001JDM : building distributed synchronization support into JavaCao, J ; Cheung, NKC; Chan, A 
2011Jet flame control using steady and pulsed radial mini-jetsZhang, P; Zhou, Y
2008Jet flames under pertubation of side mini-jetsMi, J; Cao, Y; Zhou, Y
2002Jetring spinning and its influence on yarn hairinessCheng, KPS; Li, CHL
2002JIAM 2002 - The exhibitionChan, CK 
2007Job coach model and workplace-based rehabilitation : biopsychosocial intervention for work-related musculoskeletal disorders of upper extremityCheng, ASK ; Hung, LK
2006Job formalization and cultural individualism as barriers to trust in managementHuang, X ; Van De Vliert, E
2015Job insecurity and organizational citizenship behavior: Exploring curvilinear and moderated relationshipsLam, CF; Liang, J; Ashford, SJ; Lee, C
2004Job level and national culture as joint roots of job satisfactionHuang, X ; Van De, VE
2007Job performance dimensions for improving final project outcomesCheng, EWL; Li, H ; Fox, PW 
2006Job performance evaluation for construction companies : an analytic network process approachCheng, EWL; Li, H 
2005Job performance in construction : an exploratory factor analysisCheng, EWL; Li, H ; Fox, PW 
2002Job profiles of people with schizophrenia : implications for rehabilitationTsang, HWH ; Ng, B; Chiu, FPF
2003Job profiles of people with severe mental illnessTsang, HWH 
2002Job profiles of people with severe mental illness : implications for rehabilitationTsang, HWH ; Ng, BFL; Chiu, FPF
2014Job satisfaction among nursing personnel in Hong Kong : a questionnaire surveyCheung, K ; Ching, SSY 
2001Job satisfaction and organisational commitment of new employees in the fast food industryLam, TERRY; Zhang, H 
2002Job satisfaction and organizational commitment in the Hong Kong fast food industryLam, T; Zhang, HQ ; Qu, H
2003Job satisfaction and organizational commitment in the Hong Kong fast food industryLam, T; Zhang Qiu, H 
2001Job satisfaction of salespersons in Hong Kong garment retailingChang, J ; Moon, KL; Leung, CS; Leung, S 
2005Job security and flexible employmentTam, YM 
1998Job shop scheduling for missed due-date performanceCheng, TCE ; Jiang, J
2004Job stress of construction professionalsLaw, DMY; Fox, PW 
2006Job termination among individuals with severe mental illness participating in a supported employment programMak, DCS; Tsang, HWH ; Cheung, LCC
2010Job training provision by employers – An institutional analysis of employees in Hong KongTam, MYM ; Chiu, S
2013Job-housing mismatch for social housing residents in Guangzhou, China : the preliminary findingsChen, TT; Wong, FKW ; Hui, ECM 
2009Job-sequencing-resource-allocation (JSRA) scheduling simulationLu, M
2006A job-specific social skills training program for people with severe mental illness : a case study for those who plan to be a security guardCheung, LCC; Tsui, CU; Tsang, HWH 
2001Jocular interactions in intercultural conversations in Hong KongCheng, W 
2006John le carre's the naive and sentimental lover - a bourgeois in search of the blue flowerHumphreys, G
1-Feb-2009Johnson's rule, composite jobs and the relocation problemCheng, TCE ; Lin, BMT
2004Joining forces to resolve lexical ambiguity : East meets West in BarcelonaWicentowski, R; Ngai, G ; Wu, D; Carpuat, M; Thomforde, E; Packel, A
2011Joint admission control, channel assignment and QoS routing for coverage optimization in multi-hop cognitive radio cellular networksXin, Q; Wang, X; Cao, J ; Feng, W
2012Joint analysis of longitudinal data with dependent observation timesZhao, X ; Tong, X; Sun, L
2007A joint demosaicking-zooming scheme for single chip digital color camerasZhang, L ; Zhang, D 
2013Joint discriminative dimensionality reduction and dictionary learning for face recognitionFeng, Z; Yang, M; Zhang, L ; Liu, Y ; Zhang, D 
2010The joint effect of leader-member exchange and emotional intelligence on burnout and work performance in call centers in ChinaHuang, X ; Chan, SCH; Lam, W ; Nan, X
2014A joint framework for missing values estimation and biclusters detection in gene expression dataCheng, KO; Law, NF ; Chan, YL ; Siu, WC 
2016Joint inventory and pricing coordination with incomplete demand informationLu, Y; Song, M ; Yang, Y
2012Joint laxity between Chinese children with normal foot arch and with flexible flat footLeung, AKL ; Li, ANM
2013Joint learning on sentiment and emotion classificationGao, W; Li, S; Lee, SYM ; Zhou, G; Huang, CR 
2012Joint modeling for conductive plates in low-frequency magnetic shieldingDu, YP ; Xia, NH; Chen, ML 
2013Joint modeling for conductive plates in low-frequency magnetic shieldingDu, Y ; Xia, N; Chen, M 
2005Joint modeling of cointegration and conditional heteroscedasticity with applicationsWong, H ; Li, WK; Ling, S
2013Joint modeling of news reader's and comment writer's emotionsLiu, H; Li, S; Zhou, G; Huang, CR ; Li, P
2009Joint optimization for knowledge mining : evaluating parameters of manufacturing processesTang, CXH; Lau, HCW
2016A joint optimization model for liner container cargo assignment problem using state-augmented shipping network frameworkWang, H; Zhang, X; Wang, S 
2012Joint optimization of product family design and supplier selection under multinomial logit consumer choice ruleCao, Y; Luo, XG; Kwong, CK ; Tang, JF; Zhou, W
2009Joint optimization of spectrum handoff scheduling and routing in multi-hop multi-radio cognitive networksFeng, W; Cao, J ; Zhang, C; Liu, C
2011Joint OSNR and chromatic dispersion monitoring using empirical moments of asynchronously sampled signal amplitudesKhan, FN; Lau, APT ; Lu, C ; Wai, PKA 
2013Joint planning for yard storage space and home berths in container terminalsLi, MK; Yip, TL 
2015Joint planning of fleet deployment, speed optimization, and cargo allocation for liner shippingXia, J; Li, KX; Ma, H; Xu, Z 
2011Joint port-cost and power-consumption savings in hybrid hierarchical optical networksHou, W; Guo, L; Wang, X; Wei, X
2003Joint position dependence of weakness during maximum isometric voluntary contractions in subjects with hemiparesisKoo, TK; Mak, AF; Hung, LK; Dewald, JP
2013Joint probabilistic model of shape and intensity for multiple abdominal organ segmentation from volumetric CT imagesLi, C; Wang, X; Li, J; Eberl, S; Fulham, M; Yin, Y; Feng, DD
2005Joint probability analysis of extreme waves and water levels at a typhoon invaded coastal regionLi, CW ; Song, Y
2013A joint production scheduling approach considering multiple resources and preventive maintenance tasksWong, CS; Chan, FTS ; Chung, SH